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Arrest made in fatal shooting outside Fargo McDonald’s

A possible UFO plus Bowers Block resident writes in

This postcard was mailed from Breckenridge, Minn., to Louise Bakken's great-uncle in Spokane, Wash. in 1909. Special to The Forum 1 / 2
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist2 / 2

Louise Bakken, Fargo, sends in a picture of the postcard you see here.

The card was mailed from Breckenridge, Minn., to Louise's great-uncle in Spokane, Wash. in 1909.

It shows where two rivers come together to form the Red. But in the upper right hand corner is a picture which Louise says looks like an unidentified flying object.

"I would love to know the story about this postcard," Louise says.

Can someone out there help her?

The Bowers Block

Last summer, Neighbors carried a story about Bowers Block, the building at 14 Roberts Street, Fargo. That 1909 structure carries a lot of history, as was reported earlier, with many businesses having been housed there over the years, and with many people having lived in the apartments on the upper floors.

That led to an email from Conner Swanson, who enjoyed that column because he now lives on the top floor of Bowers Block, and he liked reading about others who have lived in the buildings' apartments over the years.

His apartment, Conner writes, "is the one with the five large windows and the steps to the closet. The apartment has tons of character and is a great place to be!"

Conner believes most of the current tenants of the apartments are in the 24- to 30-year-old age range.

December was a big month for Conner, as it's when he graduated from North Dakota State University with a master's degree in natural resource management.

He's from Bowman, N.D., where his parents are farmers. Conner graduated from Bowman High School in 2012 and received his undergraduate degree in political science from NDSU in 2016.

Now that he's earned his master's, he's seeking employment doing environmental compliance and eventually doing policy for an energy company or a related field.

And who knows? Maybe if he lands a job in or near Fargo, he might remain a resident of the Bowers Block.

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