Winter weather can spell trouble for your pet


Chilly weather isn't just uncomfortable for people. Your pets can also suffer in the freeze.

While larger dogs can typically handle a longer time out in the cold, small pets can't.

If a dog's temperature falls to 98 degrees or lower, hypothermia has set in, and they need immediate vet attention.

Local vets say sidewalk salt can bother barefoot pups.

You should wash their feet if your pet looks irritated.

"Just be careful that if you are using a de-icer, it's a pet-friendly de-icer. If your pet is licking themselves after a walk, I would get them in the bathtub and clean them off very thoroughly," said Dr. Kevin Dill, a veterinarian with Animal Health Clinic in Fargo.

De-icer can cause a pet to vomit, but licking it shouldn't be fatal.