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Jane Ahlin


Jane Ahlin lives in Fargo and is a frequent contributor to The Forum's opinion pages. Email her at janeahlin@yahoo.com.

Jane Ahlin writes, "Winter’s bitter cold and exquisite beauty co-exist the same way life’s heartaches and joys mingle. Magically, there is peace in the paradox of this Northland’s brutal beauty."
Jane Ahlin writes, "Frankly, the Republican establishment, which formerly viewed her as a darling but now is chomping at the bit to destroy her, cannot change the fact that she is in tune to North Dakotans in ways that group is not."
Ahlin categorizes gun violence as a public health issue. She writes, " And yet, elected officials—mostly Republican politicians—ignore us, shrugging their shoulders and throwing up their hands as if nothing can be done. (Sorry ND, but our Congressional trio is the 'shruggiest.') Saying nothing can be done is nonsense, of course, as other nations have shown by enacting strict gun policies after their own bouts with mass shooters—and, yes, proving their democracies are healthier for it. "
"Because of the inflammatory rhetoric, UND was blindsided and put on the defensive," writes InForum columnist Jane Ahlin. "Grand Forks mayor Brandon Bochenski had a highly-publicized knee-jerk reaction, which he later retracted. Most importantly, Grand Forks Republican state legislators rushed into the fray, all but promising to rewrite laws to mollify the Catholic Conference."
Ahlin writes, "Bright sadness—a term I’d never heard before—strikes me as wonderful, particularly at Christmas when love and loss, joy and sorrow mingle."