We're excited to announce some changes we're making to your newspaper starting with today's edition, though the biggest changes will be evident in weekday editions starting tomorrow.

Today, and every Sunday from now on, Variety will be Section B and SheSays will be Section E.

Weekday editions beginning Monday will feature four additions readers have repeatedly told us they want:

• More space devoted to Business news.

• More space devoted to local, regional, national and international news.

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• A Metro+State section front showcasing news from our area.

• An expanded Variety section with more focus on events and people close to home.

More Business

We've noticed it, and you have, too. We're in a go-go business environment here, one that seems poised to grow exponentially in coming years. More businesses are opening every day, offering more goods and services to the growing number of people who flock to this region for new opportunities and an improved way of life. And that's compounding the need for more goods and services.

We're on the cusp of big things. Not a day goes by that this newspaper is not writing about some new place or new idea seemingly springing up out of nowhere. It's exciting. There's a real entrepreneurial spirit taking hold, and we aim to tell that story in bigger and better ways.

We're doubling our weekday space devoted to Business. We're also adding to its reporting power, dedicating three full-time reporters to the beat, as well as any other resources we can throw at it.

Veteran reporter Sherri Richards is our new Business editor. She's joined by two other veterans of the area and newspaper: Dave Olson and Angie Wieck.

Our team aims to cover Business and work more thoroughly than it's ever been covered here. Oh, and about that popular Saturday Business section, with all those names and faces: It's not going anywhere.

More News

We've always offered more local and regional news than any other source in the region. We're a locally driven newspaper, plain and simple. We showcase local news and information people can't find elsewhere.

But readers who most value local and regional content also are interested in national and international goings-on. They pride themselves on being well-informed and well-rounded. So do we, and so we're adding to those offerings starting this week.

Readers will find more national and international news inside the paper, at the same time showcasing more of our local and regional content with a new daily Metro+State section.

More Variety

As perhaps a counterweight to all that additional hard-hitting news in the paper, we're expanding our popular and playful Variety section.

This section, full of arts and entertainment, things to do and people to meet, has become a must-read for anyone who wants to keep up with the ever-changing pulse of our community and region.

With more pages every weekday, as well as an entirely new Variety section on Saturdays, it will contain even more information on local people and things to do or see.

SheSays, a daily features section we launched two and half years ago, will now only publish on Sundays but will expand and be chock full of the local and regional voices you've come to know and love.

Celebrations, where area people celebrate their engagements, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, births and milestone birthdays, will still be in Sunday SheSays.

Because of these changes, a few of our standing features have moved out of SheSays and into Variety.

We sincerely hope you will appreciate these changes and additions. We made them because you asked and because we appreciate you as a customer.

Von Pinnon is editor of The Forum. Reach him at (701) 241-5579, mvonpinnon@forumcomm.com, or on Twitter @inforumed.