Risk for ag-related crashes during harvest season

At least 9 crashes have happened with farm equipment on the road during harvest season.
farm equipment

FARGO, ND - There have been at least 9 crashes throughout the region involving agriculture equipment since the beginning of harvest.

WDAY called all of the counties in our viewing area, asking for statistics on ag-related crashes.

While some drivers involved in these types of crashes to walk away, others weren't so lucky.

Law enforcement encourages you to drive slowly on rural roads.

Officers encourage you to anticipate obstacles during the time of year and expect to encounter large machines on the road.

"This time of year, there's not the rain and there's not the snow and there's not the ice on the roadway," said Sgt. Tim Briggeman with the Cass County Sheriff's Office. "So people think that they can just obey to posted speed limit, which is wonderful but when you throw in that added mix of mud, you might as well be driving on a sheet of ice. "

Sgt. Briggeman wants to remind you that the mud can be deceiving because unlike snow, you don't expect it to cause problems.