Emily Olson

FARGO — Businesses and organizations across the Fargo area are ramping up cleaning efforts to keep germs away.
MOORHEAD - One Moorhead business is preparing for the impacts of coronavirus.
FARGO — A Fargo retirement center is taking measures to protect its residents from the spread of COVID-19.
FARGO — The city of Fargo plans to fill 400,000 sandbags between March 10 and March 14 at Sandbag Central and is searching for thousands of volunteers to help.
SAN FRANCISCO — A Grand Forks couple and 3,500 other people remain quarantined on a cruise ship as it sits off the coast of California after one passenger died from the new coronavirus.
DAEGU, South Korea — The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in South Korea is more than 2,300 as of Feb. 28. That's the largest outbreak outside of China.
DILWORTH, Minn. — As the Fargo-Moorhead metro continues to attract more people, Dilworth is one of the cities benefiting from the area's growth.
WEST FARGO — Some residents in West Fargo have growing concerns about their latest water bill.
FARGO — One year after Gate City Bank gave organizations thousands of dollars in donations during last year's Giving Hearts Day, it's hard not to wonder what some of those organizations did with the money they were given.
FARGO — Several students at Ben Franklin Elementary have big plans for the Fargo City Landfill.