Joan Brickner


Interested in a broad range of issues, including social and faith issues, Joan Brickner serves as a regular contributor to the Forum’s opinion page. She is a retired English instructor, having taught in Michigan and Minnesota.

Columnist Joan Brickner writes, "Rather than spout platitudes, 'thoughts and prayers,' she translated words into action."
Columnist Joan Brickner writes, "We still have fights over books, climate change, poverty, Social Security. But in the aftermath of a stressful election, I need a moment. I remember gratitude and reflection. And I can only recognize them in silence, without the noise of media in my ears."
Columnist Joan Brickner writes about ghosts of President Trump's time in office she'd like to scare away.
Columnist Joan Brickner reflects on the Ken Burns documentary The U.S. and the Holocaust and the continued rise of antisemitism.
Columnist Joan Brickner responds to recent outrage over Black actors filling traditionally white roles.
Columnist Joan Brickner reflects on the life and death of Queen Elizabeth II.
Brickner profiles Pat Samson, an 87-year-old West Fargo woman who shows few signs of slowing down. Samson talks about the role faith has played in her life over the years.
"Adored by the extremes of the GOP, Orban was already a threat: a dictator, stripping most powers from the free press, the courts, elections and other faiths. Now his open racism is endorsed," writes InForum columnist Joan Brickner. "Mr. Orban, you and your supporters are wrong."
Brickner writes, "When I visited the Henry Ford Museum a couple of years ago, one exhibit showed the fight for women’s suffrage. A display case included a signed card by a woman opposed to women voting. This is one of the ironies: Sometimes the worst opponents of women are women themselves."
Brickner writes, "The economic situation is a worldwide problem, not just an American one. Take gas prices. In the Fargo area, prices hover around $5 a gallon. In the United Kingdom, however, the average price is $8.35 and in Scandinavia it’s over $10. As one economist, Steven Rattner, explained, 'We’re the best house in a bad neighborhood' – and with a much stronger dollar."