The Cambridge dictionary defines ethics as “a system of accepted beliefs that control behavior.” We voted every single one of our representatives into office, so why do they think we’re stupid? We also voted for Measure 1 by a vast majority, so why do they continue to fight it? Democrats, Independents and Republicans, despite their differences, overwhelmingly decided that corruption was something they didn’t want in their state, that it was something worth fighting, so why don’t our representatives feel the same way?

I can think of a few reasons, but I’ll leave that to you. What I will say is that our government is more broken than any of us previously knew if our elected representatives can blatantly ignore our voices. Has the democratic system really fallen so far that we as citizens can successfully amend our constitution, only to find our government willing to pass unconstitutional legislation such as HB 1521 to stop us? Even worse, they seem much more motivated to pass bills doing away with the ballot initiative process entirely than they do to institute an ethics commission that the people wanted.

If this is the point that we are at, the Fall of Rome if you will, then so be it. I will go kicking and screaming, calling my legislator day and night, reminding them that we support SB 2148, and that they are in office to serve us. I hope you will do the same. To answer my first question, perhaps they think we are stupid for having elected them and the laugh is on us.

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