The Minnesota and North Dakota deer seasons are overlapping this weekend. Both seasons are in full swing this time of year, you could say it's a Merry Meatmas. WDAY News Reporter Tyler Ziegler shows us one local industry that treats deer season like Christmas.

From the field to the table, this time of year hunters count on meat markets to get their kills, dinner plate ready. "The deer sticks are awesome, love a little pepperjack, steaks are good, and then the ground is very versatile," says customer Tim Rousar.

The guys here at Meats by John and Wayne tell me the overlapping of Minnesota and North Dakota's deer season is a recipe for busy business. "We only have so many freezers, so you try and get all the deer in one spot and keep that separate from the smoking hams and turkeys and it's a challenge to try and keep it all organized and have room for it ya know," says co-owner Ben Rheault.

They say they'll process somewhere around 8,000 pounds of venison this year. The guys say the deer season is like a holiday before the holidays, and it shows, the amount of meat that goes through here is enough to make your head spin.

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"I'm not that good at math, but if you figure about 30 to 50 pounds of meat per deer with 8,000 pounds total... I don't know-a lot," says Rheault. Since Ben is better with meat than he is with math, I crunched the numbers.

If each deer gives you about 40 pounds of meat and the market processes 8,000 pounds total. That means a minimum 200 deer will be made into these tasty treats by this meat market alone, leaving customers with a little bit of a wait.

"I would say probably March, March or April we're probably done with the deer," says Rheault. But, the meat market faithful don't mind.

"I know it's gonna be done well, done right, packaged well, and it's super convenient they do a good job," says Tim. It might be the reason why Meats by John and Wayne pull in more than $50,000 dollars a year just from deer season.

Before bringing in your venison, most meat markets prefer you clean off the hair and dirt from any meat.