REGULAR MEETING OF CASS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS JANUARY 19, 2021 (TUESDAY) MEETING CALLED TO ORDER Vice Chairman Rick Steen called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM with all members present as follows: Rick Steen, Duane Breitling, and Jim Kapitan in person; and Mary Scherling and Chad M.

Vice Chairman Rick Steen called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM with all members present as follows: Rick Steen, Duane Breitling, and Jim Kapitan in person; and Mary Scherling and Chad M. Peterson via Microsoft Teams.
Heather Worden led the Pledge of Allegiance.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Breitling moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as written. Motion carried.
AGENDA, Order approved
MOTION, passed
Mr. Kapitan moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to approve the order of the agenda. Motion carried.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Breitling moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to approve the consent agenda as follows: On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
Receive the financial statement from the Finance Office for the month ended December 31, 2020.
Approve the additional carryover of annual leave balance for Tom Soucy and Paul Audette based on the exception allowed in Cass County Employee Handbook, Section 303.
Approve omitted assessments according to notices sent by the Finance Office to property owners.
Authorize the County Finance Director to offer two vehicles for sale on auction site Public Surplus with the proceeds to go back into the General Fund.
Authorize the chair to sign a purchase order with John Deere Company in the amount of $8,445.00 for the rental of two agricultural tractors for the Highway Department; authorize the chair to sign a purchase order with Advanced Business Methods in the amount of $8,950.00 for a Canon plotter and scanner for the Highway Department; authorize the purchase of seven replacement squad cars for the Sheriff’s Office from Nelson Motors in the amount of $230,403.94; and authorize the purchase of one Autel Evo 2 Dual unmanned aircraft from Drone Nerds in the amount of $9,998.00.
Approve a raffle permit for Cass County 4-H to be held on April 21, 2021, at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in West Fargo, North Dakota (drawing will be held virtually due to COVID-19).
Adopt Commission Policy Section 13.82, Cass County Human Service Zone Board Compensation.
Accept the performance evaluation for Cass County Human Service Zone Director Pearl (Ferguson) Mell.
Contract approval
Flood lease renewals for 2021;
Jones Lang LaSalle Brokerage, Inc.—agreements on behalf of BNSF Railroad Company to resurface existing BNSF crossing as part of a regrade/widening project in Wheatland, North Dakota; and to resurface existing BNSF crossing as part of an overlay project near Prosper, North Dakota on County Road 11 from County Road 22 to County Road 4;
Nexus-PATH Trauma and Stress Clinic—memorandum of agreement with Cass County Human Service Zone Board to provide therapeutic support for children and caregivers;
Nexus-PATH Family Support Program—memorandum of agreement with Cass County Human Service Zone Board to provide intensive case management, respite care and family mentoring related to foster parents;
American Engineering Testing, Inc.—pavement testing on County Road 10 between Casselton and County Road 11 with data to be included in five-year highway plan;
City of Horace—services for the County Finance Office to provide election administration for a special city election to be held March 9, 2021.
Mr. Steen asked for public comment and hearing none, moved on to the regular agenda items.
RESOLUTION #2021-1, Scheduling a Public Hearing Relating to Project under Municipal Industrial Act for Red River Human Services Foundation
Attorney Jim Stewart was present to discuss a proposal from the City of Frontier to issue revenue bonds under the Municipal Industrial Development Act (MIDA). Tom Newberger, CEO of Red River Human Services Foundation, was also present.
The proceeds from these bonds will be used to finance the construction and equipping of a three-story, 31,000 square foot building to be located at 4302 17th Avenue South in Fargo. The project will be owned and operated by Red River Human Services Foundation. The building will be used for program facilities, administrative offices, and related facilities. The City of Frontier has agreed to issue the bonds, but because the project is outside its jurisdiction, Cass County is being asked to provide “host approval”. The proposed bond issue is in an amount not to exceed $5 million. A public hearing will be scheduled for February 16th.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Kapitan moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to adopt Resolution #2021-1, Scheduling a Public Hearing Relating to a Project under the Municipal Industrial Development Act (Red River Human Services Foundation Project). On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
ABATEMENT HEARINGS, Values to remain unchanged for Charleswood Commercial Estates, LLC
Paul Fracassi, County Tax Director of Equalization, was present to discuss abatement applications submitted by Sanjay Patel for Charleswood Commercial Estates, LLC. The applications are for properties located at 740, 752, 823, 833 and 837 Beaton Drive East in West Fargo. The applicant requested a reduction in 2018 values on five properties to reflect values outlined in a contract for deed that was submitted along with the applications, which listed a contract price of $1,085,000 or $3.21 per square foot. Mr. Fracassi said the five parcels originally sold in 2013 for $5.63 per square foot. The applicant is asking the values be adjusted to $2.41 per square foot for the 2018 tax year. The City of West Fargo Assessor’s Office and West Fargo City Commission denied the abatement applications.
The applicant was invited to the meeting but was not present in person or remotely.
The vice chairman opened the public hearing for comments and hearing none, closed the public hearing.
Mr. Fracassi said two of the parcels have been sold by the applicant for around $9.00 per square foot—a price that is significantly higher than the square footage listed in the contract for deed as well as the values requested in the abatement applications. He recommends no change to the values for 2018.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Kapitan moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to retain the 2018 values on abatement applications 4497 through 4501 submitted by Sanjay Patel for Charleswood Commercial Estates, LLC as previously approved by the West Fargo Assessing Office and West Fargo City Commission. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
CASS COUNTY JOINT WATER RESOURCE DISTRICT, Request approved to take immediate possession of necessary right of way for Metro Flood Diversion project
The role and responsibility of the Cass County Joint Water Resource District (CCJRWD) is to acquire property rights in Cass County needed for the Metro Flood Diversion project. The CCJWRD is asking to continue with the procedures laid out in North Dakota Century Code Section 61-16-1.09 for the commission to review whether the process was followed by the CCJWRD and grant them authorization to use quick take eminent domain for right of way easements.
Eric Dodds, Diversion Program Manager from AE2S, provided a brief overview of the process. AE2S manages acquisitions with different land firms also involved with the process. The first step to acquire a property is obtaining an appraisal.
Sean Fredricks, Attorney from Ohnstad Twichell who represents the CCJWRD, briefly discussed the statutory process for quick take eminent domain laid out in North Dakota Century Code Section 61-16-1.09. The commission is not responsible for appraisals or negotiations. The sole responsibility of the commission is to determine whether the CCJWRD has followed the statutory process as outlined in state law. It is not the role of the commission to act as the negotiator, to provide offers or to hear legal arguments. It will be the decision of the court to decide whether the appraisals are accurate or whether land is developable. An informational packet was prepared for the request today providing proof that the process was followed.
OIN 9736, 9737 (Charles Coster Real Estate Trust)
Mr. Dodds said these properties are agricultural land that will be impacted by the Diversion channel and are contiguous parcels located in Mapleton Township. The appraisal value of the land is $448,000 or $5,900 per acre. The landowner provided a counteroffer of $1,514,700, which includes $1,500,000 for 75.89 acres or $19,765 per acre and $14,700 for the temporary construction easement (TCE) acres.
Mr. Dodds said an appraisal was completed in April of 2019, which valued the land at $448,000 or $5,900 per acre. A second appraisal was done in June of 2019, which valued the land at $779,000 or $8,000 per acre.
Attorney Dan Bueide was present remotely to represent the landowner. He said the owner made a counteroffer in September of 2020 based on the first appraisal. He said the CCJWRD presented an updated offer on November 30, 2020 of $779,000 or $8,000 per acre based on a “replacement” appraisal. He does not believe the district satisfied its statutory obligations since only 50 days was given for the owner to consider the offer.
Mr. Dodds said the second appraisal completed in June of 2019 was not discovered by staff until October of 2020. The CCJWRD never ordered the second appraisal. Mr. Dodds acknowledged that an error was made and in honor of good negotiations, a second increased offer was made to the owner in November of 2020. He said a new appraisal will be ordered after the quick take is approved.
Christopher McShane, Attorney from Ohnstad Twichell, said a new appraisal will be required to establish a value on the date of the taking by the CCJWRD.
Mr. Bueide asked the commission to consider whether the offer presented by the CCJWRD provided a reasonable and diligent effort toward negotiations prior to commencement of the quick take eminent domain since it has only been 50 days after the increased offer was presented on November 30th.
Mr. Peterson understands that a mistake was made with the second appraisal and when it was discovered; however, contact by staff with the owner dates back to 2019, which is almost two years ago. He believes there has been more than enough time for a settlement to have been reached.
Mr. Fredricks agreed that discussion with the owner has been ongoing for almost two years. He said a mistake was made regarding the second appraisal done in June of 2019; however, he said the process was followed by the CCJWRD. The district decided to present an increased offer based on the second appraisal in an act of good faith. The difference between the value offered by the CCJWRD and counteroffer by the owner is significant, and it appears an agreement will not be able to be reached even with the increased offer.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Breitling moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to authorize the Cass County Joint Water Resource District to utilize quick take eminent domain under Section 61-16-1.09(2) of the North Dakota Century Code to take an easement for a right of way regarding OINs 9736 and 9737. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
COUNTY CORONER STAFFING, Request approved to convert two positions
Robert Wilson, County Administrator, said the County Coroner’s Office has experienced significant increases in caseloads, attributed partly to an increase in drug overdoses and suicides. Also, Sanford Hospital was designated as a Level 1 Trauma Center a few years ago, which means additional critical patients have been transferred to their facility and any death investigations that are needed are done by the County Coroner. Mr. Wilson said Kriste Ross was appointed as County Coroner in November after the retirement of Dr. John Baird, which has required more of her time to be devoted toward administrative duties and less time on field duties and casework.
Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Scherling, who holds the portfolio for this office, met with Ms. Ross to discuss some staffing changes. The request today is to change the half-time (.5) Death Investigator to a full-time position and to change the .2 Death Investigator to a half-time (.5) position. The individual who had held the half-time position recently resigned. Ms. Ross knows someone who is a trained Death Investigator who is interested in the full-time job. The person currently holding the .2 position is available to work additional hours.
Kriste Ross, County Coroner, briefly discussed the request. She is concerned about employee burnout with the increased caseloads in addition to the type of work they perform. She said there were 20 homicides and 20 child deaths last year. She also said there may be an opportunity to generate additional revenue for their department after the change in staffing, and she will bring this item to the commission for future discussion.
Mrs. Scherling supports the request today and said there is an opportunity to hire a person for the full-time position that is already trained which is beneficial for their office.
Mr. Breitling left the meeting at 4:36 PM.
MOTION, passed
Mrs. Scherling moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to convert a current .5 Death Investigator to a full-time Death Investigator, and a .2 Death Investigator to a .5 Death Investigator for the Cass County Coroner’s Office. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
Mr. Wilson provided an update on activities associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Fargo Cass Public Health Update
Desi Fleming, Director of Fargo Cass Public Health, said 4,200 vaccines have been given to date with another 1,200 scheduled for next week. They continue to be administered based on a phased approach. Phase 1B of individuals 75 and older and of individuals 65 and older with underlying health conditions have begun. She anticipates Phase 1B to be completed in four to six weeks. At this time only individuals with appointments are given vaccines.
Mr. Peterson wants to make sure area residents are aware that no vaccines are going unused or are sitting on shelves waiting to be used. Ms. Fleming said all vaccines are being used and none are going to waste.
Courtroom 303/304 Remodel Project
Mr. Wilson said the Courtroom 303/304 remodeling project continues with a completion date tentatively set for mid-March.
Jail Intake Expansion Project
Mr. Wilson said planning for the Jail Intake Expansion project continues. Bids are to be advertised this week with the bid opening scheduled for February 18th. There was previous discussion about replacement of some air conditioner chillers and the intercom system as part of this project. Buildings and Grounds plans to add one additional chiller to meet the capacity needs with plans to replace the current equipment in future budget cycles. Also, Buildings and Grounds will work on replacement of the intercom system. The county will save around $60,000 by completing these two elements outside the overall project scope.
Mrs. Scherling wants the county to look into the cost to replace all of the duct work and air filters at the jail. Mr. Peterson believes it will be costly but does not object to obtaining a cost estimate.
CARES Act Budget
Mr. Wilson said around $600,000 remains in Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding. Costs for the chiller and intercom replacement work at the jail have not been taken into account, so those costs will come from the remaining dollars.
VOUCHERS, Approved
MOTION, passed
Mrs. Scherling moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to approve Voucher No. 322,971 through Voucher No. 323,270 and Electronic Payments 9357 through 9659 for a total of $6,008,609.36. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
MEETING UPDATES, Committee reports
Commissioners and staff reported on meetings they attended or will be attending in the upcoming weeks.
CORRESPONDENCE, Received and filed
MOTION, passed
Mr. Peterson moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to receive and file correspondence outlined by the secretary as follows: Motion carried.
Information from the North Dakota Public Service Commission regarding NuStar Pipeline Operating Partnership L.P. application to relocate 2.21 miles of refined petroleum pipeline that will be impacted by construction of the FM Diversion channel in Cass County (copy referred to county engineer and county planner).
MOTION, passed
On motion by Mr. Kapitan, seconded by Mr. Peterson and all in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 5:10 PM.
Michael Montplaisir, Finance Director,
Richard Steen, Vice Chairman
Cass County Board of Commissioners

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12.36 323072 HAYDEN, WARREN 83.23 323073 HEIM, ELIZABETH 30.00 323074 HOPPE, BROOKE ANN 34.00 323075 METRO SALES, INC. 816.60 323076 ND POST BOARD 140.00 323077 NDHFA 12,908.88 323078 NORGARD, JEAN 1,049.83 323079 REPUBLIC NATIONAL DIST CO ND 2,310.38 323080 THE TITLE COMPANY 1,628.68 323081 THE TITLE COMPANY 49.58 323082 THE TITLE COMPANY 3,033.77 323083 WELLS FARGO REAL ESTATE TAX SERVICE 32,836.01 323084 AARON'S SALES & LEASE 51.50 323085 CASS COUNTY JAIL 620.00 323086 COOK, MANDY 47.02 323087 CROW CANYON SYSTEMS INC 7,176.00 323088 FM TITLE 28,388.82 323089 GATE CITY BANK 44,654.48 323090 JOHNSON, ALEXA LACIE 49.00 323091 LEARN N MOVE CHILDCARE CENTER 500.00 323092 PL PROPERTY LLC 15.78 323093 PLAINS TITLE LLC 4,765.35 323094 SETNESS, KATHY 182.85 323095 THE TITLE COMPANY 87,824.04 323096 THOMAS BRAUN BERNARD & BURKE 70.50 323097 COLE, SHIRLEY 5.02 323098 HEATON, DIANA M 5.00 323099 HOPPE, STEVEN 22.84 323100 KJONO, GARY & BARBARA 138.03 323101 SCHMITZ, RITA M 100.00 323102 ADVANCED AUTO BODY & GLASS 860.00 323103 ALLSTATE PETERBILT OF FARGO 283.80 323104 ALPHA TRAINING & TACTICS LLC & SALE 14,124.64 323105 ANY LAB TEST NOW FARGO 600.00 323106 BARNES COUNTY RECORDER 5,917.25 323107 BENSON COUNTY RECORDER 2,634.50 323108 BHG, INC. 125.00 323109 BOULGER FUNERAL HOME 8,325.00 323110 BOWMAN, SUSAN M CPA 450.00 323111 BURKE COUNTY RECORDER 8,381.75 323112 C'MON INN OF FARGO 502.00 323113 CASS COUNTY COUNCIL ON AGING, INC. 113,840.00 323114 CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC CO-OP 196.00 323115 CASS COUNTY FINANCE 3,872.00 323116 CASS COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY 241,500.00 323117 CASS COUNTY RECORDER 70,946.70 323119 CASS COUNTY TOWNSHIP OFFICERS ASSOC 1,760.00 323120 CASSELTON HARDWARE HANK 45.90 323121 CAVALIER COUNTY RECORDER 3,282.50 323122 CHIFUPI, TEHILLAR 699.84 323123 CITI LITES, INC. 275.00 323124 CITY OF BUFFALO 103.79 323125 CITY OF DAVENPORT 59.25 323126 CITY OF FARGO 5,423.92 323127 COMMUNITY LIVING SERVICES, INC. 935.68 323128 CONCORDANCE HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS 525.58 323129 CONNECT INTERIORS 2,215.23 323130 CROW CANYON SYSTEMS INC 1,990.00 323131 CUSTOM EXPRESS CAR WASH 122.00 323132 DAKOTALAND AUTOGLASS, INC-SF 49.99 323133 DICKEY COUNTY RECORDER 2,588.50 323134 DIVIDE COUNTY RECORDER 7,449.75 323135 DOCPATH CORP 4,774.05 323136 DOCU SHRED INC 32.06 323137 DODGE 546.70 323138 DON'S CAR WASH 11.13 323139 DUNN COUNTY RECORDER 31,381.50 323140 ECOLAB 800.40 323141 EDDY COUNTY RECORDER 1,532.50 323142 F-M AMBULANCE SERVICE 3,466.08 323143 FARGO CASS PUBLIC HEALTH 774.86 323144 FEDERAL EXPRESS 30.48 323145 FIRSTLINK/HOTLINE 7,000.00 323146 FISCHER, JODY 15.00 323147 FORUM 2,700.04 323148 FORUM 207.88 323149 FOSTER COUNTY RECORDER 1,904.75 323150 FRASER CHILD CARE 1,260.00 323151 FRS INDUSTRIES, INC. 116.60 323152 GLYCOL SOLUTIONS INC 312.00 323153 GOERTS, SARAH 70.73 323154 GRAINGER, W.W. 161.84 323155 GRANICUS 18,789.30 323156 GRANT COUNTY RECORDER 1,945.50 323157 GREAT PLAINS CHAPTER OF NDSPLS 20.00 323158 GRIGGS COUNTY RECORDER 1,515.25 323159 HIGH PLAINS TECHNOLOGY 19,454.19 323160 HIGH POINT NETWORKS 8,500.00 323161 HOMEWARD ANIMAL SHELTER 5,000.00 323162 HOUSTON ENGINEERING 35,015.53 323163 ICBND 650.00 323164 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPT. 13,331.30 323165 INSTITUTIONAL EYE CARE 93.50 323166 INTER-COMMUNITY TELEPHONE CO. 150.00 323167 JIFFY LUBE-FARGO 100.31 323168 JOHNSON CONTROLS, INC. 10,234.04 323169 JOHNSON, LESLIE 54.63 323170 JOHNSON, LISA 38.53 323171 JORAMO, MARLYS K 111.55 323172 KASOWSKI GUBRUD REPAIR 99.00 323173 KELCO SUPPLY COMPANY 86.29 323174 KEPLER, VERNON 5,560.00 323175 KRIS ENGINEERING, INC. 8,271.90 323176 KUTZ, CALEB OR JENNIFER 4,790.00 323177 LAKE AGASSIZ REGIONAL 27,000.00 323178 LAMOURE COUNTY RECORDER 3,134.00 323179 LANELLE'S REPORTING SERVICE 183.00 323180 LEFTA SYSTEMS 3,054.00 323181 LIBERTY BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC. 7,528.71 323182 LOFFLER COMPANIES 56.85 323183 LUTHERAN SOCIAL SERVICES 85.00 323184 MCINTOSH COUNTY RECORDER 1,899.75 323185 MCKENZIE COUNTY CORRECTION FACILITY 5,270.00 323186 MCLEAN COUNTY RECORDER 11,408.75 323187 MENARDS 548.13 323188 MERCER COUNTY RECORDER 5,914.75 323189 MID-STATES ORGANIZED CRIME 300.00 323190 MID-STATES WIRELESS, INC. 3,396.00 323191 MILLER, BRIANA 50.00 323192 MOHAMED, SHIRE 22.00 323193 MOTION INDUSTRIES, INC. 122.32 323194 MOTOROLA 2,529,876.17 323195 MOUNTAIN PLAINS YOUTH SERVICES 5,000.00 323196 MUSCHA, JANELLE 17.60 323197 NAPA AUTO PARTS 225.34 323198 ND ASSOCIATION OF COUNTIES 1,083.00 323199 ND ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE 30,766.00 323200 ND COUNTY AUDITORS' ASSOC. 375.00 323201 ND SHERIFFS & DEPUTIES ASSOCIATION 950.00 323202 ND STATE RADIO COMMUNICATIONS 1,200.00 323203 ND WATER COALITION 1,000.00 323204 ND WATER USERS ASSOCIATION 1,200.00 323205 NDACE CONFERENCE 1,100.00 323206 NDACTVSO 50.00 323207 NELSON AUTO CENTER 22,461.04 323208 NEPSTAD OIL CO. 21,065.62 323209 NORTHSTAR SAFETY, INC. 177.99 323210 OFF THE WALL ADVERTISING 385.00 323211 OFFICE DEPOT 1,215.52 323212 OIL PATCH HOTLINE 50.00 323213 OLIVER COUNTY RECORDER 2,837.75 323214 OLSON FUNERAL SERVICE INC 2,200.00 323215 ON TARGET TRAINING MINNESOTA LLC 9,200.00 323216 OTTER TAIL POWER COMPANY 92.59 323217 PETRO SERVE USA 49.50 323218 PIGUE, STACY 70.15 323219 PRECISION PRINTING OF MINNESOTA INC 2,001.50 323220 PRINTER SOLUTIONS 691.85 323221 RAMSEY COUNTY RECORDER 5,704.00 323222 RANDALL'S EXCAVATING INC 8,500.00 323223 RANSOM COUNTY RECORDER 2,653.50 323224 RANSOM, RAELYN 84.53 323225 REALTOR MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 139.50 323226 RED RIVER VALLEY FAIR ASSOC. 210,000.00 323227 RJS BUILDING SYSTEMS INC. 36,445.50 323228 RURAL CASS AMBULANCE & 255,000.00 323229 S & S PROMOTIONAL GROUP 262.54 323230 SANFORD HEALTH 7,922.62 323231 SANFORD HEALTHCARE ACCESSORIES 304.76 323232 SANFORD PHARMACY 190.61 323233 SHEPPARD, ALAN JAMES 300.00 323234 SHERIDAN COUNTY RECORDER 1,323.25 323235 SHERIFF, CLAY COUNTY 52.15 323236 SHERIFF, HENNEPIN COUNTY 80.00 323237 SHOTWELLS FLORAL 50.00 323238 SIMPLIFILE LC 204.00 323239 SLOPE COUNTY RECORDER 749.50 323240 SMITH, BETSY 100.00 323241 SOKOLOFSKY, LAURA 50.00 323242 SOUTHPOINT REPAIR CENTER 466.55 323243 STAMNESS, MATTHEW 51.70 323244 STARK COUNTY RECORDER 16,543.25 323245 STEELE COUNTY RECORDER 1,849.75 323246 STOP STICK, LTD. 252.00 323247 STREMICK, LISA 24.15 323248 STUTSMAN COUNTY RECORDER 9,565.00 323249 SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE, LLC 20,131.44 323250 SUPERIOR POINT 714.00 323251 SYSTEMS & SERVICES, INC. 233.25 323252 TANG, RACHELE 34.50 323253 THE NITTY NURSE 215.00 323254 THOMSON REUTERS-WEST PAYMENT CENTER 2,794.10 323255 THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR CORPORATION 1,992.87 323256 TOOL WAREHOUSE, INC. 52.15 323257 TOWNER COUNTY RECORDER 2,074.75 323258 TRAILL COUNTY RECORDER 4,535.25 323259 TRANDEM AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES 25.00 323260 USA TODAY 475.00 323261 VANWECHEL, KYLE OR KARI 4,240.00 323262 VERITEXT 2,300.60 323263 VERIZON WIRELESS-VSAT 160.00 323264 WALSH COUNTY RECORDER 4,980.50 323265 WELLS COUNTY RECORDER 2,880.50 323266 WEST CENTRAL REGIONAL JUV. CENTER 72,694.00 323267 WEST SIDE STEEL 266.81 323268 WINTER EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. 132.84 323269 WORKFORCE SAFETY & INSURANCE (WSI) 99.66 323270 XCEL ENERGY 70.10 TOTAL 6,008,609.36
(Feb. 3, 2021) 2874161