From North Dakota's most wanted, to the barbershop, Wil Dort has come a long way since being in jail back in 2006.

"I was in there for 9 months and instead of selling haircuts I was selling drugs back in 2005 - and that's how I ended up in Cass County," he said.

After being released, Wil wanted to turn a new leaf. He opened Skill Cutz Barber Shop & Salon in 2008 - and Saturday, Oct. 5, was the grand opening of his second location.

Wil used the grand opening as a way to raise as much money as possible for the very program that helped him find the light in his own dark times."

The money didn't come from the haircuts, those were free. In turn, any free will donation went to the Cass County Jail Chaplains Ministry.

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"It's a faith-based program where they get people that are broken that are in the point of their life that they want to make a change for themselves and they come here, put their arms around them and walk with them and point them to Christ and that's what they do," said Dort.

Some of the members of the Jail Chaplains Ministry were also there to help.

"It means really a lot to us, you know Wil is on our board now, too; you know his road through the system as well as to where he is now is just phenomenal," said Chaplain member, Eric Johnson.

Johnson said the money raised will allow them to buy resources they need to be able continue helping people like Wil, trying to change for the better.

"It really turns people around it's just so great to be sitting in a Tuesday group in the jail and then the following Monday they're in a community group at a coffee shop or the Fargo library," Johnson said.

Wil hopes everyone who has been in his shoes can find redemption like he has.

"The life I'm living now, it's a dream," he said.

A success story that's one for the books.

Skill Cutz second location is off of 45th street across from the Anderson Softball Complex.