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Joan Brickner


Interested in a broad range of issues, including social and faith issues, Joan Brickner serves as a regular contributor to the Forum’s opinion page. She is a retired English instructor, having taught in Michigan and Minnesota.

Brickner writes about the confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett. "During their confirmation hearings, they said the decision was 'settled' law and they would not reverse it. How do we respect liars, even if they claim their cause is just? As Elizabeth Cady Stanton said, 'Truth is the only solid ground to stand upon.'”
"My favorite definition of forgiveness is 'letting go,' writes InForum columnist Joan Brickner, "We are chained to whatever we fail to forgive — the person, the incident."
Brickner writes, "If we were to buy the far-right depiction of Judge Brown Jackson, we would see the caricature of a left-wing radical, soft on crime, and even 'pro' pedophile — a wink at the Q-Anon wing. But she is not the first Black nominee or leader whose reputation was distorted so people can deny racism. It’s not racism. It’s these 'complications.'"
Brickner writes, "In looking at this war, we see not only Ukrainian courage, but a cautionary tale against Christian Nationalism."
Brickner writes, "My mother would speak of 'good hair,' as if ours was bad. To conform to a certain standard of beauty, we used hot combs to straighten it, the smell of burning hair filling the kitchen. Often enough, she might singe my ear or my nappy 'kitchen' at the nape of my neck. Burning for beauty."
This week, Brickner speaks with Steve Hunegs, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, about the Jewish faith.
In this week's column, Joan Brickner speaks to Steve Hunegs, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas, about faith.
Brickner writes, "Some may be surprised by the good will Detroiters still have for Stafford. But Detroiters love this man who gutted out games that often didn’t matter while he spoke well of Detroit. So we cheered him on, even wearing “Detroit Rams” jerseys for the Super Bowl. In a sense, we felt, he was still playing for us."
Brickner writes, "Republican President Eisenhower said, 'Don't join the book burners. Don't think you are going to conceal faults by concealing evidence that they ever existed.' But, now, it seems the hooves of the GOP elephant have come to trample on our freedoms. Even a 'maus.'”
Brickner shares her impressions of “Umoja ’53 - A Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.” at the Fargo Theatre.