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'Who is Spider-Man?' Costumed hero captures attention in North Dakota city

There are “assignments” for newspaper reporters, and then there are “ASSIGNMENTS.” A mysterious man has been spotted walking the streets of Dickinson dressed as Spider-Man. His antics have taken Dickinson children by storm and have garnered the attention of thousands on Facebook. Now The Press has been tasked with “finding Spider-Man” and we are on it.

Dickinson's Spider-Man makes the days of Jacen Honeyman, middle, and Jax Campbell-Shepard, who's sporting his superhero's complimentary gear. (Contributed / Kylee Shepard)
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DICKINSON, North Dakota — In times of trouble, Dickinson has its very own superhero on watch: Spider-Man.

The web-slinger's mysterious presence in the Dickinson community has sparked social media unrest, with hundreds of likes, comments and shares on Spidey-related posts. Multiple readers have reached out to the newspaper requesting an investigation into the identity of Spider-Man.

While Forum News Service can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a North Dakota Spider-Man, photographs of a man clad in a red and blue outfit fighting crime have been leaked on the internet and with almost 120 comments. The photos were posted on July 19 on the public Dickinson, ND Classifieds Facebook page .

Jess Ica commented of her experience with Spider-Man.

“I was a little (too) overly excited to see him this morning! I didn’t think we would ever see him and sure enough he was about to cross the street my little guy was pretty excited too ... Thank you Spider-Man for putting smiles on a lot of people’s faces. You definitely don’t go unnoticed,” Ica posted.


Jax Campbell-Shepard shows off his Spidey moves to his favorite superhero — Dickinson's very own Spider-Man. (Contributed / Kylee Shepard)

Spider-Man walks around the streets of Dickinson in July. (Photo courtesy of Rachel Olheiser Monroe Facebook post)

Carrie Bohlam shared her thoughts of Dickinson’s Spider-Man on a public post on the page.

“He’s always running around the southside. One time I saw him on the corner where the underpass is and he was crouch down like Spider-Man; it’s crazy,” Bohlam posted.

One poster with the all-too-on-the-nose name of Peter Parker (Spider-Man’s alias) posted a response more than a week ago.

“I am moved (by) what people had to say about me. I do like the fact that people who actually do know me don't drop my name. I really appreciate that. All I'm going to say is I wear the mask for a reason, but here's the hint and this is because I (saw) this in two different comments — I'm not a female, I am a man. Thank you guys for the compliments,” Peter Parker posted on the comment thread.

The newspaper will continue to monitor the whereabouts and actions of Dickinson's very own superhero, and will continue our efforts in securing an interview with the elusive Spider-Man.

Jackie Jahfetson is a former reporter for The Dickinson Press.
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