DECEMBER 21, 2020
Chairman Chad M. Peterson called the meeting to order at 3:31 PM with all members present as follows: Rick Steen, Duane Breitling, Jim Kapitan, and Chad M. Peterson in person; and Mary Scherling via Microsoft Teams.
Heather Worden led the Pledge of Allegiance.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as written. Motion carried.
4.AGENDA, Order approved
MOTION, passed
Mr. Breitling moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to approve the order of the agenda. Motion carried.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to approve the consent agenda as follows: On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
a.Receive the financial statement from the Finance Office for the month ended November 30, 2020.
b.Receive and file Indemnity Bond on Lost Instrument for Mason Allen Heim; and authorize the County Finance Office to issue a duplicate check.
c.Authorize the chairman to sign a purchase order in the amount of $34,448 with Nelson Auto Center for one half-ton pickup for the Highway Department; authorize the chairman to sign a purchase order in the amount of $60,824 with Nelson International for one sign truck for the Highway Department; and authorize the purchase of two ballistic body shields in the amount of $14,124.64 for the Sheriff's Office.
d.Authorize the chairman to sign a notice of grant award for $10,000 to be utilized to help veterans and their families in need of food through the Cass County Veteran Service Office in collaboration with the Bob Woodruff Foundation, North Dakota Cares Fargo Chapter and the City of Fargo.
e.Authorize the chairman to sign county deeds to the cities of Fargo, Page, Alice and Harwood for tax-forfeited properties.
f.Authorize the chairman to sign a county deed for a tax-forfeited property in Tower City sold at the annual tax sale.
g.Accept the findings and recommendations of the Cass County Planning Commission and staff and grant final plat approval for Krogh Subdivision, Hoffmann First Subdivision, and Neil Lindemann Subdivision as the proposals meet the goals and objectives of the Cass County Comprehensive Plan, Cass County Highway Access Plan, Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, Cass County Subdivision Ordinance, and all other applicable regulations.
h.Amend Commission Policy Manual Section 4.00, Advisory Boards, and Section 14.01, Standing Committees, with 2021 appointments as follows:
Cass County Planning Commission
Keith Monson, Harwood
Kindred City Planning and Zoning from extraterritorial area
Christina Woller-Cornog, Kindred
Special Assessment Commission
David Branson, Fargo
School Reorganization Committee
Comm. District #4 - Brad Schmidt, West Fargo
Southeast Cass Water Resource District
David Branson, Fargo
Rush River Water Resource District
Richard Sundberg, Harwood
North Cass Water Resource District
Wes Ecker, Grandin
Personnel Overview Committee
All five county commissioners
Michael MontplaisirJason Benson
Robert WilsonJesse Jahner
Birch BurdickJim Prochniak
Kriste Ross
Employee members
Blair Hodge (Annex)
Tracy Hines (Courthouse)
Kale Peterson (Jail)
i.Contract approval
-Anthony Bachman-contract renewal to operate the Cass County Seat Café at the Cass County Courthouse;
-Community Living Services, Fargo Cass Public Health, Sanford Home Care, Spectrum of Care, Tami's Angels-county funded home and community-based services;
-City of Mapleton and City of West Fargo-memorandum of understanding with the county outlining responsibilities of each entity for maintenance, operation, and replacement of emergency snow closure gates on County Road 10.
Mr. Peterson asked for public comment and hearing none, moved on to the regular agenda items.
The Commission Office received two applications for one position on the Maple River Water Resource District from Gerald Melvin and Larry Hoffmann. The term of current board member Gerald Melvin will expire on December 31, 2020. Both applicants were present via Microsoft Teams to discuss their background.
Mr. Hoffmann is a retired farmer from the Wheatland area and said he is interested in serving on the board.
Mr. Melvin thanked the commission for the opportunity to serve as a water manager on the Maple River Water Resource Board the last few years. He said free flowing water can be destructive if not properly managed. He said water retention is important and discussed using drain tile for this purpose. He discussed some benefits of using drain tile, which include controlling water speed, decreasing erosion, improving water quality, reducing flood impacts, and increasing crop production. He discussed his role as a water manager and his focus.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Breitling moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to amend Commission Policy Manual Section 4.00, Advisory Boards and appoint Gerald Melvin to the Maple River Water Resource District for a three-year term. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
Mr. Peterson thanked both individuals for applying to serve on the board.
8.JAIL, Contract amendment with Summit Food Services approved for inmate meals
Captain Andy Frobig, Jail Administrator, discussed a proposed contract amendment with Summit Food Services to provide inmate meals at the Cass County Jail. The proposal today addresses two issues: increased portions to the supper meal, and annual adjustment for increased food prices based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The increased portions will include protein and vegetables served at supper. The cost is an additional 30 cents per meal for the increased portions and 10 cents per meal for the price adjustment. He said the cost increase is within the 2021 budget for meals based on a population of 275 inmates.
Commissioners asked about the total cost difference. Captain Frobig said it amounts to just under 40 cents per meal. Sheriff Jesse Jahner said it would be an additional $40,150.
Mr. Frobig said this agreement is renewed annually with the term beginning in March of one year through March of the following year. The amendment today includes a two-month adjustment to the current contract for increased food portions plus a 3.9% CPI increase for next year's contract.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to approve a contract amendment with Summit Food Services for inmate meal service from January 1, 2021, through February 28, 2022. Discussion: Mr. Peterson asked if staff could prepare a matrix to validate the investment and to see if the additional cost was worthwhile. Mr. Frobig said he can compile that information. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
Robert Wilson, County Administrator, provided an update on activities associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
CARES Act Funds
Mr. Wilson said several of the projects are underway that will use Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding. The November request for reimbursement was submitted recently and payments received are tracking close to projections.
Jail Intake Remodel Project
Mr. Wilson received an updated construction cost summary from the architect last week that include increases in architectural and engineering (A/E) fees at 7.5% of total construction and site costs; and 2% of overall project cost for fixtures, furnishings, and equipment (FFE). The RFP is slated for release in mid-January. It has been determined that a couple of the air conditioner chillers need to be replaced. Also, the current intercom system is dated, and replacement parts are hard to find. Mr. Wilson said the county could consider replacing the chillers and intercom system as part of this project. He is not asking for action on this today.
Courtroom 303/304 Remodel Project
Mr. Wilson is recommending the low bid of $203,300 from Diversified Contractors be awarded as general contractor to complete the remodel project of Courtroom 303/304. Quotes were also received for HVAC and carpet work. The project is anticipated to begin the last week of December.
IT Infrastructure Upgrades
Mr. Wilson said IT infrastructure upgrades were discussed at the last meeting. The board asked for additional information before approving the cost to move forward with this project. Terry Schmaltz, Information Technology Director, said the existing firewall needs to be replaced because of its age and limited capacity to support remote workers. He looked at two options through either a capital equipment replacement or a purchase through North Dakota Information Technology (NDIT) as a recurring infrastructure cost. The direct capital purchase cost is $193,531 and does not include security software. The NDIT purchase cost is $208,500, which includes $183,500 for the hardware and $25,000 for security software. He said a partnership with NDIT will also provide the county with a $15,000 savings on existing equipment.
Mr. Steen said it appears with the direct purchase the total hardware cost is $193,531 and with NDIT is $183,500. The proposal through NDIT also will include updates to hardware in the future. Mr. Schmaltz said this is correct.
Emergency Declaration
Mr. Wilson said the commission approved an emergency declaration last March. He understands COVID-19 remains an issue but wanted to discuss the benefits of leaving the declaration in place.
Mr. Steen asked what the county gains through keeping the emergency declaration. Mr. Peterson said this was needed at the beginning of the pandemic to receive expedient reimbursement of costs related to the virus. Mr. Peterson said there is now a clearer understanding of COVID-19 compared to the beginning of the outbreak; however, he is hesitant at this time to remove the emergency declaration given that Congress is considering new virus relief packages. Mr. Steen agreed with Mr. Peterson.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to authorize the chairman to sign a contract with Diversified Contractors for $203,300 for the Courtroom 303/304 remodel project; purchase order with BDT Mechanical for $11,787 for the Courtroom 303/304 HVAC work; purchase order with Fargo Linoleum for $11,740 for Courtroom 303/304 carpeting; and approve the purchase for IT-related infrastructure and security upgrades in the amount of $208,500. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
10.COURT FACILITIES IMPROVEMENT GRANT APPLICATION, Chairman authorized to sign application
Mr. Wilson said December 31st is the deadline for counties to submit applications for Court Facilities Improvement Grant funding through the North Dakota Supreme Court. Grant funds may be used for improvements or maintenance projects to the court facilities and are available for up to 75% of the total project cost.

The proposed project is to convert a video courtroom on the third floor into a dual-purpose video courtroom/jury deliberation room. This is needed because currently the jury deliberation rooms are only accessible through public areas, creating the potential for jurors to come in contact with court participants outside the courtroom.
The estimated project cost is $80,000. If approved, $60,000 of that amount would be covered by the grant and $20,000 would be the responsibility of Cass County.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to authorize the chairman to sign the application for the Court Facilities Improvement grant as presented. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
11.BUDGET ADJUSTMENTS, Approved for 2020
Michael Montplaisir, Finance Director, discussed a request to amend the Election budget. He said an additional $325,000 was spent and grant funds of $87,150 were received for costs related to COVID safety precautions. The all-mail ballot election in June and COVID personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies make up the bulk of additional money spent. Also, early voting was open for additional days leading up to the General Election with extended hours to accommodate for social distancing.
The commission commended the Finance Office and Information Technology for their work during this difficult election year.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to amend the 2020 Election budget to include grant funds of $87,150 and additional election expenses of $325,000. Discussion: Mr. Breitling asked if the total overall additional cost would be approximately $240,000. Mr. Montplaisir said the total adjustment to the election budget would be $237,850. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
Ben Prather, Vector Control Director, discussed a request to amend the Vector Control budget. Significant rainfall led to increased labor costs of $52,918 and additional pesticide applications and chemical usage at a cost of $54,115. Also, a project to expand the Vector Control storage building was budgeted in 2019 but was not completed until early 2020 resulting in an additional cost of $11,493.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Kapitan moved and Mr. Steen seconded to authorize the Finance Office to make the necessary budget adjustments for Cass County Vector Control as presented. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
Mr. Montplaisir discussed budget adjustments needed because some items cost more than projected amounts and some items were purchased after approval of the 2020 budget. He provided detailed information for the different revenue and expenditure accounts. The largest adjustment in the amount of $931,649 is for the 2019 Flood Fund and 2019 Flood Recovery Fund related to the flood fight. The county anticipates reimbursements of 75% in federal and 10% in state funding. The adjustments to the other accounts are covered by additional fund revenues or fund reserves.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to authorize the Finance Office to make the necessary year-end budget adjustments as presented by the Finance Director. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
12.FLOOD CONTROL, State Water Commission reimbursement request approved
The state legislature approved a total of $450 million during the last three legislative sessions to be spent on flood control costs. For consideration today is the 110th request for eligible costs incurred from October 1, 2020, to October 31, 2020, for local matching share requirements outlined in House Bill 1020 for the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area Flood Risk Management Project.

The request is for land purchases for homeowners living in areas of Diversion channel Phases I, II and III, I-29 road raise, and staging area; residential relocation assistance for homeowners living in the upstream mitigation area and commercial relocation assistance for one business in Phase II channel area; payment for 2nd Street North floodwall, south of pump station; payment for flood risk management project in Rosewood area from University Drive to Milwaukee Trail; payment for flood risk management project at Copperfield Court and Oakcreek; payment for flood risk management project in Belmont Park area Phase 2; land purchases and residential relocation assistance for flood risk management project in Riverwood Addition; land purchases and residential relocation assistance for flood risk management project in Royal Oaks; reimbursement of proceeds from sale of remanent lot next to Case Plaza building; utility relocation for Wild Rice control structure; utility relocation for Diversion channel; and engineering, legal and administrative expenses.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to authorize the chair to sign reimbursement request #110 in the amount of $8,334,015.02 to the State Water Commission to distribute funds to the Metro Flood Diversion Authority according to the terms and conditions of House Bill 1020. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
13. VOUCHERS, Approved
MOTION, passed
Mr. Breitling moved and Mr. Steen seconded to approve Voucher No. 322,527 through Voucher No. 322,795 and Electronic Payments 9278 through 9323 for a total of $1,590,668.06. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
14.MEETING UPDATES, Committee reports
Commissioners and staff reported on meetings they attended or will be attending in the upcoming weeks.
15.CORRESPONDENCE, Received and filed
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to receive and file correspondence outlined by the secretary as follows: Motion carried.
-Letter from WBI Energy Transmission with a map and information regarding a pipeline in Cass County that is considered a High Consequence Area and safety measures in place (copy referred to county engineer and county planner).
MOTION, passed
On motion by Mr. Steen, seconded by Mr. Kapitan and all in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 5:12 PM.
Michael Montplaisir,
Finance Director
Cass County, North Dakota
Chad M. Peterson, Chairman
Cass County Board of Commissioners

PAYMENT REGISTER 9278 AMS 3,211.00 9279 BERNTSEN INTERNATIONAL, INC. 10,330.69 9280 BERT'S TRUCK EQUIPMENT OF MHD 287.40 9281 BUSINESS ESSENTIALS 192.95 9282 CHILLER SYSTEMS, INC. 2,996.00 9283 CITY OF ARGUSVILLE 101.12 9284 CODE 4 SERVICES 8,949.05 9285 CTS LANGUAGELINK 122.38 9286 CURT'S LOCK & KEY SERVICE, INC. 21.00 9287 DESIGN SPECIALTIES, INC. 1,760.00 9288 EXHAUST PROS 70.00 9289 FOSS ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORS 2,850.00 9290 GALLS LLC 2,174.98 9291 GLADEN CONSTRUCTION, INC. 68,568.34 9292 HANSON-RUNSVOLD FUNERAL HOME 4,975.00 9293 HEALTH CENTER PHARMACY 6,778.83 9294 HUNTER GRAIN COMPANY 917.40 9295 INTERSTATE ALL BATTERY CENTER 125.95 9296 KADRMAS, LEE & JACKSON, INC. 6,992.00 9297 KELNER COMMUNICATIONS 3,530.91 9298 LUTHER FAMILY FORD 959.84 9299 M-R SIGN COMPANY, INC. 2,520.00 9300 MARCO 742.47 9301 MINNKOTA 121.60 9302 ND DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS 900.00 9303 NORTH DAKOTA ONE CALL 20.40 9304 NORTHERN PERFECTIONS, INC. 1,660.00 9305 NORTHERN STATES SUPPLY, INC. 236.99 9306 NORTHWEST DIVERS 41.00 9307 PHARMCHEM, INC. 1,827.20 9308 PPI CONSULTING 280.00 9309 RDO EQUIPMENT CO.-FARGO 21.51 9310 RECORD KEEPERS, LLC. 292.22 9311 ROUGH RIDER INDUSTRIES 5,050.00 9312 SCHUMACHER SE, LTD. 2,123.07 9313 SECURUS 21,072.55 9314 SUPERION LLC 77,555.64 9315 TAMI'S ANGELS, INC. 199.64 9316 TURNKEY CORRECTIONS 702.58 9317 TYLER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 65,824.57 9318 VALLEY VETERINARY CLINIC 1,848.50 9319 VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE CENTER 1,195.00 9320 VIVID PRINTING 1,061.00 9321 WALLWORK TRUCK CENTER 38.08 9322 WRIGHT FUNERAL HOME 175.00 9323 YOUTHWORKS 22,358.81 322527 ABRAM, DEREK DUELL 50.50 322528 AMERICAN MAIL HOUSE, INC. 30,929.35 322529 ANDERSON, MARK 126.37 322530 CONSOLIDATED COMMUNICATIONS 2,491.99 322531 DELL MARKETING, LP. 555.00 322532 NETCENTER TECHNOLOGIES 2,233.87 322533 STATE BOARD OF LAW EXAMINERS 5,498.07 322534 CITY OF FARGO 277,268.46 322535 GRUSSING, RENEE M. 107.25 322536 HERMANN, DAN 275.00 322537 KELLY SERVICES, INC. 483.75 322538 NEIL LAW FIRM PC 55.00 322539 SETNESS, KATHY 170.20 322540 THORESON, JENNIFER 312.80 322541 VERIZON WIRELESS 499.78 322542 XCEL ENERGY 936.73 322543 DEUTSCH KERRIGAN LLP 38.00 322544 FISCHER, KAITLIN 161.58 322545 HOGNESS, MARISSA 136.25 322546 POWERS, JAMES WILLIAM 54.00 322547 SORUM, PAUL JEFFREY 49.00 322548 CASS COUNTY JAIL 430.00 322549 GARCIA, EDGAR 5.00 322550 HALLAND, STEVEN 200.00 322551 IRBY BRAINARD LAW FIRM 52.50 322552 MARTINSON, DONALD 240.30 322553 ND ASSOCIATION OF COUNTY ENGINEERS 825.00 322554 STENSGARD, DOUGLAS P 54.00 322555 SWENSON, ANDREW 172.60 322556 CASS COUNTY FINANCE 115.71 322557 EKERN, MARY 66.91 322558 FLAAGAN, PATTY 184.95 322559 INGEBRETSON, EDITH 219.97 322560 NOVAK, NANCY 652.36 322561 PLEASANT TOWNSHIP - TAX 200.00 322562 RUMELIOTE, KATHRYN 282.90 322563 SCOVILLE, WILLIAM & WANDA 256.15 322564 TINQUIST, DANIELLE 102.35 322565 TURNER SAND & GRAVEL, INC. 2,762.00 322566 VERIZON WIRELESS 8,781.40 322567 FEDERAL EXPRESS 87.03 322568 HEIM, MASON ALLEN 49.00 322569 IRBY BRAINARD LAW FIRM 50.00 322570 JEFFERSON APARTMENTS 620.00 322571 LEGAL SERVICES OF NORTHWEST MN 59.00 322572 STATE BOARD OF LAW EXAMINERS 1,117.68 322573 TEUNISSEN, VERONIKA 19.00 322574 WILSON, ROBERT 305.55 322575 ANTHONY, STACY N 656.19 322576 BERGMAN, VICKI 630.00 322577 BRISTOL, CAROL R 132.91 322578 CEDERGREN, KYLE OR HEATHER 21.09 322579 CITY OF HARWOOD 10,233.09 322580 CZERWINSKI, JOANN L 1,088.74 322581 GUMS, STEVE 10.65 322582 HANSON, OSCAR V 136.04 322583 JOHNSON, JEREMY OR AMITY 67.28 322584 LOANDEPOT.COM 209.66 322585 MCCABE, DIANE 0.00 322586 MITCHELL, JOEL & JENNIFER 40.00 322587 NEUMILLER, NORMA JEAN 9.00 322588 RYAN COMPANIES US INC 1,000.00 322589 SEEFELD, GERARD 68.33 322590 SELLMAN BORLAND & SIMON PLLC 48.00 322591 SEYERSDAHL, DOYLE L 85.16 322592 STEWART, JOHN OR CAROLE 1,397.88 322593 URNESS, CINDY 551.46 322594 VONBANK, ROBERT & JUDITH 60.00 322595 WEX BANK 11,499.91 322596 WOLSKY, SCOTT ALAN 54.00 322597 ACCOUNTS MANAGEMENT INC 49.00 322598 BECK, MARILYN 7.20 322599 BREHM, WILLIAM 99.12 322600 CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC CO-OP 2,390.76 322601 GRINDBERG, MARLYS 26.33 322602 HELGESON, KATHLEEN 154.33 322603 HELMSTETLER, TANYA 271.75 322604 KAPAUN, ALICE 59.34 322605 KNORR, STEVEN 100.00 322606 KOEPPE, LIBBI 153.76 322607 LAW OFFICES OF NOEMI FERNANDEZ 48.00 322608 LEGAL SERVICES OF NORTHWEST MN 48.00 322609 LEGAL SERVICES OF NORTHWEST MN 48.00 322610 LEIVISKA, JEREMY OR RENNE 17.54 322611 MCCABE, DIANE 1,719.00 322612 ND ASSOCIATION OF COUNTIES 19,069.37 322613 REVELING, DIANE 152.00 322614 SAM'S CLUB/SYNCHRONY BANK 137.06 322615 AARON'S SALES & LEASE 54.00 322616 BORLAND, BEVERLY 249.21 322617 BURGARD, MARY 58.28 322618 CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC CO-OP 221.00 322619 CASS COUNTY JAIL 620.00 322620 CONSOLIDATED COMMUNICATIONS 228.39 322621 FARMERS UNION OIL OF MOORHEAD 1,000.00 322622 HANSON, CLIFFORD 229.91 322623 KARCZEUSKI, MICHELLE 7,200.00 322624 LACHER, ARTHUR 84.20 322625 NYEPON, BERNICE M 46.50 322626 OLERUD, STEVEN OR CHERI 74.01 322627 OPOKU, HENRY 121.50 322628 RING, JOSEPH 30.00 322629 SCHMIT, MARTY 291.25 322630 SIEGEL BARNETT & SCHUTZ LLP 44.00 322631 ACME ELECTRIC COMPANIES 140.26 322632 ALERTUS TECHNOLOGIES LLC 6,200.00 322633 ALLSTATE PETERBILT OF FARGO 47.28 322634 AMERICAN RESOURCE CONSULTANTS (ARC) 670.10 322635 AMERITRAK FLEET SOLUTIONS LLC 431.64 322636 AMERMAN, KIMBA 1,330.00 322637 APPLIED LOGIC CORP. 289.00 322638 BALCO UNIFORM COMPANY, INC. 1,328.71 322639 BDT MECHANICAL LLC 1,814.46 322640 BERGSTROM ELECTRIC, INC. 3,720.91 322641 BORDER STATES ELECTRIC SUPPLY 74.02 322642 BORDER STATES PAVING, INC. 2,068.46 322643 BOULGER FUNERAL HOME 5,550.00 322644 BRADCO RESTORATION 15,211.25 322645 BROWN, MAVIS 59.23 322646 CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING 609.24 322647 CASS COUNTY REPORTER 32.50 322648 CASS COUNTY REPORTER 38.00 322649 CENTER UPHOLSTERY & CANVAS 15.00 322650 CHRISTIANSON'S BUS. FURNITURE 2,061.52 322651 CINTAS 5.05 322652 CITI LITES, INC. 317.50 322653 CITY OF DAVENPORT 368.00 322654 CITY OF FARGO 21,612.28 322655 CITY OF WEST FARGO 660.00 322656 COMMUNITY LIVING SERVICES, INC. 6,666.74 322657 CORWIN CHRYSLER DODGE 2,903.47 322658 DAKOTALAND AUTOGLASS, INC-SF 330.00 322659 DELL MARKETING, LP. 674.47 322660 DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION 30,000.00 322661 DIRKSEN, GAYLE 65.55 322662 DLT SOLUTIONS, INC. 9,385.20 322663 EARTHWORK SERVICES 649.86 322664 ECOLAB 3,125.10 322665 ELM RIVER CREDIT UNION 45.00 322666 ENRIQUEZ, JUAN 98.33 322667 ERNST, ANGELA 17.25 322668 F-M AMBULANCE SERVICE 1,911.70 322669 F/S MANUFACTURING, INC. 256.99 322670 FAMILY HEALTHCARE CENTER 11,012.00 322671 FARGO CASS PUBLIC HEALTH 104,875.97 322672 FARGO DOME 16,856.00 322673 FIFTH THIRD BANK 36.80 322674 FLEET PRIDE TRUCK AND TRAILER PARTS 400.00 322675 FORUM 2,208.70 322676 FRANKLIN, CHRISTINA 200.00 322677 FRASER CHILD CARE 1,240.00 322678 GATEWAY CHEVROLET 259.35 322679 GOERTS, SARAH 67.85 322680 GRAINGER, W.W. 137.26 322681 HAWES, MADDISON 100.00 322682 HEALTHCARE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES 170.67 322683 HIGH PLAINS TECHNOLOGY 14,800.00 322684 HINZE, JENNIFER 1,015.02 322685 HOME2 SUITES BY HILTON-BISMARCK 604.80 322686 HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL, INC. 7,231.01 322687 INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS LLC 119.59 322688 INSTITUTIONAL EYE CARE 32.50 322689 INTER-COMMUNITY TELEPHONE CO. 300.00 322690 J & J DEVELOPMENT, LLLP. 2,424.00 322691 J & L SPORTS, INC. 222.91 322692 JIFFY LUBE-FARGO 74.65 322693 JOHNSON, LISA 92.00 322694 KASOWSKI GUBRUD REPAIR 117.50 322695 KLEIN MCCARTHY ARCHITECTS 199,397.90 322696 KOSIDOWSKI, KARI 54.63 322697 LEXIPOL LLC 10,322.00 322698 LIBERTY BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC. 88.99 322699 LIFTOFF LLC 240.00 322700 LILEKS OIL CO. 59.70 322701 LILL, ASHLEY 78.20 322702 M.I.G. HOLDINGS 199.14 322703 MAINSTAY SUITES 255.00 322704 MARQUART, ANDREW S 1,035.00 322705 MATRIX GROUP PUBLISHING INC 599.50 322706 MCKENZIE COUNTY CORRECTION FACILITY 5,440.00 322707 MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL 2,442.63 322708 MENARDS 237.19 322709 METRO SALES, INC. 32.31 322710 MIDWEST CARD AND ID SOLUTIONS 1,948.72 322711 MINNESOTA SISTERS 537.60 322712 MJ DALSIN CO. OF ND, INC. 750.00 322713 MORTON, SCOTT 45.00 322714 MOUNTAIN PLAINS YOUTH SERVICES 10,000.00 322715 NAPA AUTO PARTS 35.97 322716 ND ASSOCIATION OF COUNTIES 62,831.00 322717 ND ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE 30,313.00 322718 ND COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ASSOC. 1,650.00 322719 ND WATER COALITION 30.00 322720 NDAEA 75.00 322721 NELSON AUTO CENTER 22,461.04 322722 NELSON INTERNATIONAL 73.68 322723 NEPSTAD OIL CO. 1,751.19 322724 NEXUS INNOVATIONS INC. 7,500.00 322725 NORTHERN ENGINE & SUPPLY 34.72 322726 NORTHERN IMPROVEMENT CO. 4,939.33 322727 NORTHERN STATES EXCAVATING, INC. 13,430.00 322728 NORTHWEST TIRE INC 524.41 322729 OFF THE WALL ADVERTISING 385.00 322730 OFFICE DEPOT 1,030.85 322731 OFFICE OF THE STATE AUDITOR 39,000.00 322732 OIL PATCH HOTLINE 100.00 322733 OK TIRE STORE 25.00 322734 OPEX CORPORATION 363.74 322735 PATH INC 13,500.00 322736 PRECISION PRINTING OF MINNESOTA INC 4,311.12 322737 PREMIUM WATERS, INC. 18.50 322738 PRINTER SOLUTIONS 90.00 322739 QUALITY INN- BISMARCK 432.00 322740 RANSOM, RAELYN 10.35 322741 RILEY BROS CONSTRUCTION 21,537.89 322742 RM HOEFS & ASSOCIATES, INC. 7,400.00 322743 S & S PROMOTIONAL GROUP 1,498.21 322744 SAMEK, MAE 45.43 322745 SANFORD HEALTH 141.58 322746 SANFORD HEALTH 169.00 322747 SANFORD HEALTHCARE ACCESSORIES 304.76 322748 SANFORD PHARMACY 42.21 322749 SCHEELS HOME & HARDWARE 835.70 322750 SEACHANGE PRINT INNOVATIONS 72,262.09 322751 SHOTWELLS FLORAL 50.00 322752 SIMPLIFILE LC 69.00 322753 SKARLOKEN, LEROY 165.00 322754 SMITH, BETSY 100.00 322755 SOUTHPOINT REPAIR CENTER 4,404.85 322756 STRATA CORPORATION 27,640.00 322757 STRAUS TAILOR SHOP 265.00 322758 STURDEVANT'S AUTO PARTS 121.54 322759 SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE, LLC 29,521.87 322760 SUPERIOR CUSTOMS BODY SHOP 360.00 322761 SYN-TECH SYSTEMS 550.00 322762 TELCOLOGIX, LLC 278.00 322763 THE LOCKSHOP 88.00 322764 THOMSON REUTERS-WEST PAYMENT CENTER 227.97 322765 TRUE NORTH STEEL, INC. 15,437.82 322766 ULTIMATE TRANSPORTATION 5,100.00 322767 USA TODAY 237.50 322768 VANGUARD APPRAISALS, INC. 1,675.00 322769 VICTORY SUPPLY 462.96 322770 WAHPETON FABRICATION 6,630.00 322771 WEST CENTRAL REGIONAL JUV. CENTER 72,694.00 322772 WEST SIDE STEEL 30.69 322773 WIENCKOWSKI, DENISE 522.65 322774 WORKFORCE SAFETY & INSURANCE (WSI) 85.22 322775 YWCA 11,121.00 322776 AARON'S SALES & LEASE 54.00 322777 AARONS SALES & LEASE 54.00 322778 BRATON, LISA 119.26 322779 CASS COUNTY CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT 25,523.37 322780 CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC CO-OP 223.00 322781 CASS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT 700.00 322782 CITY OF BUFFALO 110.68 322783 CITY OF DAVENPORT 59.25 322784 DELL MARKETING, LP. 488.87 322785 DIEMERT, JEANNE 101.73 322786 HAGEN, GRANT RICHARD 682.09 322787 HALLIDAY WATKINS & MANN PC 98,366.63 322788 HEFTY SEED COMPANY 1,000.00 322789 KLOCKE, BRENDAN J 1,180.51 322790 NEIL LAW FIRM PC 15.50 322791 OTTER TAIL POWER COMPANY 264.10 322792 PFAU RENTAL PROPERTIES 51.50 322793 ROESLER, DARIN D 298.26 322794 SOLARWINDS 1,881.87 322795 SWINGEN, DELIGHT & KEVIN 2,000.00 TOTAL 1,876,540.80
(Month #, 2021)2871369