You're never going to see Jade Nielsen on a stage, microphone in hand, addressing the crowd like a rock star.

And that's the way he likes it.

Because even though Nielsen has the logo of his company, Jade Presents, stamped on a large chunk of the concerts that play Fargo-Moorhead, the concert promoter would rather be doing business behind the scenes than taking up any time in the spotlight.

That's what makes his latest production all the more appealing.

Nielsen has decided to write a blog on the AreaVoices site that chronicles his current adventure; life on the road with the hip-hop star T-Pain.

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Starting this week, Nielsen will be posting tales, photos and video from the Snowstorm music tour featuring T-Pain, also known as the king of auto-tune, and the Gym Class Heroes. The tour will trace through the Upper Midwest the next few weeks, including a Feb. 18 date at The Venue at The Hub in Fargo.

And Nielsen will be blogging about the experience at

But, to be clear, Nielsen says life on the road isn't very exciting. He doesn't party with the rock stars. The father of three is not dancing on guitar amps with strippers and he's not arm wrestling with body guards.

Still, he does have a life, and a job, many of us probably envy.

"Certainly, I think, people have a fascination for what happens behind the scenes," Nielsen says. "My hope is to include a little information and some snippets of what life is like backstage or on the production side of concerts."

That might be posts about the daily catering menu, details about the touring bus or video of the stage set-up.

Or, it might be anecdotes about balancing the books backstage while the crowd jumps along to T-Pain's bass beats; because, yes, Nielsen doesn't watch the concerts he produces.

"It's rare, or virtually never, that I would get the chance to sit and watch the whole show. So I always make it a point to see the first song of the headliner," he says. "That first song is kind of the climax and the epitome of the excitement. I always like to see that song. It sort of reminds me why we do it. After that song is over, it's sort of back to business. I'm sure that will be part of the blog."

We hope so.

Check the blog for the details and watch The Forum for teasers about Nielsen's time traveling with T-Pain.

Jade on Jade

Concert promoting is like ... : This business is like legalized gambling in a lot of ways. You're betting you can do the business to pay all the bills and have something left when you're done. If you do that, you win, if you don't you fail.

Strange artist rider requests: We really don't get any bizarre requests. Bands want socks and underwear, occasionally. But nothing really, really bizarre.

He's a big fan of the Man in Black: Johnny Cash is equal parts gentleman and outlaw. It was just him, he wasn't trying to model himself after anything necessarily, that's always an appeal. Maybe, a respectable man who follows his own path but respects others as he goes.

Favorite concert: I don't think I really have a single favorite concert. Whenever I've done a legendary act I certainly enjoy it. I love seeing B.B. King go on stage for the first song and watch the crowd going crazy. Same with Willie Nelson.