Porch Pirates may be targeting Cyber Monday deals

There are a number of steps you can take to make sure what you've ordered ends up in your hands.

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Using a P.O. Box can be a good way to stop Porch Pirates.
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WEST FARGO — If you were able to land a big haul of bargains this Cyber Monday, making sure all of those deals actually ends up making its way to you is important.

With large quantities of packages being delivered this week, there's a chance others may have ordered similar items.

With the abundance of deliveries, people should be on the look out for Porch Pirates, people who steal packages off porches, often seen on videos from Ring Doorbells and other security systems.

West Fargo Police Department's Community Engagement Officer Rhoda Jorgensen said there are many ways you can prevent Porch Pirates from grabbing your goods.

The most important thing to do is to use online package tracking services to figure out when items will be delivered, she said. It isn't perfect for multiple orders, but the better idea you have of when things are coming, the better chance you have of being the first person to find it on your porch, Jorgensen added.


Another thing to consider is having deliveries sent somewhere more secure than your home. If allowed, try having packages delivered to your workplace, or send them to a P.O. lock box.

Jorgensen said if you do have a package stolen, a rapid response is the most important thing.

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"If your camera goes off and you see somebody removing a package from your front step, immediately contact law enforcement so we can get officers in that area and looking for a description of the person," Jorgensen said.

She also said to check the video for any vehicles that may have been used by thieves, as that will also increase the chances law enforcement can find the perpetrators.

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