Foreign to Football: Davies embracing Italian exchange student

Italian exchange student Stefano Negrelli wanted to experience as much American culture as possible in his year away from home, football seemed like a great place to start.
Negrelli eyes the defense at practice

FARGO, ND - Since the start of the fall term, the practice fields out at Davies high school have been like a second home to Stefano Negrelli, but in his real home, over 4,000 miles away, football was as foreign as he is.

Negrelli is a foreign exchange student from Milan, Italy and decided to make the most of his year abroad by trying the most American thing he could think of, football.

"It was trying something new, my brother was an exchange student last year and he told me to try new stuff, so my two options were soccer or football," Negrelli said. "I thought well I can play soccer whenever I want in Italy so why not try something I can't do in Italy."

Over the past couple months Negrelli has not only learned a brand new sport, but he's made some lifelong friends in the process.