There are 2 design options for the Woodlawn water tower in Moorhead, and one costs $6,000 more

Here are the two designs for the Woodlawn water tower in Moorhead. One design is on top, the other is on the bottom. Special to The Forum.

MOORHEAD –  Two designs are being considered for artwork on the Woodlawn water tower.

In April, Moorhead Public Utilities plans to recoat the water tower, just as it did last year with the Oakport water tower, as part of its maintenance plan.

MPS budgeted $20,000 for artwork created by local designers Jack Lunde and Stephen Dorsey, but the cost of a more detailed design is over budget by roughly $6,000.

The more expensive design features silhouettes of the Veterans Memorial Bridge, the historic log cabin and the Hopperstad Stave Church. A simpler version shows silhouettes of bicyclists, canoeists and trees also featured in the more detailed design.  

The City Council unanimously approved on Monday, March 12, to make a budget adjustment in the general reserve fund to support the preferred design with more details and the $26,000 price tag. With the understanding that the city and MPS would split the cost over the original budget amount, the council approved contributing $3,000 toward the project.

However, MPS water division manager Kristofer Knutson said that the City Council’s decision does not bind MPS, which will make the final decision on artwork and the budget later this month.

Earlier this year a committee was formed with elected officials and community members to help develop a neighborhood-specific concept for water tower art based on community feedback from an online survey and open house.

Following review of the initial concepts, the committee determined that due to the location and visibility of the Woodlawn water tower, the art should be wrapped around the entire design instead of a single image, like the tower’s current design.

A design that meets the $20,000 budget was developed, but during a joint meeting with the City Council and MPS in January, the possibility of the project coming in over budget was discussed, and so two designs were created.

The Moorhead Public Service commission will consider the two artwork options for approval March 27.