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Tips to stay safe with more and more people outdoors

WDAY News asked some park goers at Fargo's Island Park, what precautions they take to stay safe.

People take advantage of 60 degree weather at a crowded Island Park.
Ben Morris / WDAY News
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FARGO — With the weather turning nicer, more and more people are out and about, and The Fargo Police Department is saying that when more people are outside, more crime occurs outside.

On Wednesday, May 4, WDAY News asked some park goers at Fargo's Island Park, what precautions they take to stay safe. They gave some more common, but important, safety tips.

"I always have my dog with me for sure. Especially at night, and I do have pepper spray that I carry with me on my keys," said Fargo resident Lucy Glessner.

"I won't leave the house alone. Usually I go with a man if I can, if not, I have a bigger group of girls that I go out with," said another Fargo resident, Farrah Sabin.

While things like pepper spray or tasers can save lives, Fargo police Lieutenant Jim Kringlie says you don't want to have to use them, and the key to that is it to stay aware.


"Unfortunately, we have people that have cell phones, they're watching, they're talking, they're texting on their phone, so they're not aware of their surroundings, or if they're wearing headphones, they can't hear what's going on," said Fargo Police patrol Lieutenant Jim Kringlie. "So just being aware of the surroundings is huge."

Police say while being prepared is important, they don't recommend you engage with threatening people. They warn that even with mace or tasers, you could be underarmed if the person has a deadly weapon.

They say they best thing you can do is draw attention to yourself, and try and get to a safe place.

"Certainly if you have to, defend yourself or fight. Certainly do that, but try to get away if you can, or call out. Make people aware of the situation, then try to get us over," said Lt. Kringlie.

Kringlie added you can expect to see more police out and about too, whether they're on motorcycles, bikes, or foot patrols.

They're just aiming to keep you safe, as you take advantage of the warm weather while we've still got it.

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