FARGO — An award-winning Indian film made its way to the Hotel Donaldson Tuesday, Oct. 1.

"Sisak" is the first silent love story that features the LGBTQ community to come out of India. The movie has won 59 awards internationally, including Best Film at the F-M LGBT Film Festival in 2017.

The filmmaker, Faraz Ansari, said he couldn't wait to show his movie in person for the people of Fargo. Even though it took two years for him to get here, Ansari said he's happy to share his film and the message of inclusion that comes with it.

"Fargo is a very special place, it's my third day here today and I'm just excited to share the film because I've met some great people here, and it just feels like coming back home in a weird way," Ansari said.

He's currently in the process of making another film called "Sheer Qorma," which will feature Muslim women. He hopes to release the movie sometime next year.