Winner: Tripwire

Location: Fargo

Tripwire has now won three years in a row. What makes the group such a special experience for fans?

“We just do things a little differently,” said guitarist Lars Hegland. “We’re definitely not any better than any other Red River Valley band. We just dance around like fools, make jokes on stage, choreograph corny dances and jump on trampolines. We switch instruments all of the time and play songs people want to hear, but mostly it’s our energy and antics that people seem drawn to.”

What’s in the future for the band?

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“We have a new light and stage show coming just before the end of the year,” Hegland said. “We add dances and bits constantly. We hope to get in the studio to finish some original music, but the immediate future has us focusing on what’s best for our crowds. We just want to have fun and make sure our fans are having fun too.”

Second Place: Redline Live

Third Place: Ultrasound

Fourth Place: Gorgatron

Fifth Place: Jack Winders