MOORHEAD — A 27-year-old West Fargo man, who allegedly threatened a woman with a gun in a roadway political dispute in Moorhead, no longer faces the felony charge he was arrested for.

Joseph Schumacher was arrested Monday afternoon, Oct. 7, after police say he drove next to a woman with a bumper sticker supporting Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren and got into an argument with her.

Schumacher pointed to his Donald Trump sticker and expressed his difference in political views, according to police, who said he eventually drove past the woman's car and held up a handgun.

Police arrested Schumacher and asked prosecutors to charge him with terroristic threats, a felony.

After appearing in court Wednesday, he now faces a lesser gross misdemeanor charge of carrying weapons without a permit, as well as disorderly conduct and unlawful transportation of firearms — both misdemeanors.

Schumacher was released Wednesday on conditions which include making all future court appearances, keeping the court up-to-date on his address and not using any controlled substances. His next court hearing is set for Nov. 21.