Security video from City View Fuel in Kathryn show two people stealing an ATM, one tying a chain around the machine with the other end attached to a truck. It is seen crashing through the store, and pulled out the front window.

Newly released court documents show the Dec. 6 crime was just the beginning of a long crime spree. On Dec 12, deputies investigating the case said in the court documents, a person walked into the Biltmore Hotel and Suites in Fargo casing for ATMs. They broke a security camera near one of the machines. The documents say the next day, two people showed up late at night, carried out the machine, and drove off in a passenger car.

On Dec. 14, investigating deputies said two people were seen on camera, tying a chain around an ATM in a public vestibule at Bank North in Arthur, North Dakota. They tried towing it out, but failed, breaking the top of the ATM in the process. The deputies said a suspect then went in to check the broken ATM, then get away empty handed.

A green Ford F-150 was reported as stolen from Killoran Trucking in Buffalo on Dec. 28. The investigating deputies note, security footage shows a white sports car drop someone off there. The sports car matches the Pontiac Trans Am on Joshua McCleary's Facebook page.

Deputies report that on Dec. 31, just before 3:00 a.m., suspects used a blowtorch to take a money cartridge from the ATM inside the Bank North in Buffalo, North Dakota. They appear to have used the same Ford F-150. About an hour later, suspects broke into the Fingal Roadhouse in Fingal, North Dakota. The owner lives inside the business. That owner said he saw the suspects wrapping a chain around the ATM. Those suspects quickly scattered and drove off. Deputies later found out those suspects were using the same F-150.

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Then on Jan. 3, a construction trailer was reported stolen from Hastings construction site. Deputies found tire tracks from the same F-150 there.

The next day, one suspect is seen on camera stealing the ATM from C-Store in Litchville, leaving behind the same tire tracks. After multiple investigating sheriff's offices met to discuss these thefts, they searched McCleary's grandparent's farm. The grandfather is deceased, and only the grandmother lives there. She is reportedly known to go to Arizona for the winter.

After getting a search warrant for the farm, authorities found the same stolen construction trailer, the same F-150 tire tracks, and spray paint cans.

Court documents go on to say the deputies later interviewed McCleary's parents. They told investigators McCleary still has a bedroom there, and is recently acting "very secretive." His parents are shown surveillance pictures from the ATM thefts, and told deputies, the suspect resembles McCleary. They got a search warrant for the house to look through McCleary's bedroom, and found a receipt for a cellphone and other items from Walmart, totaling about $300. During this search, deputies also found drugs in a jacket belonging to McCleary.

On Jan. 8, deputies said a suspect tried stealing the ATM from Gordy's Travel Plaza in Casselton. They were unsuccessful, and found to be driving the same F-150. Authorities then issued an arrest warrant for McCleary.

A state trooper chased McCleary in his Trans Am on Jan. 9, but called off the pursuit due to fog.

The next day, an ATM was stolen from Sheyenne Saloon in Kathryn, North Dakota. The suspect was seen tying a tow chain around the machine, leaving the same F-150 tire tracks.

McCleary was found at a Dickinson bowling alley on Jan. 12. Police chased him, and in the process, McCleary reportedly rammed a squad car with his Trans Am. He was arrested with several drugs found inside his car. He is facing charges for drugs, and charges related to the chase.

That same day, the stolen F-150 was found in rural Wheatland and returned to its owner later that month.

Deputies believe the truck used in the first documented ATM theft at City View Fuel belongs to McCleary's grandmother. In the documents, they clarify her as innocent, not knowing the truck was used for a crime.

In total, eight attempted ATM thefts are documented in the court filings. Four of them were successful, along with one stolen money cartridge. Deputies estimate about $30,900 cash was taken in these ATM thefts in total. The value of the machines themselves vary, and are often not noted in the documents.

McCleary has not been formally charged for the ATM thefts, as the crime spree is still under investigation.

Deputies tell WDAY News, McCleary is still being held in the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center.