FARGO — Tuesday, Feb. 26 marked day 50 of Fargo's below freezing streak. Since Jan. 7, temperatures haven't been above 32 degrees.

On the same day in 2018, the high temperature was 33 degrees, 1 degree above freezing. This year, it was barely above zero.

Stormtracker Meteorologist Andrew Whitmyer predicts temperatures likely won't rise above freezing until the second half of March. It will be much longer still before we're in the 60s and 70s.

"When it gets above 30, I think I'm just going to leave the winter jacket at home, just kind of go outside with just a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt and just kind of embrace it," Whitmyer said.

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The cold streak is discouraging shoppers and it's having a roller coaster effect on some local retailers. Lee Paseka, the owner of Sweet Dreams Confections in Fargo, said December's weather was great for business, but things quickly changed.

"It seems like as soon as New Year's Eve hit this year, boom, winter was here, and it stayed, and it's still here," Paseka said, who thinks the winter blues are keeping most regulars at home.

"People only go out when they really have to," he said. "They're getting the kids to school ... stopping and doing some quick shopping, kind of saving it for another day."

Despite the winter business slump, Paseka said a few slightly warmer days have brought in business.

"when the days have been not stormy and not snowy, folks have been out," he said. "So some days are good and some days are slow, and it goes up and down."