FARGO - It was all smiles early this morning as the 2018 Northern Plains Coin Hunt commenced.

Grant Kraft, of Fargo, roused himself out of bed to find the first clue before making his way downtown to begin his search.

Beating the rain that is predicted to cover the metro for most of the day, Kraft and his flashlight searched for nearly two hours before finally finding the coveted coin.

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"The clue was 'amazing mosaic tiles may make you smile,'" Kraft said. "I visited all the different mosaics that I could think of downtown."

After a few fruitless endeavors searching near the old Schumacher building and brick advertisements - the few mosaic places he could think of - Kraft made his way towards the Plains Art Museum.

"I looked over at (Ole Tangen) Triangle Park and saw the mosaic along there and thought 'well, let's check it out,'" Kraft said. "I walked all the way around that planter thinking it could have easily been sitting out in the open because there's so many mosaic pieces you may not see it."

But the great coin hiders of 2018 would never make it that obvious, instead choosing to stick the magnetic coin to the base of the park sign.

Kraft will be smiling ear to ear, knowing he will go home $500 richer, for the second time (his first win was in 2015), while doing something he truly enjoys.

"I enjoy scavenger hunts," Kraft said. "I've written several scavenger hunts for my church, so maybe I just think in that way."

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