After five winters with sub-average snow and a meager start to the snow season this winter, snow lovers finally have a a voluptuous, shapely cover of snow in which to frolic. Those of us who like to play in the snow have been waiting since 2013 for a decent snow pack.

Finally, the cross-country ski trails are excellent. Snowshoes actually serve a purpose. Sledding hills on Saturdays are as busy as freeways at rush hour.

True enough, those days of 50 below wind chills were not good days for winter play. But now the weather is no longer frigid, but just plain and wonderfully cold. And while this particular winter weather fan does not wish skin-freezing wind chills nor back-breaking shovel work on anybody, neither will he apologize for the opportunity to enjoy the next few weeks of good, clean, cold, classic winter.

Breathe deep! Lightly cough. Check the ears. And walk on! Spring will come soon enough.

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