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FARGO BOARD OF EDUCATION MINUTES REGULAR MEETING August 23, 2022 The Board of Education of the City of Fargo met in regular session on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 5:30 p.m., at the District Office in the Board Room, located at 700 7th Street South in Fargo. Members present: Melissa Burkland, Nyamal Dei, Tracie Newman, Katie Christensen, Nikkie Gullickson, Greg Clark, Seth Holden Members absent: Jim Johnson, Robin Nelson President Newman called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Seth Holden moved to approve the agenda along with the HR addendum that was at the workstations. Nikkie Gullickson seconded the motion. The motion passed (Yes: Burkland, Christensen, Clark, Dei, Gullickson, Holden, Newman; Absent: Johnson, Nelson). Five citizens addressed the Board. Deven Styczynski spoke on the seal of the United States. Lillian Jones spoke on the Pledge of Allegiance and security measures for Board members. Brad Shaffer spoke on listening to citizens. David Halcrow spoke on the flag. Ryan Witteman spoke on the Board’s purpose. Megan Even, the District’s grant writer, presented a grant revenues and opportunities report. The report describes accomplishments and District-wide general fund grant activity for the 2021-22 school year. It is also an account of the efforts across Fargo Public Schools to prepare and submit grant applications, as well as the subsequent success with securing grant awards. Discussion occurred. (Memo #19) Associate Superintendents Dr. Grosz and Missy Eidsness provided an enrollment update to the Board. As of August 23 at 4:34 p.m., Fargo Public Schools had a total of 11,478 students enrolled with 5,302 students in elementary school, 2,550 students in middle school and 3,626 students in high school. The data included virtual academy and residential students. The data was reviewed in comparison to enrollment data for the 2021-22 school year. Discussion occurred, including on how enrollment impacts funding. Dr. Gandhi presented the first reading of the 2022-23 Operational Plan. The plan is aligned to the Cognia Standards and linked to indicators used by Cognia in the accreditation process, along with the Strategic Initiatives included in the Strategic Plan. Discussion occurred. The plan will be brought to the September 13 meeting for approval. (Memo #15) Dr. Gandhi presented the first reading of the updated Strategic Plan. Fargo Public Schools began work on its first Strategic Plan in 2000. During the 2014-15 school year, a new Strategic Plan was created. The FPS Strategic Plan was approved by the Fargo Board of Education on June 9, 2015 and was developed with an intentional process that allowed for a wide variety of stakeholder input. During the 2021-22 school year, FPS began a process to review the Strategic Plan and prepare modifications for submission to the Board of Education. Feedback on the plan was received from the public at the annual State of the Schools Address and Public Focus Group and from Board members at the July 26 Board work session. Administration is now submitting a refreshed Strategic Plan to the Board. The updated plan will replace completed Strategic Targets of the previous Strategic Plan with new standards to keep pushing FPS forward in fulfilling its mission. This plan also provides more clarity on the utilization of various data points in our District and focuses the monitoring of systemic performance to Results, which are also Board Result Policies. By approving the updated Strategic Plan, the Board will also update the accompanying Results policies, which outline the expectations for monitoring the agreed upon outcomes for Fargo Public Schools. The plan will be brought to the September 13 meeting for approval. (Memo #16) A representative from the FEA was not present at the meeting due to the evening being back to school night for elementary schools. Dr. Gandhi shared that the District is excited for the start of the school year, which begins on Thursday, August 25. Seth Holden moved approval of the Consent Agenda along with the HR Addendum. Nikkie Gullickson seconded the motion which passed (Yes: Burkland, Christensen, Clark, Dei, Gullickson, Holden, Newman; Absent: Johnson, Nelson) thereby causing the following actions to be taken: A. The minutes of the regular meeting of August 9 were approved as written. B. The minutes of the special meeting of August 18 were approved as written. C. The following Human Resources actions were approved: 1. New Hires 2022-23: Shawn Alvarez, Language Arts – Ben Franklin, University of Tampa, BA - 3 - (Step 3) – at 100% - $43,493; Joe Arwood, Grade 4 – Bennett, Limestone/Converse, MA+15 – 13 (Step 13) – at 100% - $65,154; Maren Bollinger, Grade 1 – Jefferson, UND, BA -0 - (Step 3) – at 100% - $43,493; Glen Ellingson, SPED/ED – Discovery, Augustana, MA – 0 (Step 3) – at 100% - $44,517; Taylor Flaherty, Physical Education – Carl Ben, NDSU, BA - 0 - (Step 3) – at 40% - $17,397; Michelle Goldmann, Health Education – Discovery, NDSU, MA - 0 - (Step 3) – at 100% - $44,517; Casey McCallum, Grade 2 – Horace Mann, University of Minnesota, BA – 0 (Step 3) – at 100% - $43,493; Emily Netland, Grade 1 – Horace Mann, VCSU, BA – 0 (Step 3) – at 100% - $43,493; Mason Quick, Grade 3 – Lincoln, MSUM, BA - 0 - (Step 3) – at 100% - $43,493; Aleksander Tengesdal, Music – Discovery, University of Las Vegas, BA - 0 - (Step 3) – at 100% - $43,493; Kayla Taralson, Physical Education – Lincoln, MSUM, MA – 7 (Step 7) – at 100% - $25,161; Megan Thrash, Grade 3 – Roosevelt, MSUM, BA - 0 - (Step 3) – at 100% - $43,493; Mariah Wenaas, Academic Interventionist – McKinley, Mayville, BA+45 - 6 - (Step 6) – at 100% - $47,014 2. Resignations 2021-22: Kayla Bunkowski, SPED/School Psychologist – Longfellow, Dates of Employment: 2015-2022, Effective Date: 5-27-2022; Corin Strapp, CTE/Career Advisor – South, Dates of Employment: 2021-2022, Effective Date: 5-27-2022 D. The monitoring report for EL-1 was accepted. (Memo #17) E. The monitoring report for EL-2 was accepted. (Memo #18) Committee & Liaison Reports - The Planning Committee met on August 22. - Board member meetings/liaison visits: Dei to Fargo Cass Public Health meeting; Burkland to Carl Ben Eielson and Ed Clapp for liaison visits; Gullickson to FPS Development Foundation meeting, Teacher Shortage Task Force meeting, back to school nights, and Fargo Police Department Cultural Advisory Committee meeting; Clark to Dakota for liaison visit; Christensen to Lewis & Clark for liaison visit; Newman to NDSBA Lunch and Learn and liaison to visit Clara Barton-Hawthorne. President Newman shared that the Governance Committee meets next on August 24 at 7:30 a.m. The next regular meeting was confirmed for Tuesday, September 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the District Office. There being no further business to come before the Board, President Newman declared the meeting adjourned at 6:44 p.m. (Sept. 21, 2022) 102507