FARGO — Have you ever fumbled trying to figure out how to tell your significant other just how much you love them?

If you’ve tried in vain only to find yourself tongue-tied, maybe let James Bergman find the right words to say. Better yet, let him find the right words to sing.

The Fargo man is offering his services as a songwriter, and he's ready to pen love lyrics and a tune in time for Valentine’s Day, or really any day you want your partner to know you love them.

“I really love writing something very specific. It’s such a nice gesture to give,” the 35-year-old says.

Though he’s been writing since high school, his interest has picked up of late.

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“It’s been lot more fast-paced recently. I’m very driven and inspired to get something on the page,” he says.

Bergman showcased his talents at the 2018 Fargo Famous Talent Show hosted by Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre, winning the event. He returned this year as a guest performer, singing a song about his daughter and another about what it meant to win. Saying how thankful he was for the opportunity to perform on the FMCT stage at the event, he announced his offer to write songs for someone’s romantic partner.

He had written for his own wife and felt the love not only at home, but on the stage at FMCT — experiences that put him in the state of mind to help others’ share their feelings.

“When you get love in your life, you see love in everybody else’s,” he explains.

He wasn’t a theater kid, but he’s grown to appreciate his brief time in the spotlight.

“It’s been a great experience. Very validating,” he says of his appearances at Fargo Famous. “Just having the opportunity to perform is so much fun.”

For his return appearance this year, he paid homage to the experience by premiering “The FMCT Stage,” which allowed him to thank the theater as well as poke fun at himself for being “Fargo Famous.”

Winning the event last year really pushed him toward offering his services.

“Let’s lean into this,” he remembers thinking. “It felt really great to share that with somebody.”

A preschool speech pathologist who has taught many grades, he says learning the vocabulary used by different age groups has helped him become a better lyricist.

Still, he needs input about the relationship to work his magic. On his website, https://artistjamesbergman.com/, he posted a link to a survey that asks different questions about the couple.

“What are some words or phrases that pop into your head when you think about your loved one? What is their best quality? What about them do you like? What makes them so wonderful in your eyes?”

“Is there a story about your relationship that comes to mind when you think about your partner?”

“What about this relationship is unique and meaningful to you?”

The fee for writing a special song is $150, but he says “there is a sliding scale based on need.”

While he started off the project as writing a piece for one person, he says it doesn’t have to be seen as a gift from one party to another and that it could even be better when the songwriting becomes a collaborative effort between the couple, writing a song about their love.

With his knack for penning love tunes, is Bergman on the hook to write a romantic number for his own wife every Valentine’s Day?

“No,” he says with a smile. “We’re more into exchanging a nice, heartfelt card.”

To read more about James Bergman, go to https://artistjamesbergman.com/.