JULY 6, 2020

Chairman Chad M. Peterson called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM with all members present as follows: Ken Pawluk and Mary Scherling via Teams virtual meeting; Rick Steen, Duane Breitling, and Chad M. Peterson in person.
Heather Worden led the Pledge of Allegiance.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Breitling seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as written. Motion carried.
4.AGENDA, Order approved
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to approve the order of the agenda with the addition of a Career Workforce Academy funding update to the regular agenda. Motion carried.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Pawluk moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to approve the consent agenda as follows: On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
a.Grant a site authorization permit to conduct games of chance under license issued by the North Dakota Attorney General's Office for the period of July 16, 2020, through July 16, 2020, for the North Dakota Chapters of Delta Waterfowl, Inc. at the Hartl Ag Building, Red River Valley Fairgrounds in West Fargo, North Dakota.
b.Authorize the chairman to sign a purchase order with Fargo Glass & Paint Co. in the amount of $5,750.00 to replace the southwest door of the Cass County Courthouse; and authorize the chairman to sign a purchase order with Chuck's Sandjacking, Inc. to repair a low water crossing in Sections 29/30 in Maple River Township.
c.Authorize the chairman to sign a pipeline easement with Cass Rural Water Users District for property located along Cass County Highway 10, subject to state's attorney approval.
d.Approve a special event permit for the Bronco Bar to serve alcoholic beverages on July 18, 2020, during the hours of 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM for Chaffee Community Days to be held at the Chaffee Community Park in Chaffee, North Dakota; and approve a special event permit for Silver Dollar, Inc. aka Silver Dollar Bar to serve alcoholic beverages on July 16, 2020, during the hours of 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM for a Delta Waterfowl event at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in West Fargo, North Dakota.
e.Contract approval
-City of Reile's Acres-agreement for Cass County to provide assessing services for the city;
-Moore Engineering, Inc.-hydraulic studies for design of future bridges in Noble and Cornell Townships that are part of the five-year highway and bridge plan.
Mr. Peterson asked for public comment and hearing none, moved on to the regular agenda items.
The Fargo City Assessor forwarded information to the Cass County Commission regarding applications received from Elliott Place 4 and Elliott Place 9 for two payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) requests. Jim Gilmour, Fargo Director of Strategic Planning & Research, said the projects will be located at 4462 30th Avenue South and will include 84 housing units for senior affordable housing. The projects are sponsored by the Fargo Housing and Redevelopment Authority in partnership with Blue Line Development. There are two PILOT applications because there are two different ownership groups for the one project. The project will use 9% in Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) funding, and both PILOT applications are for a 17-year period. Mr. Gilmour said taxes will be paid on the land but not on the building. The Fargo High Rise will be demolished or repurposed within the next two years, so low income housing for senior citizens is needed. The project is not feasible without property tax incentives and tax credits. The Fargo City Commission voted unanimously to approve the PILOT requests.
Matthew Pike, Executive Director of the Fargo Housing and Redevelopment Authority, said 84 vouchers through the LIHTC program will be committed to this building for senior affordable housing.
Mr. Pawluk asked about the design life of the new building. Mr. Pike said it will be constructed for long-term use, which he estimates at 30 to 50 years. Mr. Pawluk asked about future use of the Fargo High Rise. Mr. Pike said the building has cast iron wastewater pipes with asbestos that needs to be removed and it most likely will be cost prohibitive to rehabilitate the building and it may need to be demolished.
Mr. Peterson asked about the $2.4 million in developer fees. Mr. Pike said the cost will be split with Blue Line Development. The Fargo Housing Authority will reinvest the fees back into affordable housing in Fargo. Mr. Pike said Blue Line Development was chosen through a Request for Proposals process, and the local architect and contractor for the project were publicly bid.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to participate in the request for a payment in lieu taxes (PILOT) incentive for two low income housing projects in partnership with the Fargo Housing and Redevelopment Authority submitted by Elliott Place 4 and Elliott Place 9 for a 17-year period. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
8.FARGO TAX INCENTIVE PROJECT FOR PRx PERFORMANCE, County to not participate in PILOT and to negotiate terms with the city
The Fargo City Assessor forwarded information to the Cass County Commission regarding an application received from PRx Performance for a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) project located at 4125 24th Avenue North to construct a 140,000 square foot headquarters, industrial and manufacturing facility. Mr. Gilmour said the application is for a 10-year exemption at 100% for the first five years with incremental reductions in the percentages for years five through ten.
Brian Brasch, CEO of PRx Performance, said their business has an opportunity to further expand their building to include additional equipment. He asked for additional time on his request. Mr. Gilmour said a new application will be filed by Mr. Brasch to include the project changes for consideration by the Fargo Tax Exempt Review Committee, Fargo City Commission and Cass County Commission.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to not participate in the request for a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) for a new headquarters, industrial and manufacturing facility submitted by PRx performance for a 10-year period and to negotiate the terms of the property tax incentive with the city as described in N.D.C.C. Chapter 40-05-24. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
The commission was previously asked to participate in a public/private partnership to fund construction of a Career Workforce Academy (CWA) for up to $15 million. Commissioners Peterson and Pawluk serve on the CWA Executive Committee. Federal stimulus dollars are available through the U.S. Department of Commerce to help offset construction costs. These funds are meant to help with the economic fallout resulting from the Coronavirus. The CWA Executive Committee reached out to Lake Agassiz Development Group (LADG) to develop a competitive grant application under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The application will require information on the source of funding commitments for the remaining dollars.
Mr. Peterson said a revised capital budget was proposed by the CWA Executive Committee changing the total project cost from $30 million to $25,220,000. Cass County, Fargo, West Fargo, and Fueling the Future will all be asked to provide a local cost share as part of the application. The Department of Commerce application request will be for $5 million. The proposal is for Cass County is to provide $5 million. He will support the county cost share because it is needed as part of the application process.
Mr. Pawluk said the county can continue to levy one mill until $5 million is raised. He said there is a possibility that the project will not receive federal funding. He is unwilling to support more than $5 million in county funding and if more is requested, he believes the issue should go to the vote of county residents.
Mr. Steen said the federal grant is important and he supports the local cost share from Cass County for $5 million.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Pawluk moved and Mr. Steen seconded to support the $5 million cost share for the construction of a Career Workforce Academy. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
10.ROAD DEPARTMENT, Purchase agreement for Phillips home buyout approved
Jason Benson, County Engineer, said Cass County applied for Flood Mitigation Assistance and Pre-Disaster Mitigation applications late last year for six properties in Cass County that have experienced flooding issues and whose owners had requested buyouts. The county did not receive grant funding from either application. There was discussion on the use of flood sales tax dollars for property purchases. The Flood Sales Tax Policy allows home buyouts on properties with a history of flooding or riverbank slumping.
Last month the Flood Sales Tax Committee approved the buyout of property located at 2623 173rd Avenue SE in Section13 of Harwood Township owned by Daniel and Melissa Phillips for up to 90% of the total project cost. Mr. Benson said the property is located near the confluence of the Sheyenne River and Red River and will continue to experience flooding issues after the Metro Flood Diversion project is built. There are also soil stability issues and as a result, the home has experienced significant slumping problems. The proposal today is to purchase only the structure, which will be demolished. The land will stay in the Phillips' names and will be deed restricted to prevent any future building on the property. Mr. Benson said the owners will pay 10% of the overall acquisition and demolition cost, which totals $217,000. Approximately $145,000 to $155,000 of flood sales tax money will be used based on the quote received for the structure, asbestos testing and removal, lead paint removal, and demolition.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Pawluk moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to authorize the county engineer to proceed with the Phillips home buyout subject to state's attorney approval. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
Robert Wilson, County Administrator, provided an update on activities associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Mr. Wilson said the plan was to remove the appointment status to enter county buildings and open them to the public beginning today. However, he received concerns from employees about the difficulty to ensure social distancing requirements within different offices and building spaces, so this action has been delayed. More specific procedures are needed to limit the number of people gathering in areas before an overall change is implemented.
Mr. Wilson said the county should receive information soon about the status of CARES Act funding requests submitted by Cass County. One of the requests to upgrade the jail intake area was deferred in June. He will provide updates to the board once he receives information from the state.
Mr. Wilson said the East Central Judicial District Court has begun in-person court hearings and will begin jury trials the week of July 13th. Courtroom modifications were completed to allow for social distancing. Also, audio equipment was purchased at a cost of $20,186.68 for jurors to interact without touching the same equipment. He said the cost is expected to be reimbursed through CARES Act funds.
Mr. Pawluk questioned the cost and said it is not a county responsibility. Mr. Wilson said the county applied for reimbursement of the cost in order for the courts to function after re-opening during the pandemic. Mr. Peterson said statewide the court system did not apply for CARES Act funding, and this equipment was needed as part of jury trials beginning next week. State's Attorney Birch Burdick said state law outlines the duties of the county commission, which includes provisions to provide for the space and equipping of courtrooms.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to approve the purchase of audio equipment in the amount of $20,186.68 for District Court. On roll call vote, the motion carried with Mr. Steen, Mr. Breitling, Mrs. Scherling, and Mr. Peterson voting "Yes"; Mr. Pawluk voting "No".
Mr. Wilson said Fargo Cass Public Health was involved with a program to house homeless individuals and victims of domestic violence while waiting for Coronavirus test results or when quarantined. The program was under state control until June 30th and has been turned over to local entities. He said local shelters will handle program operations, but Cass County and Fargo may be responsible for some costs, which may be eligible for reimbursement through CARES Act funds.
12.APPOINTMENTS, NDCCA Standing Committees
The President of the North Dakota County Commissioners' Association (NDCCA) will appoint county commissioners to serve on Standing Committees for their organization. Mr. Peterson is on the North Dakota County Commissioners' Association Board and is part of the Legislative Committee. Commissioners volunteered to submit their names for consideration on the following committees:
Rick Steen, Audit Committee
Duane Breitling, Legislative Committee
Mary Scherling, Nominating Committee
Ken Pawluk, Resolutions Committee
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Pawluk seconded to approve the submission of the names as outlined above for consideration to the Standing Committees of the North Dakota County Commissioners' Association. Motion carried.
13.COUNTY CORONER, Retirement of Dr. John Baird; position to be forwarded to salary consultant
Mr. Wilson said Dr. John Baird submitted a letter regarding his plan to retire as Cass County Coroner effective August 31, 2020. He and Dr. Baird have discussed the option of partnering with either Sanford or Essentia in Fargo to employ a forensic pathologist to serve as coroner. Mr. Wilson contacted both facilities and neither was interested in the proposal at this time.
There was discussion on how to proceed with filling the position, which currently is contracted and appointed by the Cass County Commission. Dr. Baird works on a part-time basis for approximately $25,000 per year. The office has two full-time deputy coroners and two part-time death investigators.
Mr. Burdick outlined state law regarding the coroner. The county commission shall appoint a "qualified individual to fill a vacancy". He outlined those individuals who are eligible to serve in the position, which include a physician, advanced practice or registered nurse, physician assistant, or any other person determined by the state forensic examiner to be qualified to serve as coroner. He spoke with the state forensic examiner, who said the coroner does not necessarily need to have medical training-experience and an interest in the work is the most valuable credentials for the position. He said the term of appointment is for five years as outlined in state law.
Mr. Wilson discussed the current staff in the Coroner's Office and their capabilities. Mrs. Scherling asked if there is a plan for an interim coroner in the event a permanent replacement is not appointed prior to the retirement of Dr. Baird. Mr. Wilson recommends the Human Resources Director help develop a Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) for the County Coroner to submit to Gallagher Benefit Services to be classified as a county employee and to conduct a recruitment and hiring process similar to other appointed department positions. He said the county could continue with the same basic structure in place but would need to appoint a new coroner by September 1st.
Mr. Pawluk said under state law the sheriff could serve as coroner or possibly an employee within the office could be appointed as an interim coroner.
There was discussion on the fiscal impact in appointing a full-time position, but there could be some adjustments made to the other positions within the office if necessary. Mr. Peterson said the commission could possibly promote someone from within the office or could choose to advertise for the position.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Pawluk moved and Mr. Steen seconded to direct the Human Resources Director to prepare a Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) and forward to Gallagher Benefit Services for classification. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
14.FLOOD DIVERSION, Transfer of sales tax dollars authorized to City of Fargo
Mr. Montplaisir presented a request to transfer 94% of the flood sales tax dollars for June that are dedicated to the FM Metro Flood Diversion project to the City of Fargo.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to authorize the County Finance Director to transfer $808,949.62 to the City of Fargo as the fiscal agent for the Metro Flood Diversion Authority. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
15.FLOOD CONTROL, State Water Commission reimbursement requests approved for Metro Flood Diversion Authority; OHB Levee
The state legislature approved a total of $450 million during the last three legislative sessions to be spent on flood control costs. For consideration today is the 102nd request for eligible costs incurred from April 1, 2020, to May 31, 2020, for local matching share requirements outlined in House Bill 1020 for the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area Flood Risk Management Project ; and the 103rd request for eligible costs incurred from April 1, 2020, to May 31, 2020, for local matching share requirements outlined in House Bill 1020 for the OHB (Oxbow/Hickson/Bakke) Levee Project.
The 102nd request is for soil boring payments to landowners; land purchases for homeowners living in Diversion Channel Phases I and II, Wild Rice Control structure, Southern Embankment, and Drain 14; land purchases for upstream mitigation; right-of-entry biotic and geomorphic services; pay application for 2nd Street South and Main Avenue flood mitigation project; and pay application for property structure mitigation. The 103rd request is for the purchase of three vacant lots at tax forfeiture auction and pay application for OHB Ring Levee Phases C and D.
MOTION, passed
Mr. Pawluk moved and Mr. Steen seconded to authorize the chair to sign reimbursement request #102 in the amount of $5,519,481.17 and reimbursement request #103 in the amount of $228,188.72 to the State Water Commission to distribute funds to the Metro Flood Diversion Authority according to the terms and conditions of House Bill 1020. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
16.VOUCHERS, Approved
MOTION, passed
Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to approve Voucher No. 320,089 through Voucher No. 320,292 and Electronic Payments 8456 through 8492 for a total of $2,391,117.84. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously.
Commissioners and staff reported on meetings they have or will be attending in the upcoming weeks.
Budget hearings will be held July 22nd through July 24th. There was discussion about whether the meetings should be held remotely or in person. The commissioners agreed it would be preferable to meet in person with commissioners seated to allow for social distancing. County departments and outside agencies may attend in person using social distance guidelines. The option will also be made available to attend the meeting remotely through Microsoft Teams.
18.CORRESPONDENCE, Received and filed
MOTION, passed
Mr. Pawluk moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to receive and file correspondence outlined by the secretary as follows: Motion carried.
-Letter from Dynamic Environmental Associates, Inc. requesting comments regarding a project to construct four new broadcast towers in Cass County proposed by Northwestern Media (copy referred to county engineer and county planner).
MOTION, passed
On motion by Mr. Steen, seconded by Mr. Breitling and all in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 5:27 PM.
/s/ Michael Montplaisir,
Fiance Director
Cass County, North Dakota
/s/ Chad M. Peterson
Cass County Board of Commissioners

PAYMENT REGISTER 8456 ADAPCO, INC. 1,952.11 8457 ADVANCED STRIPING AND SEALCOATING 56,771.00 8458 AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES - MWR, INC 3,861.00 8459 AMERICAN WELDING & GAS, INC. 619.69 8460 AUTO VALUE 106.11 8461 BAUER BUILT 121.77 8462 BOB BARKER COMPANY, INC. 1,690.83 8463 BUSINESS ESSENTIALS 99.72 8464 CHILLER SYSTEMS, INC. 2,048.80 8465 CITY OF ARGUSVILLE 101.12 8466 CODE 4 SERVICES 260.80 8467 GALLS LLC 428.54 8468 GLADEN CONSTRUCTION, INC. 388,747.99 8469 HEALTH CENTER PHARMACY 22,053.83 8470 KADRMAS, LEE & JACKSON, INC. 8,862.99 8471 KELNER COMMUNICATIONS 530.00 8472 LUTHER FAMILY FORD 95.82 8473 MINNKOTA 243.28 8474 MOEN PORTABLE TOILET RENTAL 172.50 8475 O'DAY EQUIPMENT 39.66 8476 PPI CONSULTING 140.00 8477 PROFESSIONAL BUILDING SERVICE, INC. 24,253.51 8478 RAPE & ABUSE CRISIS CENTER 2,573.76 8479 RDO EQUIPMENT CO.-FARGO 14,703.60 8480 ROUGH RIDER INDUSTRIES 3,700.00 8481 SCHUMACHER SE, LTD. 58.22 8482 SIR SPEEDY 104.19 8483 TERRACON CONSUTLANTS, INC. 5,753.40 8484 TURNKEY CORRECTIONS 441.13 8485 TWIN CITY GARAGE DOOR CO. 120.00 8486 VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE CENTER 1,195.00 8487 VISTO'S TRAILER SALES 384.55 8488 YOUTHWORKS 5,325.31 8489 UNITED WAY OF CASS CLAY 1,417.00 8490 KADRMAS, LEE & JACKSON, INC. 1,706.38 8492 WELLS FARGO BANKS 79,091.79 320089 AREL, VALERIE 1,814.00 320090 COTTRELL GREEN PA 111.50 320091 ERTELT, JUSTIN 54.00 320092 GATE CITY BANK 20.00 320093 GRESS, CARRIE 289.16 320094 HANSON, BRIAN LEE 51.50 320095 JUST, FAITH 11.08 320096 LATRAILLE, LORI 1,200.00 320097 RUMELIOTE, KATHRYN 204.13 320098 SMITH, CARRIE 125.16 320099 WINTER, SCOTT 225.00 320100 AGWEEK 45.00 320101 KELLY SERVICES, INC. 3,066.00 320102 ND ASSOCIATION OF COUNTIES 15,965.94 320103 SCHWOBODA, CRAIG 53.00 320104 VERIZON WIRELESS 12,999.69 320105 COTTRELL GREEN PA 54.00 320106 CREDIT COLLECTION SERVICES, INC 54.00 320107 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPT. 1,500.00 320108 OUTDOORSMAN 2,879.96 320109 THE TITLE COMPANY 45,914.00 320110 WOLD JOHNSON P.C. 10.00 320111 ND DEPT. OF HUMAN SERVICES 194.00 320112 ARTIS, CAROL 73.00 320113 CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC CO-OP 443.04 320114 CASS COUNTY JAIL 645.00 320115 JANS, AMANDA M 53.00 320116 CORWIN COLLISION CENTER 59.00 320117 US POSTAL SERVICE (CMRS-FP) 1,000.00 320118 CASS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT 5,225.50 320119 CREWS, LYNN R 1,225.16 320120 HARDEN, JOHN 230.50 320121 JAMES G ANDERSON PC 48.00 320122 STREMICK, STEVEN 24.00 320123 YOUNGGREN, RYAN 468.30 320124 CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC CO-OP 2,381.26 320125 CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC CO-OP 141.00 320126 FARGO POSTMASTER 318.00 320127 KELLY SERVICES, INC. 1,118.25 320128 ND DEPT. OF HUMAN SERVICES 60.00 320129 OTTER TAIL POWER COMPANY 44.22 320130 VANDERHEYDEN LAW OFFICE 74.00 320131 XCEL ENERGY 20,084.22 320132 SAM'S CLUB/SYNCHRONY BANK 100.00 320133 AMERICAN MAIL HOUSE, INC. 12,099.85 320134 HERTZ, TERI 23.94 320135 KNUTSON, BRIAN OR KARI 405.11 320136 SMITH, CHAD 1,467.08 320137 THE COOK LAW OFFICE 50.50 320138 CASS COUNTY JAIL 630.00 320139 FEIST, SHAUTAY MICHELLE 49.00 320140 FIRST INTERNATION BANK AND TRUST 49.00 320141 FORUM 207.88 320142 K-5 LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 13.00 320143 KELLY SERVICES, INC. 2,525.25 320144 ROHRER, JACOB NATHAN 41.50 320145 SHOMAN, LORI 49.00 320146 XCEL ENERGY 300.51 320147 ALL AMERICAN TROHPIES 75.93 320148 ALLSTATE PETERBILT OF FARGO 31.68 320149 AMERITRAK FLEET SOLUTIONS LLC 203.83 320150 AUTO WASTE RECLAIMING 88.20 320151 BAIRD MD, JOHN R. 2,916.66 320152 BARKUS LAW FIRM, P.C. 2,966.25 320153 BERGSTROM ELECTRIC, INC. 28,200.00 320154 BORDER STATES PAVING, INC. 39,592.00 320155 BRIGHT FUTURES LEARNING CENTER 13,313.00 320156 CINTAS 5.05 320157 CITI LITES, INC. 373.00 320158 CITY OF FARGO 46.53 320159 CITY OF WEST FARGO 280.00 320160 COMMUNITY LIVING SERVICES, INC. 805.69 320161 CONCORDIA COLLEGE DINING SERVICES 8.04 320162 DREW'S GARAGE LLC 576.34 320163 ELECTION SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE, INC. 9.50 320164 F-M AMBULANCE SERVICE 900.00 320165 FAMILY HEALTHCARE CENTER 5,971.00 320166 FARGO CASS PUBLIC HEALTH 83,997.28 320167 FARGO TIRE SERVICE, INC. 61.72 320168 FARGO TRAILER CENTER 752.83 320169 FERGUSON WATERWORKS #2516 89,742.26 320170 FLEET PRIDE TRUCK AND TRAILER PARTS 60.00 320171 FORUM 299.20 320172 FRANKLIN, CHRISTINA 100.00 320173 FRASER CHILD CARE 700.00 320174 FRS INDUSTRIES, INC. 43.75 320175 F5 PROJECT 833.00 320176 GATEWAY CHEVROLET 68.27 320177 GENERAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES 5,100.00 320178 GLACIER DUST CONTROL 5,394.06 320179 GROMMESH FARMS INC. 6,640.00 320180 GROMMESH, GARY 1,250.00 320181 GROMMESH, JOHN J. 28,200.00 320182 HAIDER, NAVEED MD 5,875.00 320183 HOUSTON ENGINEERING 15,160.35 320184 INDUSTRIAL BUILDERS, INC. 9,804.10 320185 JACK HENRY & ASSOCIATES INC. 297.30 320186 KNIGHT PRINTING 406.22 320187 KOSIDOWSKI, KARI 41.40 320188 LIFTOFF LLC 480.00 320189 LIGHT AND SIREN 264.00 320190 LILEKS OIL CO. 669.00 320191 LOEGERING, GEORGE 2,900.00 320192 LOEGERING, STEVEN OR RHONDA 4,200.00 320193 LOFFLER COMPANIES 56.85 320194 LYMAN-LIPAN, SHILAH 3,020.00 320195 MARK SAND & GRAVEL DAKOTA CO 162,646.97 320196 MARQUART, ANDREW S 1,521.00 320197 MATTHEW BENDER & CO., INC. 450.00 320198 MENARDS 239.17 320199 MID-STATES WIRELESS, INC. 337.00 320200 MOORE ENGINEERING, INC. 3,897.50 320201 MOORHEAD ELECTRIC 1,975.00 320202 MOTION INDUSTRIES, INC. 7.79 320203 MOTOROLA 120,620.92 320204 MUNICIPAL AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF THE 4,011.15 320205 NAPA AUTO PARTS 48.97 320206 NDSU 51.00 320207 NELSON INTERNATIONAL 321.50 320208 NEPSTAD OIL CO. 1,281.36 320209 NETTESTAD, LINDSEY 18.04 320210 NORTHERN ENGINE & SUPPLY 44.90 320211 NORTHSTAR SAFETY, INC. 90,198.22 320212 NORTHWEST TIRE INC 960.35 320213 OFF THE WALL ADVERTISING 250.00 320214 OFFICE DEPOT 1,532.53 320215 OGLE, HILLARY 3,020.00 320216 OIL PATCH HOTLINE 50.00 320217 OK TIRE STORE 25.00 320218 OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY 565.68 320219 PE GROMMESH LLP 42,830.00 320220 PETRO SERVE USA 178.90 320221 PIGUE, STACY 48.88 320222 PRINTER SOLUTIONS 329.00 320223 PRODUCTIVITY PLUS ACCOUNT 444.44 320224 RAMADA FARGO 8,260.00 320225 RDO EQUIPMENT CO.-MOORHEAD 2,250.00 320226 RILEY BROS CONSTRUCTION 414,437.78 320227 SANDERS, LADINA 3,050.00 320228 SANFORD HEALTH 201.50 320229 SANFORD HEALTHCARE ACCESSORIES 93.60 320230 SANFORD OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE 276.00 320231 SCHEELS HOME & HARDWARE 839.97 320232 SCHERWEIT, KYLE 4,020.00 320233 SCHERWEIT, STEVEN 2,000.00 320234 SCHMIDT & ASSOCIATES 200.00 320235 SEACHANGE PRINT INNOVATIONS 98,256.06 320236 SHORTPRINTER 25.50 320237 SHOTWELLS FLORAL 50.00 320238 SOUTHPOINT REPAIR CENTER 1,320.60 320239 SPECTRUM HOME CARE COMPANIES 1,846.67 320240 STAPLES ADVANTAGE 254.50 320241 STEIG, JAYME OR KATRINA 4,200.00 320242 SUMMIT COMPANIES 624.00 320243 SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE, LLC 11,924.68 320244 TELCOLOGIX, LLC 347.50 320245 TOOL WAREHOUSE, INC. 25.01 320246 TOSHIBA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS USA 4.59 320247 TRADEMARK UNIFORMS 36.99 320248 TRIO ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING INC. 725.00 320249 VALLEY GREEN & ASSOCIATES 2,220.00 320250 VANGUARD APPRAISALS, INC. 486.00 320251 VERIZON WIRELESS-VSAT 126.00 320252 WEST CENTRAL REGIONAL JUV. CENTER 72,694.00 320253 WEST SIDE STEEL 79.83 320254 WSI MANUFACTURING CO. 182.97 320255 CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC CO-OP 134.00 320256 IOWA LEGAL AID 43.00 320257 MARTIN, JULIE 225.85 320258 MCGRAW, MICHELL LYNN 45.00 320259 OTTER TAIL POWER COMPANY 51.92 320260 PAULSON, ALYSSA MARIE 35.00 320261 TUNGSETH, LYNDSEY 390.00 320262 CASS COUNTY JAIL 630.00 320263 HANSON, BRIAN LEE 36.50 320264 HANSON, CATHERINE M 921.25 320265 KELLY SERVICES, INC. 850.50 320266 WEX BANK 611.08 320267 STRAIN MORMAN LAW FIRM 13.00 320268 STRAIN MORMAN LAW FIRM 13.00 320269 STURE, KEYLIE R 51.50 320270 VANDERHEYDEN LAW OFFICE 24.00 320271 NETCENTER TECHNOLOGIES 455.00 320272 PETERS, TRACY J. 442.13 320273 AR AUDIT 1,226.25 320274 CASS COUNTY DEPUTIES ASSOCIATION 251.50 320275 FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE 506.00 320276 MANHATTAN LIFE INSURANCE CO 60.62 320277 N.C. CHILD SUPPORT 499.00 320278 ND UNITED 1,102.08 320279 NDFOP STATE LODGE TREASURER 1,025.00 320280 PUKLICH CHEVROLET 132,672.00 320281 SABO, PETE 54.00 320282 SABO, PETE 30.00 320283 XCEL ENERGY 31,760.55 320284 CAPITAL CREDIT UNION 109.00 320285 HANSON, BRIAN LEE 54.00 320286 MELINDA WEERTS LAW PLLC 10.00 320287 MEYERS, TODD J 54.00 320288 OFFICE OF STATE TAX COMMISSIONER 6,200.93 320289 USSATIS, RITA 103.60 320290 VANDERHEYDEN LAW OFFICE 34.00 320291 VERIZON WIRELESS 84.25 320292 WEX BANK 10,221.43 TOTAL 2,391,117.84
(July 22, 2020) 2848888