Fargo-raised artist makes big splash on TikTok

Jayce Hall specializes in micrography, a style of drawing using tiny written words to make larger portraits and designs.

Jayce Hall has over 500,000 followers on his TikTok account, @jaycehallart.
Mike McGurran
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Social media platforms can give people a chance to demonstrate their creativity, and expose themselves to an audience they could only dream of just a few decades ago.

"It's pretty crazy how making little TikToks of your drawings can change your life," said Jayce Hall, an artist making a big splash on TikTok.

He grew up in Fargo, in a musical family. At first, he dreamed of one day becoming a session musician. Things changed for him based on a class he took on a whim at NDSU.

"I was probably the only non art major in there," remembered Hall. "And so everybody was just these art gods, they're all so good."

Inspired by the class, he began practicing his drawing daily. Eventually, he learned about a style of art called micrography, in which an artist creates portraits or designs by writing tiny words over and over again.


He took a liking to that style, and started a TikTok account to show off his work in January of 2020.

"By March, I had, like 1000 followers, and by the end of June, I think I had 100,000 followers," Hall said. "A couple of weeks ago, I just hit 500,000, which is a ton of fun."

Some of his videos have wracked up millions of views.

He says one of the cool things about micrography is your options of creation are unlimited. He draws everything from portraits of some of his favorite athletes, like Steph Curry.

Or he can take inspiration from current events. One world cup inspired portrait was made by writing the word "soccer" in around 50 different languages.

This style of art can be pretty time consuming.

"It's a really, it's a slightly unpredictable range," Hall said. "But typically between 10 and 20 hours is what I tell people, every once in a while I get monster pieces that take longer."

He quit his part time job just a few weeks ago, and his art has become his full time business. He points out social media is the great equalizer, giving the little guy a chance to reach a national audience.


"I've had like 1000s of prints go all over the world, which is really really cool," Hall said.

He hopes that other artists like him can use platforms to TikTok to their advantage. And the secret to Jayce's success? It's simple. Practice.

"All you need is to put in that 15 minutes a day," Hall said. "And slowly you fall in love with it."

You can find Jayce's work on TikTok, @jaycehallart.

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