FARGO — The flood-ravaged parts of rural Cass and Clay county, but some are finding beauty in it.

If you see seven months pregnant Sara Ferrari stomping along the banks of the Red River and digging through piles of mud covered wood just know she's not crazy, she's an artist. An artist in search of the perfect piece of driftwood.

"It's kinda like looking at shapes in the clouds except it's in driftwood instead. One of the things I love so much about it is how unpredictable it is," said Ferrari.

After the flood waters go down, Sara carefully collects driftwood and turns it into art.

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"To be able to take something like that from a specific area and make it into one cohesive piece it's a puzzle and it's fun," said Ferrari.

A puzzle, born from something terrifying like the flood, then turned into something beautiful.

"It's kinda fun to take those pieces and make a memory out of it," said Ferrari.

This year, Sara isn't digging through driftwood alone. She has her husband to help and their unborn son, Arrow. Arrow doesn't know it yet, but mom is actually getting ready to make something special for him.

"Nothing too elaborate, but probably just taking a fun piece of driftwood and I want to have like just some pieces with like arrows and feathers hanging off of it, like a mobile," said Ferrari.

The flood brought a lot of death to this riverfront forest, but Sara is going to give life to some of what's left.

"I think there's a joy that's coming with that, it's kind of exciting to be able to prepare for that in a way that fits me," said Ferrari.

If you're interested in any of Sara's artwork, you can check out her Facebook page here.