KHAO LAK, Thailand — In an episode dripping with — shocker! — plenty of drama, former Moorhead resident Elyse Dehlbom chose to end her run on the 23rd season of ABC's "The Bachelor" in an episode that aired Monday night, Feb. 4.

As the group got to Thailand for their second stop on their tour of southeast Asia and contestant Heather Martin got the first one-on-one date, Dehlbom began to reminisce about her and Bachelor Colton Underwood's previous one-on-one at an amusement park in San Diego. Calling it "the perfect day" and realizing she wanted more time with Underwood, Dehlbom's mood shifted as soon as Martin returned from her island date with Underwood.

As Martin gave details about her day, Dehlbom left the group of fellow contestants and made her way to Underwood's hotel. Once there, she explained how she had struggled in Singapore because she wanted the time and attention a relationship deserves.

Underwood tried to comfort her by saying, "That date with you — I'm excited. With you, I can't help but thinking about what we have; the connection's there."

While they both agreed there was a connection between them, Dehlbom ultimately opted to leave the show, reiterating that she wasn't insecure but couldn't accept a proposal from him after he shared his time and attention with other women.

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Dehlbom, a 31-year-old makeup artist from Soldotna, Alaska, previously owned a makeup studio in the Moorhead Center Mall a few years ago and worked professionally in the community as Elyse Michelle.