GRAND FORKS - A local woman is asking for a special donation, a kidney.

Bonnie Haman's family struggles with their kidneys.

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"We've needed kidneys,” Grand Forks resident Bonnie Haman said.

Cysts all over her kidneys keep them from working properly.

"My brother sisters nieces and nephews have all had," Haman said. 

Haman is the thirteenth person in her family to need a transplant. But she'll need a donor first.

"I'd like to get it out there a little bit and see if anyone would call and where I work it's in the parking lot there," Haman said.

Haman decided earlier this summer to put a special request on her car.

"Kidney needed" -- along with her phone number and blood type.

She leaves her Ford Escape in the parking lot of the Walmart on 32nd while she's working her shifts as a cashier.

"People know me because where I work part time. And I've worked my job for 27 years there," Haman said.

For the last three years, Bonnie has been coming to Altru for dialysis treatments, to have technology do the job her kidneys cannot do for her.  

"You just go have dialysis because you want to live longer," Haman said.

Since putting the ad up on her car, she's gotten more than a dozen calls. But none of them have led her to a new kidney.

"You have to match you know the blood type, the tissue and the antibodies. And you've got to be in good health. They're not going to take a kidney unless you are in good health," Haman said. 

Her children aren't able to donate their kidneys to her either. They too have similar conditions and expect to need new kidneys as they get older.

"It's a life changing situation for me. Just how grateful I would be in the change of your life. Maybe I'd live to be about 90," Haman said.

Until that day comes, she’s hoping people will spot her car and spread the word.

"Just hoping that someone will go, "Oh I'd like to try to help her out," Haman said.