This picture is of the Fairmont Old Timers, which used to perform on WDAY radio, Fargo.

It was left for “Neighbors” by a woman who wishes to remain anonymous.

It is a postcard mailed from Moorhead.

“I found it in my mom’s house after she passed away in 2011,” the woman writes, adding that she doesn’t want her mother’s name published, either.

“The card was mailed to her before she got married, at age 21, in 1940, so this probably is from the 1930s or late 1920s,” she says.

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“I thought you would enjoy sharing this with your readers and seeing if anybody else remembers this band.”

Do you, neighbors?

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Another question

Ron Pishtek, Brocket, N.D., is an avid autograph collector. “I’ve been doing it seriously and determinedly since 1999,” he writes “Neighbors.”

He got into it then, at the end of the 20th century, he says, because of the many lists and wrapups of the outgoing century which came out mentioning many famous people.

“I got to wondering how many of those peoples’ autographs I could get,” he says. “The answer? A lot. My wife says too many!”

But Ron now turns to “Neighbors’” readers for some assistance.

One of the autographs he’s obtained is that of Olympic gold medalist swimmer Don Schollander.

“I thought he had a Fargo connection. But in the Wikipedia piece on him, I found no such reference,” he says.

“But I’m thinking he had family in Fargo. Cousins? Uncles? Etc.?

“My memory banks seem to have a Schollander/Fargo connection, but you know how fuzzy those memory banks are.”

Boy, do we!

Anyhow, Ron is hopeful someone can tell him of any relatives Don Schollander has (or had) in the area. Let “Neighbors” know about them if you can, OK?

A fan of Curt

Ron also says that “one of my favorite guys is Curt Eriksmoen.”

Curt is the guy who writes a weekly column for The Forum about historical North Dakota people. He’s also written many books about them.

Ron says he’s enjoying reading those books about “famous and interesting North Dakotans.”

Ron is one of many, including “Neighbors,” who enjoy Curt’s writings.

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