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Sanford weight management clinic sees about 2,500 new patients every year

A Moorhead woman who is part of their personalized program and is already down nearly 60 pounds on the way to her ultimate goal

Sanford Weight Loss Patient
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FARGO — A lot of people struggle with their weight and want to get healthier turn to Sanford Eating Disorders & Weight Management Clinic for long-term solutions.

Thirty-eight year old Angela Mastel of Moorhead has been struggling with her weight for a few years now. She hit her highest weight of 251 pounds. After having two kids, it escalated health concerns such as prediabetes.

This was when she realized she needed to make a change, but had no idea how to do it herself. She tried dieting, but nothing stuck. Everything she tried was too restrictive.

"I would lose a few pounds, come back, and gain even more weight," Mastel said.

Her doctor referred her to Sanford weight management clinic. Although she was skeptical, she gave it a chance.


"What if I go through this whole big process and it doesn't work?" she said.

Her weight loss doctor put her on a medication that slowed down her cravings and helped treat her binge eating disorder. While calories were restricted, she exercised more and met routinely with her wellness coach Amanda Weyrauch.

"Angela was one of my patients that had a pretty good mindset of what to do nutrition wise. It was just more of life stressers. She needed help and accountability to work around the life stressers," Weyrauch said.

Every time Mastel would meet with Weyrauch, they would work on the most concerning issues, but first check on body composition test results.

After a year in the program, Mastel lost 57 pounds and can say her biggest goal has been met. She is no longer prediabetic.

"With everything that's happened within the last year, anyone can do it," Mastel said.

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