Musician Myron Sommerfeld has been featured here before.

This band leader out of Valley City, N.D., has his own band, Myron Sommerfeld and His Music, which performs all over the area.

After Neighbors wrote about Myron several months ago, Myron responded with a thank you note, saying he and his family received feedback from it even while they were wintering in Mesa, Ariz.

Myron is one who continually promotes the popular music of yesteryear.

Myron Sommerfeld. Special to The Forum
Myron Sommerfeld. Special to The Forum

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“The great songs will never die,” he writes. “Even Willie Nelson, Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and many young people play and record the standards.”

Myron says his and his wife Jenneice’s daughter Bonnie also performs the great songs. She has her own website,

All the Sommerfelds — Myron, Jenneice and Bonnie — say they love the people in their home area.

But speaking of Myron, a note has come in from Duane Zwinger, Fargo, noting that the previous column about him had him teaching in the wrong school. The right one, according to Duane, who was superintendent of the school, was North Central in Rogers, N.D.

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Who was Ira?

Connie Olson and her husband Dennis Olson, Fargo, would appreciate information about an old book’s previous owner.

The book is “How to Frame a House or Balloon and Roof Framing.” It was written by Owen B. Maginnis and was presented to Ira Eddy in March of 1897.

Connie writes that she Googled Ira and found he was born in 1866 in Plainview, Minn., near Rochester, and died in Fargo in October 1948. But she couldn’t find what type of work he did or any other information about him.

She did find that Maginnis taught drawing at a New York trade school. But she and Dennis would like information about Ira. Can you help?

Connie’s husband, by the way, has been in construction in Fargo for 44 years and owned Creative Living Inc.

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