FARGO — One year after Gate City Bank gave organizations thousands of dollars in donations during last year's Giving Hearts Day, it's hard not to wonder what some of those organizations did with the money they were given.

The F5 Project, a local organization that helps felons get back on their feet, received a boost of $15,000. Executive director Adam Martin said it was used to help 30 people recently released from prison get a roof over their head.

"The money really helped a lot of people paying their first month's fees," he explained.

Another organization that received a boost was The Village Family Service Center, a Fargo behavioral health service provider.

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The surprise $5,000 was used to help around 25 people throughout the year by paying for several different programs. The organization said the boost was a great way to start their morning on Giving Hearts Day.

"It was a really great way for us to help build momentum right away in the morning and then carry that right through for the rest of the day," said Trenton Gerads, director of development for The Village.

St. Joseph's Catholic School in Moorhead received $10,000 from Gate City Bank. The school's principal, Andrew Hilliker, said the money went straight into a scholarship program. The program has around $230,000 in it and helps families pay tuition.

"The boost that Gate City Bank awarded us allowed us to grow that even more," Hilliker said.

According to Hillker, they don't have a financial goal this year, but hope that the number of donors continues to grow.

Click here to find a list of charities taking part in Giving Hearts Day, which is on Thursday, Feb. 13.