FARGO — It looked to be just another day for Myles Frost on Tuesday, June 22. He was upbeat, friendly, eager and efficient as he bagged groceries at the Osgood Hornbacher's.

The 27-year-old has called Hornbacher's his work home and family for just over a dozen years. He walks or bikes to work every day. When he walks in the door, he just seems to light up the store.

"Myles is one of those associates you wish you had 50 of," said Pam Sievert, store director for the Hornbacher's in Osgood.

"I am just the type of person where I like to make people feel good and be uplifting and positive," Frost said. "That has always been second nature to me."

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A few days ago, Hornbacher's placed a Facebook post that happened to use a picture of Frost. WDAY received messages from shoppers requesting a story on the friendly fellow.

"It blew up, and it all became about Myles and how he has touched the lives of so many customers here at the Osgood store," Sievert said.

The store received hundreds of messages on top of the ones they get every week about Frost.

"Myles has touched their lives, remembers their children's names and makes their worst day turn into a positive day when they walk out of the store," Sievert said.

There is something about his demeanor that appeals to customers. Frost is genuine, and when he asks how someone is doing, he really wants to know.

So, on Tuesday, the staff at Osgood Hornbacher's turned the day into Celebrate Myles day. He loves dictionaries and words, so he was given a Thesaurus and a dictionary as well as a gift card to maintain his bike.

Best of all, a book was made commemorating all the comments about Frost in the store's Facebook post.

"When you treat people the way you want to be treated, that type of stuff gets noticed and it tells me I seem to have an impact," Frost said.