Health care is in the political winds, and it is being led by Republican Sen. John McCain. He is a person whose party in the U.S. House has tried to repeal health care for the civilian population 50 times. This is not about the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare), it is about health care for all. It has recently been reported that more than 40 veterans have died because of delayed treatment. I am sure that number is much higher considering the many cases that go unreported. The veterans hospitals are under fire for letting this happen. Is this all the VA’s fault? Here are some questions I would like an answer to. Why would the families of these veterans sit by and watch them die slowly day by day? Why did they sit on their hands and let it happen? Who are the political leaders of these states? This is not just a VA issue. This is an issue that affects the entire population. We now know this is happening to the veterans, and we have known for a long time that it is happening in the private sector, as well. How many have died because of this health care issue? Too many people are not seeking health care because they are not insured and cannot afford to pay for it. The Forum reported not so long ago about a young fellow in the insurable age who suffered a heart attack. He suddenly has an $80,000 hospital bill and no insurance. How is this young man going to pay off this debt? If you calculate this debt similar to what our college students end up paying on their student loans and assume only a 4 percent interest on this, it would take this young fellow 30 years to pay this if he can afford to pay around $240 a month. I ask again: How many people have died because of this health care issue? Yet the political party of Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., and Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., has voted 50 times to keep this from everyone in the United States. I would like to ask, what solution does this party have to the ongoing issue of health care? Monilaws lives near Absaraka, N.D.

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