REGULAR MEETING OF CASS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2022 1. MEETING CALLED TO ORDER Chairman Rick Steen called the meeting to order at 3:31 PM with all members present as follows: Rick Steen, Duane Breitling, Jim Kapitan, Mary Scherling, and Chad M. Peterson. 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Taylor Albrecht led the Pledge of Allegiance. 3. MINUTES APPROVED MOTION, passed Mr. Peterson moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as written. Motion carried. 4. AGENDA, Order approved MOTION, passed Mr. Breitling moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to approve the order of the agenda. Motion carried. 5. CONSENT AGENDA APPROVED MOTION, passed Mr. Kapitan moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to approve the consent agenda as follows: On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. a. Approve a bingo, raffle, and raffle board permit for Four Corners Wildlife Club to be held on January 29, 2022, at the Embden Community Center in Embden, North Dakota. b. Grant site authorization permit to conduct games of chance under license issued by the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office for the period of January 18, 2022, through June 30, 2022, for Veterans Incorporated at Bronco Bar in Chaffee, North Dakota. c. Approve special event permit for Downtown Tavern d/b/a The Boiler Room to serve alcoholic beverages on January 29, 2022, during the hours of 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM for a fundraiser at the Glasow Farm; 15916 45th Street Southeast in Davenport, ND. d. Authorize Sheriff’s Office to purchase two metal detectors in the amount of $7,238.94 and authorize the Sheriff’s Office to purchase a ballistic shield in the amount of $6,601.36. e. Authorize the Chair to sign the purchase order and quote with Fargo Glass and Paint Co. for the purchase of new windows for the Courthouse in the amount of $423,870; and authorize the Chair to sign the purchase order with Walz Enterprises for the purchase of third floor Rotunda bathroom remodel at the Courthouse in the amount of $13,540. f. Authorize the IT Director to purchase Veeam backup software on a 1-year subscription in the amount of $9,490 using funds within the current budget. g. Amend Commission Policy Manual Section 14.00, County Departments to update Finance Director, Brandy Madrigga; Commission Assistant, Taylor Albrecht, Information Technology Director, Bob Henderson; and Human Services, Gail Bollinger. h. Approve the additional carryover of annual leave balance for DeAnn Buckhouse, Robert Wilson, and Kristie Ross based on the exception allowed in Cass County Employee Handbook, Section 303. i. Contract approval— Summit Food Service LLC—contract amendment for Jail inmate meals increasing costs by 4.7% effective March 1, 2022. 6. PUBLIC COMMENT Mr. Steen asked for public comment and hearing none, moved on to the regular agenda items. 7. GRAND FARM, Chair authorized to sign letter of support Mr. Peterson said Grand Farm is an autonomous farm concept looking to expand in Cass County, in either Casselton or Kindred. He said the project is in the process of applying for an additional $10 million in grant funding and has asked the Commission to write a letter of support for the project. Mr. Peterson said this is a remarkable project the Commission needs to support. MOTION, passed Mr. Peterson moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to authorize the Chair to sign a letter of support for Grand Farm Research and Education Initiative’s application to the 2021 Autonomous Agriculture Matching Grant Program. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. 8. FINANCE OFFICE, Bell Bank Investment Portfolio presentation County Finance Director, Brandy Madrigga was present and said on June 7, 2021, upon the recommendation of the Finance Committee, the Board authorized the Finance Office to invest up to $25 million of Couty General Funds with Bell Bank. She said as of December 31, 2021, $12.5 million has been invested into fixed income investments including municipal bonds and mortgage-backed securities with annual coupon rates varying from 0.6% to 4%, with a portfolio yield of 1.09% at year end. She said interest income and accrued income less realized losses to date total $67,000 and management fees incurred total $5,800. She said the market valuation of the County’s current investment portfolio has declined since the initial investment resulting in an unrealized loss of $80,000. Zac Wanzek and Shannon Gephart from Bell Bank were present. Mr. Wanzek gave the Commission a detailed update and review of the County’s investment portfolio and how the markets have changed over the past six months. His review included information on the consumer price index, spread-to-worst across fixed income sectors, portfolio overview, portfolio sector, portfolio duration, and portfolio performance. Mr. Steen said the unrealized loss is no real loss unless the County was to liquidate the assets before maturity. Mr. Wanzek said that was correct and unrealized lost fluctuates as a result from changes in interest rates. 9. JAIL, Jail population forecast and design agreement with Klein McCarthy Architects approved Cass County Administrator, Robert Wilson was present and said one response to the County’s Request for Proposal for Jail population forecast and design options for expanded inmate capacity at the Cass County Jail was received from Klein McCarthy Architects. He said the County has worked with Klein McCarthy in the past and they are currently in the process of completing the Jail Intake Expansion project. Mr. Wilson said for the Board’s consideration today is an agreement to engage Klein McCarthy and their subcontractor, Bill Garnos, to complete an inmate population forecast and design options for expanded inmate capacity. He said the cost for the Klein McCarthy portion is $17,900 and the cost for the Bill Garnos portion is $8,000. The Cass County Building Committee reviewed the agreement earlier today and voted unanimously to recommend the County Commission authorize the agreement. MOTION, passed Mr. Peterson moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to authorize the Chair to sign the agreement with Klein McCarthy Architects to complete a population forecast and design options for expanded inmate capacity at the Cass County Jail. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. 10. FINANCE OFFICE, Election storage and training building proposal with Foss Architecture and Interiors approved Mr. Wilson said Cass County has received two proposals for design services and building plans for the proposed election storage and training facility, one from Foss Architecture and Interiors and the other from Micheal J. Burns Architects. He said the proposals are very comparable with the most noticeable differences being the timeline and cost. The Foss Architecture and Interiors timeline is approximately three months ahead of Micheal J. Burns Architects. Foss Architecture and Interiors cost is 4.5% of the final estimate of constriction cost and an additional 1% for construction administration, and Micheal J. Burns cost is $160 per hour through the design process, and after initial plans are finalized there would be a separate agreement to determine the project cost such as a percentage of construction costs or a lump sum based on the building cost estimate. Both proposals were reviewed by the Cass County Building Committee at their meeting earlier today where they voted unanimously to recommend the County Commission accept the proposal from Foss Architecture and Interiors with the stipulation that an AIA agreement is signed that includes an hourly rate and can be terminated at any time. Mrs. Scherling asked why the County is moving forward with the design phase if there has not been a final decision on if this is a project the County wants to complete. She said there should be further investigation into the current spaces the County has available and the space needs of the County. Mr. Peterson said he is not in favor of this project; however, he supports investigating what this facility would look like so the County can have an idea of how much it will cost and to be able to weigh the pros and cons of funding this project versus other projects with American Rescue Plan Act Funds (ARPA). Mrs. Scherling said there are a lot of important project proposals to utilize ARPA funds and County staff should inform the Building Committee of any future needs for their department before projects are finalized. MOTION, passed Mr. Peterson moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to accept the proposal for design services and building plans for County storage and training facility submitted by Foss Architecture and Interiors contingent upon an AIA contract with an hourly reimbursable rate that can be terminated at any time. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. 11. VOUCHERS, Approved MOTION, passed Mr. Steen moved and Mr. Peterson seconded to approve Voucher No. 328218 through Voucher No. 328456 and Electronic Payments 11510 through 11672 for a total of $4,788,842.86. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. 12. MEETING UPDATES, Committee reports Commissioners and staff reported on meetings they have attended or will be attending in the upcoming weeks. Mr. Wilson said he met with a local architect to discuss the scope for an update to the Highway Department Offices. He said there was discussion on various directions the remodel could go based on the space needs of local water boards and their interest in having their office at the Highway Department. He said the next step is to engage the local water boards and he will update the Board as more information is available. Mr. Wilson said he has attending meetings and had discussions on attendant care which is the care of juveniles while in the care of Law Enforcement or the Human Service Zone. He said there were legislative changes that will take effect soon and are going to affect the operation of the current attended care in Cass County. He said he will update the Board and there may be action requested in the future. Mr. Burdick said he and his staff are working on a resolution with the Argusville School property that was tax-forfeited to the County in late 2021. He said they are looking at the environmental impacts the property has on the community and working to identify grant funding to held aid in the cost of the demolition and cleanup of the building. He said he has been in contact with the former owner’s legal counsel and will continue to update the Board as progress is made. Mr. Burdick said he has been working on a lawsuit with KNB Properties LLC on the issue of the County’s Subdivision Ordinance. He said trial for the case has been set for October 2022. He said his office is considering other options to get a decision from the court earlier so everyone can move on. He said there will be more information and consideration for the Board on this matter in the future. Mr. Breitling commended the Veterans Service Office for their recent work to digitalize all of their files and their work to get back payments to local veterans. Mr. Jahner gave the Board an update on the current COVID situation at the Cass County Jail. He said approximately 41 positive COVID cases have been identified at the Jail. He said as soon as the first cases were detected, the Jail was put into lockdown. He said the COVID sickness and symptoms of inmates are mild. Mr. Jahner said nine staff member are out sick with a majority of them COVID positive. He said the Jail intake is limited due to needing to isolate inmates and to follow safety protocols. He assured the Board that public safety is being maintained and he looks forward to getting the inmates healthy and back to normal operating procedures. Mr. Jahner said a staff member was taken to the hospital on Monday night due to inhaling too much carbon dioxide when wearing an N95 mask for an extended period of time while on duty. He said the officer was released from the hospital and was able to finish the remainder of his shift. He said the incident was a good reminder to know the signs of carbon dioxide poisoning. He said all Jail staff are wearing the N95 masks to help mitigate the spread of COVID. 13. ADJOURNMENT MOTION, passed On motion by Mr. Peterson, seconded by Mr. Breitling and all-in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 4:41 PM. ATTEST: ____________________________ Brandy Madrigga, County Finance Director Cass County, North Dakota APPROVED: ____________________________ Rick Steen, Chairman Cass County Board of Commissioners PAYMENT REGISTER 11511 WELLS FARGO BANKS 4,306.96 11512 WELLS FARGO BANKS 153,755.22 11515 GREATER FM ECONOMIC DEV CORPORATION 700,000.00 11516 VALLEY SENIOR SERVICES 300,000.00 11519 KOSCIOLEK RENTAL LLC 30,625.56 11520 YOUTHWORKS 34,768.16 11640 AMS 2,115.90 11641 APPLIED CONCEPTS, INC. 8,765.00 11642 BATTERIES AND BULBS 324.84 11643 BERT’S TRUCK EQUIPMENT OF MHD 120.70 11644 BOB BARKER COMPANY, INC. 6,797.09 11645 BUSINESS ESSENTIALS 295.73 11646 CHILLER SYSTEMS, INC. 2,446.00 11647 CITY OF ARGUSVILLE 101.12 11648 CODE 4 SERVICES 4,399.30 11649 CTS LANGUAGELINK 136.01 11650 GALLS LLC 2,840.31 11651 HANSON-RUNSVOLD FUNERAL HOME 2,775.00 11652 HEALTH CENTER PHARMACY 16,100.30 11653 INTERSTATE ALL BATTERY CENTER 243.95 11654 KELNER COMMUNICATIONS 662.49 11655 LUTHER FAMILY FORD 612.12 11656 MARCO 20,520.90 11657 METRO COG 13,135.93 11658 NORTH DAKOTA ONE CALL 1.25 11659 NORTHERN PERFECTIONS, INC. 1,660.00 11660 NORTHERN STATES SUPPLY, INC. 153.20 11661 NORTHWEST DIVERS 225.90 11662 PHARMCHEM, INC. 2,848.50 11663 RDO EQUIPMENT CO.-FARGO 2,520.00 11664 RECORD KEEPERS, LLC. 825.27 11665 ROUGH RIDER INDUSTRIES 3,700.00 11666 SCHUMACHER SE, LTD. 1,388.79 11667 SECURUS 16,771.27 11668 SIR SPEEDY 380.58 11669 TURNKEY CORRECTIONS 639.69 11670 TYLER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 4,544.15 11671 VIVID PRINTING 383.00 11672 WALLWORK TRUCK CENTER 53.76 328218 BERNDT, DIANE RUTH 44.00 328219 CALIBER HOME LOANS/CORELOGIC INC 4,918.92 328220 CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC CO-OP 2,433.44 328221 CASS COUNTY FINANCE 2.00 328222 CASS COUNTY RECORDER 20.00 328223 CITY OF WEST FARGO 435.00 328224 MADSEN, DANIEL OR LYNN 879.56 328225 OPGRAND, JOHN OR JULIE 813.10 328226 SEGOVIA, JOANN R 505.92 328227 STRAUS, JOE OR ALISA 224.80 328228 CAPITAL CREDIT UNION 6.53 328229 CASS COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT 420.00 328230 CLARINDA ANNE HART 43.00 328231 CP BUSINESS MANAGEMENT - APARTMENTS 35,739.54 328232 GIFTY GIADYU 44.00 328233 JEFFERY J HARRIE, DDS PC 27.00 328234 KORBEL, JEAN 193.01 328235 LANGER, RUSSELL 30.00 328236 SERVICE LINK 130.81 328237 SMITH, NOLA 189.82 328238 WILLITS, MARK 900.00 328239 WIXO, SYLVIA 224.45 328240 XSTREAM PROPERTIES LLP 283.43 328241 AMERICAN MAIL HOUSE, INC. 711.54 328242 CASS COUNTY FINANCE 2.00 328243 CASS COUNTY JAIL 635.00 328244 CASS COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT 70.00 328245 CITY OF WEST FARGO 24.00 328246 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, INC. 36,297.80 328247 ND ASSOCIATION OF COUNTIES 150.00 328248 THE PIFER GROUP INC 2,350.16 328249 TITLE365 115.54 328250 CASS COUNTY RECORDER 40.00 328251 DREAMTEAM RENTALS 44.00 328252 KLINE, MISTY ANNETTE 88.00 328253 MCDONALD FARM 42,876.56 328254 PETERSON, VICKI 49.00 328255 SCHATZKE, HOPE MARIE 44.00 328256 SKINNER, CASEY 65.00 328257 TWETEN, MICHELLE M 41.50 328258 CASS COUNTY COUNCIL ON AGING, INC. 95,941.00 328259 CASS COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY 240,000.00 328260 DAVISON, LAURA J. 413.65 328261 ENRIQUEZ, JUAN 163.52 328262 FIRSTLINK/HOTLINE 7,000.00 328263 GRUSSING, RENEE M. 513.98 328264 HOMEWARD ANIMAL SHELTER 5,000.00 328265 JOHNSON, LISA 113.12 328266 LAKE AGASSIZ REGIONAL 27,000.00 328267 OTTER TAIL POWER COMPANY 92.78 328268 PARROW, JEREMY 147.84 328269 RED RIVER VALLEY FAIR ASSOC. 500,000.00 328270 RURAL CASS AMBULANCE & 255,000.00 328271 SELZER, RENATA OLAFSON 492.00 328272 SERVICELINK 244.90 328273 SMYTH, JENNY 208.88 328274 SORUM, MARLENE 371.30 328275 TERSA ASHLEY JEAN LOVEJOY 26.50 328276 XCEL ENERGY 58,148.09 328277 GIERMANN, DEAN & TONYA 30.00 328278 LILLIBRIDGE, CHARLES & ALVINA 276.48 328279 MARK A LEACHMAN PC 44.00 328280 ND COUNTY AUDITORS’ ASSOC. 375.00 328281 NILLES, ELIZABETH H 1,005.00 328282 SCHATZKE, DARRELL 28.00 328283 WIELAND INVESTMENTS LLLP 4,395.24 328284 EGEBERG, DUANE & MERLE 40.00 328285 MANIKOWSKE, THOMAS 118.63 328286 STATE BOARD OF LAW EXAMINERS 324.29 328287 ABDULAI SHERIFF 40.50 328288 CENTRAL MINNESOTA CREDIT UNION 26.00 328289 CITY OF FARGO 317,861.33 328290 CORELOGIC 209,548.58 328291 FRONT RANGE LEGAL PROCESS SERVICES 19.00 328292 JAY WYLIE PELTIER 36.50 328293 KELLERMAN, BEVERLY A 1,000.00 328294 KOLDEN, ANGELA 23.96 328295 NDHFA 10,265.91 328296 WEX BANK 11,955.10 328297 BORSHEIM CRANE SERVICE 20.00 328298 CORELOGIC TAX SERVICES 83.88 328299 DAVID GEORGE PETERSEN 637.24 328300 HEILMAN, BRUCE & SHEILA 47.29 328301 INTER-COMMUNITY TELEPHONE CO. 150.00 328302 KARI MOE 49.00 328303 POLAR COMMUNICATIONS 1.91 328304 VERIZON WIRELESS 82.51 328305 YWCA 3,656.75 328306 GATE CITY BANK 12,082.65 328307 HAGEN, JAMES S 14.00 328308 KEZELE, FLOMO 29.00 328309 M & B STORAGE LLC 630.74 328310 OFFICE DEPOT BUSINESS CREDIT 174.95 328311 SAM’S CLUB/SYNCHRONY BANK 473.68 328312 SCHOCK, LANDI L 41.50 328313 SHERIFF, RAMSEY COUNTY 70.00 328314 STIBBE, WILLIAM & SUSAN 355.79 328315 STOCKDALE, STEVEN ALLEN 2,919.09 328316 CASS COUNTY JAIL 650.00 328317 CORELOGIC CENTRALIZED REFUNDS 1,442.01 328318 FLIETH, LYNN 605.78 328319 HANSEN, SCOTT J 730.76 328321 VERIZON WIRELESS 22,760.73 328322 WELLS FARGO REAL ESTATE TAX SERVICE 7,817.06 328323 XCEL ENERGY 46.39 328324 A TRANSMISSION CITY, INC. 231.00 328325 ALLSTATE PETERBILT OF FARGO 348.53 328326 BERGSTROM ELECTRIC, INC. 23,656.28 328327 BEYOND BOUNDARIES SPEECH LANGUAGE 477.00 328328 BHG, INC. 125.00 328329 BRENNAN’S GARAGE LLC 107.25 328330 CALERO SOFTWARE LLC 1,448.00 328331 CANON USA, INC. 3,250.00 328332 CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING 458.40 328333 CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC COOP 4,950.00 328334 CASS COUNTY 4-H COUNCIL 2,226.81 328335 CHRISTIANSON’S BUS. FURNITURE 3,182.85 328336 CINTAS 6.22 328337 CITICARGO & STORAGE 75.00 328338 CITY OF DAVENPORT 59.25 328339 CLAY COUNTY RECORDER 52.00 328340 COLE PAPERS, INC. 59.24 328341 COLLIN’S STEAM CLEANING 385.00 328342 COMMUNITY LIVING SERVICES, INC. 857.90 328343 CONSOLIDATED COMMUNICATIONS 4,272.27 328344 CORWIN CHRYSLER DODGE 5,646.32 328345 DAKOTA FLUID POWER, INC. 110.54 328346 DAKOTA MAILING & SHIPPING EQUIP INC 114.00 328347 DAKOTALAND AUTOGLASS, INC-SF 115.94 328348 DELL MARKETING, LP. 289,044.87 328349 DIRKSEN, GAYLE 58.24 328350 DON’S CAR WASH 25.99 328351 DOYLE YELLOW CHECKER CAB, INC. 492.83 328352 EMPIRE FUNERAL SUPPLY INC 3,316.20 328353 F-M AMBULANCE SERVICE 1,903.97 328354 FARGO CASS PUBLIC HEALTH 357.00 328355 FARGO HOUSING AUTHORITY 1,451.74 328356 FARUOLO, CHARLIE 162.90 328357 FORUM 4,872.23 328358 FRS INDUSTRIES, INC. 33.20 328359 GORDY’S SERVICE CENTER 16.00 328360 GRAINGER, W.W. 223.00 328361 HAIDER, NAVEED MD 5,750.00 328362 HARRIS, SUSAN 58.80 328363 HEALTHCARE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES 83.67 328364 HIGH PLAINS TECHNOLOGY 21,496.65 328365 HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL, INC. 7,689.39 328366 HOUSTON ENGINEERING 13,033.00 328367 HSO ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS, LLC 225.00 328368 HUBER ELECTRIC, INC. 579.00 328369 INDUSTRIAL BUILDERS, INC. 288,483.69 328370 INFORMATION SYSTEMS, CORP. 3,295.00 328371 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPT. 10,142.52 328372 INSTITUTIONAL EYE CARE 86.50 328373 IVERSON, MATTHEW 96.00 328374 JOHNSON CONTROLS FIRE PROTECTION LP 517.00 328375 JOHNSON, KYLE 96.00 328376 JORAMO, MARLYS K 85.68 328377 KADRMAS, LEE & JACKSON, INC. 16,697.81 328378 KASOWSKI GUBRUD REPAIR 179.50 328379 KORSMO FUNERAL HOME 1,101.42 328380 LANEY’S, INC. 44,375.00 328381 LIBERTY BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC. 4,691.44 328382 LILEKS OIL CO. 1,080.40 328383 LILL, ASHLEY 68.32 328384 LPO CONFERENCE ACCOUNT 1,130.84 328385 M.I.G. HOLDINGS 213.01 328386 MARQUART, ANDREW S 288.00 328387 MARSH & MCLENNAN AGENCY LLC 22,566.00 328388 MATTHEW BENDER & CO., INC. 513.72 328389 MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL 1,501.32 328390 MENARDS 172.61 328391 MICK’S SCUBA 6,675.95 328392 MID-STATES WIRELESS, INC. 19,610.50 328393 MJ DALSIN CO. OF ND, INC. 307.78 328394 MORROW, DENICE 364.32 328395 MOTOROLA 6,932.09 328396 MOUNTAIN PLAINS YOUTH SERVICES 4,950.00 328397 NAPA AUTO PARTS 134.45 328398 ND ASSOCIATION OF COUNTIES 1,093.00 328399 ND ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE 19,941.00 328400 ND CONCRETE COUNCIL 50.00 328401 ND COUNTY RECORDERS ASSOCIATION 200.00 328402 ND COUNTY TREASURER’S ASSOCIATION 375.00 328403 ND DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION 49,515.91 328404 ND STATE RADIO COMMUNICATIONS 2,400.00 328405 NDEMA 100.00 328406 NDLTAP/UGPTI 200.00 328407 NELSON INTERNATIONAL 1,242.08 328408 NEPSTAD OIL CO. 4,476.64 328409 NEXUS INNOVATIONS INC. 1,312.50 328410 NORTH STAR POLYGRAPH 6,250.00 328411 OCCUPATIONAL RESEARCH & ASSESSMENT 4,666.00 328412 OFF THE WALL ADVERTISING 385.00 328413 OFFICE DEPOT 1,033.17 328414 OK TIRE STORE 80.00 328415 OMNI GROUP INTERNATIONAL 125.00 328416 OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY 1,497.63 328417 PANASONIC CORPORATION OF NORTH AMER 843.66 328418 PETRO SERVE USA 16,952.24 328419 PIGUE, STACY 67.76 328420 PRECISION PRINTING OF MINNESOTA INC 110.00 328421 PRINTER SOLUTIONS 208.00 328422 PRO FORMS 44.53 328423 PRO-WEST & ASSOCIATES, INC. 4,400.00 328424 RADISSON HOTEL BISMARCK 1,382.40 328425 RADISSON HOTEL FARGO 259.20 328426 REALTOR MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 190.00 328427 RJ ZAVORAL & SONS INC 37,449.70 328428 SANFORD OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE 1,133.00 328429 SCHEELS HOME & HARDWARE 357.87 328430 SHERIFF, CLAY COUNTY 394.30 328431 SHOTWELLS FLORAL 90.00 328432 SIMPLIFILE LC 296.25 328433 SMITH, BETSY 200.00 328434 SOMEPLACE SAFE PTC 100.00 328435 STAPLES ADVANTAGE 112.90 328436 STEINMETZ, ANDREA OR JON 24.70 328437 STRAUS TAILOR SHOP 420.00 328438 SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE, LLC 22,855.15 328439 T F POWERS CONSTRUCTION CO 251,180.00 328440 TACTICAL PRODUCTS & SERVICES INC 10,050.07 328441 TANG, RACHELE 35.28 328442 TELCOLOGIX, LLC 2,825.00 328443 THOMSON REUTERS-WEST PAYMENT CENTER 479.91 328444 TK ELEVATOR 1,517.57 328445 UKG INC 35,012.65 328446 USA TODAY 287.50 328447 VALLEY GREEN & ASSOCIATES 3,400.00 328448 VANGUARD APPRAISALS, INC. 16,200.00 328449 VERIZON WIRELESS-VSAT 85.00 328450 VICTORY SUPPLY 2,417.00 328451 VINCO, INC. 115,807.11 328452 WALZ ENTERPRISES 3,120.00 328453 WEST CENTRAL REGIONAL JUV. CENTER 43,311.00 328454 WEST FUNERAL HOMES 2,200.00 328455 WEST SIDE STEEL 708.50 328456 ZAK, VICTORIA 6.16 TOTAL 4,788,842.86 (Feb. 9, 2022) 25698