NOTICE OF HEARING ON SPECIAL ASSESSMENT LIST FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION – SANITARY SEWER, WATER MAIN, STORM SEWER, STREET LIGHTING & PAVING IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. BN-21-C Notice is hereby given that the Special Assessment Commission has confirmed the special assessment list for installation of New Construction – Sanitary Sewer, Water Main, Storm Sewer, Street Lighting & Paving, Improvement District No. BN-21-C, in the City of Fargo, North Dakota; and such confirmed list has been filed with the City Auditor and is now open to public inspection. The Board of City Commissioners of the City of Fargo, North Dakota will conduct a Public Hearing on such special assessment list in the City Commission Room, City Hall, at 5:15 o’clock p.m. Monday, September 19, 2022. Any person aggrieved may appeal from the action of the Special Assessment Commission by filing with the City Auditor, prior to this Hearing, a written Notice of Appeal stating therein the grounds upon which the appeal is based. Any person having filed such a Notice may appear before the Board of City Commissioners to present reasons why the action of the Special Assessment Commission should not be confirmed. When confirmed for collection by the Board of City Commissioners, the listed amounts will become due and payable at the City Auditor’s office ten (10) days after approval, and thereafter shall bear interest at a rate not exceeding .75 (three quarter)percent per annum over the net rate on bonds financing said project. (40-23-13) City Auditor’s Office (Aug. 24, 2022) 90774