FARGO — Fargo police K-9 Falco advanced to the finale in the A&E show, "America's Top Dog" this week, but Friday, Jan. 10, was just another day at the office.

Hours after returning to Fargo, the police pooch was back at work, participating in a drug bust.

The television experience had been a crazy 48 hours for handler and dog alike. After appearing on and winning the third round in the premiere episode "America's Top Dog", handler Dave Cochran and Falco have achieved celebrity status.

"At the airport, some guy came and asked, 'can I have a picture of the dog?' " Cochran said. "Shortly after, people were like: 'is that the famous dog on TV last night?' It is a little surreal and awkward but it is fun."

As a Fargo police officer, Cochran is glad the TV show and Falco's performance is shedding a positive light on a career he loves.

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"To showcase our community — we have a great community here — and the cheering from people here has made it 10 times more fun and to have a positive spin on law enforcement is great," Cochran said.

Cochran didn't just celebrate a return from television life on Friday, he also celebrated his birthday. He still finds it a little crazy his time in law enforcement brought him to be on a national television show.

"To be a canine handler is a great opportunity and then to throw this on there is icing on the cake," Cochran said. "It has been a great career."

The money Falco won from the competition goes to a charity, and also to the K-9 unit of the Fargo police.