Moorhead high-schoolers bring prom to the assisted living facility they work at

WDAY News reporter Jenna Webster shows us how some students, who also work at the River Point Assisted Living Center, were able to bring prom to the residents.


FARGO — After a year in isolation and two canceled proms, some boys who worked in the kitchen of an assisted living facility came together for a heartwarming send-off to the unofficial dance the students planned.

"Through the past year we've been in lockdown so the whole assisted living facility, no one can come in, no one can go out. So I thought it would be cool if they saw us go to prom because we've seen them a lot recently; more than they've seen their grandkids," says Gavin Nygaard.

After a bit of planning between Gavin, his friends and their prom dates, they set the prom send-off plan into motion, visiting the residents before they went to their dance.

They're all students at Moorhead High School.

"When you get as old as I am, things like that, that the kids do, is really, really great. You don't see this very often. This is a one of a kind situation," says Joyce, a resident at the nursing home.


It wasn't just the River Point Assisted Living Residents appreciating the significance of their time together.

"Don't take anything for granted, because a lot of these people can't see who they wanna see tonight and it sucks for them, sucks for us thatw e can't see our grandparents. But I think this helps them and makes them really happy," says Nana Lopez.

While some of the boys had to work on Sunday morning, they were happy to get to spend some quality time together, outside of the kitchens.

"To see how happy they are, I think that's one of the greatest gifts I could get," Gavin says.

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