"I don't apologize for advocating for them."

That's what Senator Kevin Cramer had to say in an interview, recorded before the Memorial Day holiday, referring to controversy over a Dickinson-based Fisher Industries and their push to get a contract to build the border wall. The company's owner has appeared on Fox News to promote the bid, Senator Cramer has said the company could do a good job of it, and now President Donald Trump is seemingly in their camp.

Though Cramer said that last is according to a story from The Washington Post with four "unnamed ... snitches" allegedly from the administration who say the president is favoring Fisher Industries.

"I bristle every time The Washington Post or somebody else suggests that politicians do what donors tell them," Cramer said, suggesting that in reality politicians tend to attract like-minded supporters with the positions they already have.

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"Good for politics if it is" the reason Fisher Industries gets the contract, Cramer added. "I'm sick of apologizing."

Also on this episode, one North Dakota city has seen a dramatic decline in DUI numbers, and the local police chief thinks the reason may be ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft.

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