A Forum reader is hoping someone can tell her about her grandfather.

Some time ago, Neighbors ran a story about rodeo riders from McLeod, N.D., in 1935. One of the riders mentioned was Henry "Hank" Dahl.

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Neighbors then received an email from Amanda (Dahl) Franks, of Perham, Minn., who said that Hank was her grandfather.

Amanda says her grandpa and grandmother, the former Myrtle Hermanson, had 10 children, who they raised in the rural area between Pelican Rapids and Vergas, Minn.

Hank died in 1999 at the age of 88.

Amanda would love to hear from someone who knew Hank and could tell her family stories about him.


Another story about Joe

Now, here's a response to a column about a man who cleaned windows in downtown Fargo in the 1950s and 1960s.

His name was Joe Veracek, but he was popularly known both as Injun Joe and Tornado Joe.

The column about him led Donald J. Berg, Brookings, S.D., to write what he recalls about Joe when he (Don) was growing up on Second Street North in Fargo during those years.

Don said Joe not only cleaned windows, but during the winter he shoveled snow off sidewalks.

"He rode from place to place on the city bus system and he carried his snow shovel with him," Don writes.

"To a child, he was a unique guy because he was able to do something memorable." And Don explains what that was - something, Neighbors warns you, isn't exactly pleasant reading.

"Joe was known to us on the north side as 'Long Tongue Joe,' for the reason I shall explain," Don says.

"The distance between his upper lip and his somewhat large nose and nasal openings was probably less than three-eighths of an inch, or maybe a bit less. He also possessed an apparently long tongue.

"He never seemed to need to use a handkerchief to blow his nose or wipe his nasal discharge. He simply extended his tongue and slurped away the mucus in a very slick fashion (no pun intended).

"If I recall correctly, he would sort of smile as he performed the motion as I sat or stood nearby fascinated. Or maybe I observed his activity when he shoveled one of our neighbor's sidewalks. Thus, the nickname, 'Long Tongue Joe.'

But Don makes clear that despite this habit, Joe Veracek was a Good Joe.

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