‘Who Killed Tommy?’ podcast episode 2 available now

FARGO — This is the second episode of “Who Killed Tommy?” a true crime podcast exploring the unsolved homicide of Tommy Bearson, an 18-year-old North Dakota State University freshman. (Find the first episode here.)

Bearson went missing Sept. 20, 2014, and his body was found three days later in an RV sales lot in Moorhead. No motive or suspect has been named in the four years since his death.

In this episode, reporter and host Kim Hyatt retraces Bearson’s last known whereabouts, from his dorm room to a house party south of NDSU, before then visiting the RV sales lot. Bearson’s former roommate at NDSU and reporters from Fargo and Sartell, Minn., Bearson’s hometown, offer their thoughts on the case throughout the episode as well.

Below is an interactive graphic designed by Troy Becker, of Forum Communications, that gives a more in-depth look at these locations related to the case.

Over the next year, Hyatt will try to learn who Bearson was, who killed him and why.

Occasional episodes will be available on Inforum.com. The Forum is in the process of expanding to other popular podcast platforms, like iTunes and Spotify.

The third episode will be released in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, find more information, share tips, questions and comments on Twitter @WhoKilledTommyB . Messages can also be sent to truecrimepodcast@forumcomm.com or 701-969-0806.