FARGO — Beginning Monday, Sept. 16, Fargo becomes the set of a new film. The comedy, "Tankhouse," follows two New Yorkers who move to Fargo to start a theatrical revolution.

Click Content Studios, a video-production company owned by Fargo-based Forum Communications Co., and Los Angeles-based Momentum Studios have partnered to produce the film. It takes many hands to create a featured film. Before the actors can become their characters and film starts rolling, crew members work tirelessly to pin down details to help this world come to life.

Throughout filming, we will bring you behind the scenes to see exactly who makes up the crew of "Tankhouse," as well as give a bit of insight to what goes into creating a feature-length film.

Noam Tomaschoff is the writer and director of "Tankhouse."

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"I, along with my writing partner, Chelsea, created the two characters that the story is based on," says Tomaschoff. "We created these characters who are basically parodies of ourselves. Passionate, misguided theater people."

From writing an eight-minute episodic sequence to show off at Series Fest, a festival in Denver, to transforming the episode into a screenplay, Tomaschoff has created a world within our FM community — and will captain the project through the final edit.

"(As a director) you basically are the head of the artistic experience," he says. "Every department works off of what you tell them. In it's purist way, I think the director is the captain of the story in every way — from the visual to the emotional side of things."

See what else Tomaschoff has to say about his role as director of "Tankhouse," his reactions to Fargo and more, plus more behind the scenes interviews from cast and crew members, as well as insights into community impact and insights on creating a movie as filming of "Tankhouse" continues on InForum.com. For more on the project go to the movie's official site.