REGULAR MEETING OF CASS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS APRIL 18, 2022 1. MEETING CALLED TO ORDER Chairman Rick Steen called the meeting to order at 3:33 PM with all members present as follows: Rick Steen, Duane Breitling, Jim Kapitan, Mary Scherling, and Chad M. Peterson. 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Taylor Kaushagen led the Pledge of Allegiance. 3. MINUTES APPROVED MOTION, passed Mrs. Scherling moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as written. Motion carried. 4. AGENDA, Order approved MOTION, passed Mr. Kapitan moved and Mr. Peterson seconded to approve the order of the agenda. Motion carried. 5. CONSENT AGENDA APPROVED MOTION, passed Mr. Kapitan moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to approve the consent agenda as follows: On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. a. Receive monthly financial statement from the Finance Office for month ended March 31, 2022. b. Adopt and authorize chair to sign Resolution #2022-06, proclamation for National Foster Care Month, May 2022 NATIONAL FOSTER CARE MONTH 2022 Honoring, Uniting, and Celebrating Families RESOLUTION #2022-06 WHEREAS, the family, serving as the primary source of love, identity, self-esteem, and support, is the very foundation of our communities and our State, and WHEREAS, in Cass County there are approximately 235 children and youth in foster care being provided with a safe, secure, and stable home along with the compassion and nurture of a foster family, and WHEREAS, foster families, who open their homes and hearts and give hope to children whose families are in crisis, play a vital role helping children and families heal and reconnect, and launching children into successful adulthood, and WHEREAS, there are numerous individuals, public and private organizations who work to increase public awareness of the needs of children in and leaving foster care as well as the enduring and valuable contribution of foster parents, and the foster care “system” is only as good as those who choose to be part of it, NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Steen, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Chair of the Board of Cass County Commissioners do hereby proclaim May of 2022 as FOSTER CARE MONTH in Cass County and urge all citizens to come forward and do something positive that will help change a lifetime for children and youth in foster care. c. Approve purchase of strategic plan proposal services with JM Strategies in the amount of $5,000. d. Approve budget adjustment for Subdivision Ordinance update in the amount of $15,246; and approve a purchase and budget adjustment for the Veterans Service Office for scanning services with Metro Sales Inc. in the amount of $3,040.00. e. Authorize quote and purchase order with Lakeside Construction and Services Inc. for County Road 9 pipe boring work in the amount of $51,400.00. f. Authorize purchase with CDW-G, LLC to replace video conferencing equipment at the Jail in the amount of $8,745.49 g. Approve raffle permit for Four Coroners Wildlife Club to be held on June 23, 2022 at the Embden Community Center in Embden, North Dakota. h. Grant a site authorization permit to conduct games of chance under license issued by the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office for the period of July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, for Arc Upper Valley at Club 94 in Casselton, North Dakota. i. Approve increase of the 2022 General Fund transfer out budget and 2022 Capital Project Funds transfer in budget by $573,502 each and authorize the transfer of $1,525,062 from the General Fund to the Capital Projects Fund. j. Authorize County to serve as fiscal agent for Extension CAP and Nurturing Program grants. k. Contract approval—approve six new flood lot leases with Ben Saucke. 6. PUBLIC COMMENT Mr. Steen asked for public comment. Byron Raynie of 1710 Evergreen Way in West Fargo was present and said he opposes the proposed 2,000-mile-long carbon pipeline and urges the Cass County Commission to discourage the project. He said there is no scientific basis to support capturing the carbon from ethanol plants will have a positive impact on the environment. He said there are other pipelines in place already that will almost crisscross each other and he is fearful a lot of money is being spent on pipelines. Hearing no further public comment, Mr. Steen moved on to the regular agenda items. 7. RESOLUTION #2022-05, Public hearing/approve issuance of MIDA Bonds by the City of Frontier on behalf of Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation Attorney Jim Stewart was present to discuss a proposal from the City of Frontier to issue revenue bonds under the Municipal Industrial Development Act (MIDA). The proceeds from these bonds will be used to finance the acquisition of a warehouse and functionally related facilities located at 405 14th Street North and 1321 4th Avenue North in Fargo and pay the costs of issuing the Bonds. The Project will be owned and operated by Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation, a North Dakota nonprofit corporation. The amount of the proposed bonds issued will not exceed $2,550,000. Chairman Steen opened the public hearing for comments and hearing none, closed the public hearing. MOTION, passed Mr. Kapitan moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to adopt Resolution #2022-05, a resolution approving the Issuance of Bonds by the City of Frontier, North Dakota, on behalf of Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Foundation under the Municipal Industrial Development Act and authorize the execution of an agreement. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. 8. SUMMIT CARBON SOLUTIONS CARBON DIOXIDE PIPELINE PROJECT, Introduction Summit Carbon Solutions Safety Environmental Manager, Jay Volk, was present to discuss a project that would capture carbon dioxide at 31 ethanol plants, carry the carbon capture through a 2,000-mile-long pipeline through North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska, to an injection site in North Dakota where it would be permanently stored in deep underground geologic formations. He said the project is under contract with 32 ethanol plants today with plans to transport 8.9 million tons of carbon and the potential with the proposed pipeline to transport 20 million tons. 303.82 miles of the pipeline will be in North Dakota with 20.74 miles being in Cass County. Mr. Volk said the project would have range in size of the pipeline from 6 inches to 24 inches in the main line. Mr. Volk said if you take three pounds of corn-one pound of output is ethanol, one pound of output is dried distillers grain, and the remaining pound is carbon emission. He said this project would take the carbon out of the environment and help stabilize the ethanol market thus also maintaining corn prices. He said North Dakota has ideal geology for storing carbon. Mr. Volk said the project capital investment is $4.5 billion with over $360 million in North Dakota. Mrs. Scherling asked if the pipeline is explosive or deadly if the carbon escapes. Mr. Volk said yes, the carbon would turn into a gas, he said safety valves would be put in segments to block off flow in the event of an escape. He said Summit Carbon Solutions is exceeding safety standards to reduce safety risks including extra weld capacity, digging the pipeline further into the ground, and having a well monitored detection and status systems. Mrs. Scherling asked how much carbon can be stored in the storage area in North Dakota. Mr. Volk said the storage area has over 250 billion metric tons of storage potential, a virtually infinite amount as North Dakota has ideal geological formations for carbon storage. Mrs. Scherling asked how Summit Carbon Solutions will determine the value of easements needed to complete the project. Mr. Volk said negotiations are started at 115% of the land cost and an upfront three-year disturbance payment with 100% disturbance and productivity cost on the land in year one, 80% in year two, and 60% in year three. Mrs. Scherling asked if farmland can still be used and farmed over the top of the pipeline. Mr. Volk said the land can still be farmed; however, no structures can be built. Mrs. Scherling said much of Cass County is tiled, she asked how this will be handled. Mr. Volk said Summit has contracted with a drain tiling company to complete work to repair and warranty drain tile and irrigation work during and after the project. Mr. Steen asked if the area is the same land and formations used for oil drilling. Mr. Volk said the formations are non-oil bearing. Mr. Steen asked if the carbon deposited into the geological formation will remain in the ground forever. Mr. Volk said yes, once injected, the carbon will mineralize over a long period of time and disperse. Mr. Peterson asked if the project is expandable. Mr. Volk said the storage capacity in the storage area is 250 billion tons and the pipeline is predicted to carry 12 million tons per year. He said there is room for potential growth with the permitting and pipeline being proposed. Mr. Steen asked what the benefit of the carbon storage is to North Dakota. Mr. Volk said the benefit is to help the ethanol industry that is large in North Dakota and the Midwest, along with decreasing the carbon dioxide being emitted into the air and decreases the ethanol carbon index score. He said the project will be relevant and valuable for many years. 9. JAIL, US Marshals Service Modification of Intergovernmental Agreement approved Cass County Jail Administrator, Captain Andy Frobig was present and said the US Marshall Service has proposed an addendum to the existing contract for services. He said the Jail is already compliant with nearly all the proposed changes related to medical services, pregnant or post-partum prisoners, video teleconferencing, body camera information requests, and restricting housing and suicide prevention. Mr. Frobig said the only changes that needs to be implemented relates to Inmate voting education and access to which the Jail will accommodate. He said the voting requirements will not require much change or additional workload, simply giving inmates information and access to voting. Mr. Frobig said the addendum has been reviewed and approved by the Cass County State’s Attorney’s Office. MOTION, passed Mr. Peterson moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to approve the addendum to the US Department of Justice United States Marshals Service contract as presented. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. 10. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Firewall purchase approved Information Technology Director, Bob Henderson was present and discussed the purchase of two firewalls to secure the County building network. In 2021 the County was awarded a grant from the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services (NDDES) to provide phishing training and a more secure connection to the County building network. Mr. Henderson said the County has already completed and been reimbursed for the phishing training, and funds from the grant are left over and expired December 31, 2021. He said he worked with the NDDES to get an extension of the grant to purchase firewalls to secure the building network by August of 2022. Mr. Henderson said the request today is to approve the nonbudgeted item of two firewalls in the amount of $22,723 to be reimbursed by NDDES grant funds. Mr. Breitling said there is a subscription fee as part of the quoted cost for three years, he asked if the County would need to continue the subscription after the initial three-year period. Mr. Henderson said yes, the County would need to continue paying the subscription fee each year out of the Buildings and Grounds budget and is now at a cost of approximately $1,200. Mr. Wilson said there is a great amount of technology and remote control to many of the County building services and it is important to ensure this network is secure. MOTION, passed Mrs. Scherling moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to approve the purchase of two Palo Alto Firewalls with a three-year subscription from High Point Networks in the amount of $22,723 to be reimbursed by North Dakota Department of Emergency Services grant funds. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. 11. FARGO NATIONAL CEMETERY Jason Hicks, Commander for the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard was present to discuss opportunities near the Fargo National Cemetery. Mr. Hicks said the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard was created as a group to represent all local Veteran Groups to adequately handle honor guard duties. He said they are established as a non-profit 501(c)3 orginization that can raise money and accept government donations. He said their goal is to provide all veterans with proper military honors. Mr. Hicks said currently at the Fargo National Cemetery there is a small pagoda structure to hold ceremonies and limited parking. The Fargo National Cemetery is owned and operated by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Mr. Hicks said the VA requires a National Cemetery to be larger than 100 acres to have a building and the Fargo National Cemetery currently has five acres. He said the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard would like to purchase land next to the Fargo National Cemetery to construct a parking lot and building to hold ceremonies and provide a space for loved ones to gather. Mr. Hicks said the VA has strict guidelines for ceremonies and only allows 20 minutes per ceremony. He said they do not allow other cultural ceremonies such as Native American ceremonies. He said the Honor Guard would like to see the property become a destination with landscape features, a spot for Native American ceremonies to be held, donor recognition, and fundraising memorial benches. Mr. Hicks said the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard has been in contact with the nearby property owner, Jacob Gust, who is willing to sell five acres of land to locate the building and parking lot; however, Mr. Gust has a stipulation that a governmental entity must be involved to ensure the property is always well taken care of in the event the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard does not have the resources to keep the property maintained. Mr. Hicks said the VA has contacted Mr. Gust to purchase his additional land of approximately 32 acres to expand the Fargo National Cemetery. Mr. Hicks said the discussion today is to purchase three to five acres of land from Mr. Gust, donate the land to the County, and the County lease the land to Fargo Memorial Honor Guard. He said this would fulfil Mr. Hick’s request and allow the Honor Guard to fill their needs. Mrs. Scherling asked what the role of the federal government is in this situation. Mr. Hicks said the VA has said they will only construct a building if there are over 100 acres and the Honor Guard has worked with Senator Hoeven’s Office, however, no federal assistance has come through. Mrs. Scherling asked how state cemeteries are funded. Mr. Hicks said state cemeteries are fully funded through the state, Fargo National Cemetery is a national cemetery not a state cemetery. He said the Honor Guard would get donations to construct the building privately. Mr. Peterson said he supports the needs and the good the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard does for the community. He said he struggles with the process the Honor Guard is using to fill their needs, he said proper channels need to be used to get the facility built. He said additional work needs to be done with the state and national government. Mr. Peterson said if the County agrees to the donation and lease, the County is agreeing to eventually maintain a federal cemetery which is not a responsibility of the County or County taxpayers. He said the project is needed and needs to be done properly. Property owner near the Fargo National Cemetery, Jacob Gust, was present and said he is in support of the proposed project and believes it is needed, however, he said he is concerned that someday the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard will not have the resources to continue maintaining the property. He said he has tried to discuss his concerns with the VA and they will not discuss the details of what will go on the property after they purchase it. Mr. Gust said he is willing to sell the property to the Honor Guard and deed the property directly to the County. Mr. Steen said it seems that all parties involved are supportive of the project and a way forward needs to be identified that everyone is satisfied with. He suggested County Administrator, Robert Wilson be the point of contact for the County on this project going forward. 12. FLOOD CONTROL, State Water Commission reimbursement request approved For consideration today is the 123rd request for eligible expenses incurred from February 1, 2022 to February 28, 2022, for local matching share requirements outlined by House Bill 1020 for the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area Risk Management Project. The request is for land purchase and relocation assistance for homeowners living in areas of the Diversion project, environmental monitoring easement, Drain 27 directional bore, pay application #8 for Belmont Flood Risk Management Project phase 2, electrical pay application #5 for Riverwood Flood Management project flood mitigation, and pay application #19 for WWTF Phase 2B expansion storm water portion. MOTION, passed Mr. Breitling moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to authorize the Chair to sign reimbursement request #123 in the amount of $3,945,477.58 to the State Water Commission to distribute funds to the Metro Flood Diversion Authority according to the terms and conditions of House Bill 1020. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. 13. VOUCHERS, Approved MOTION, passed Mr. Peterson moved and Mr. Breitling seconded to approve Voucher No. 329712 through Voucher No. 329937 and Electronic Payments 11960 through 12069 for a total of $1,404,338.33. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. 14. MEETING UPDATES, Committee reports Commissioners and staff reported on meetings they have attended or will be attending in the upcoming weeks. Ms. Madrigga said Cass County revived two awards from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA); a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial reporting for fiscal year ended December 31, 2020 and the GFOA’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting. 15. CORRESPONDENCE, Received and filed MOTION, passed Mr. Breitling moved and Mr. Kapitan seconded to receive and file correspondence outlined by the secretary as follows: Motion carried. - Letter from North Dakota Water Resource Districts Association notifying that their 2022 Joint Summer Water Meeting and Executive Briefing is scheduled for July 11 to July 13 at the Holiday Inn in Fargo. - Information from the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation’s Growth Initiative Fund for fiscal year 2021 and activity reports detailing administrative activity, funding activity, loan approvals, loan funding, and grants. 16. ADJOURNMENT MOTION, passed On motion by Mr. Kapitan, seconded by Mr. Peterson and all-in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 5:28 PM. ATTEST: ________________________ Brandy Madrigga, County Finance Director Cass County, North Dakota APPROVED: ________________________ Rick Steen, Chairman Cass County Board of Commissioners PAYMENT REGISTER 12032 ABT DATA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 738.83 12033 ADAPCO, INC. 31,104.00 12034 AMERICAN WELDING & GAS, INC. 89.62 12035 AMS 1,738.60 12036 BRENCO CORPORATION 80.85 12037 BUSINESS ESSENTIALS 178.05 12038 CODE 4 SERVICES 104.50 12039 CTS LANGUAGELINK 177.91 12040 CURT’S LOCK & KEY SERVICE, INC. 51.52 12041 FOSS ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORS 3,120.00 12042 GALLS LLC 3,820.23 12043 HEALTH CENTER PHARMACY 13,509.92 12044 HUNTER GRAIN COMPANY 1,673.00 12045 INLAND TRUCK PARTS & SERVICE 2,456.11 12046 INTOXIMETERS 800.00 12047 KELNER COMMUNICATIONS 530.00 12048 LUTHER FAMILY FORD 678.46 12049 M-R SIGN COMPANY, INC. 125.20 12050 MAXAIR LLC 344.20 12051 MIDWEST OVERHEAD CRANE 321.82 12052 MINNKOTA 48.00 12053 NELCO FIRST AID, INC. 473.90 12054 NORTH DAKOTA ONE CALL 3.90 12055 NORTHERN STATES SUPPLY, INC. 32.01 12056 O’REILLY AUTO PARTS 195.77 12057 PHARMCHEM, INC. 3,082.10 12058 POSITIVE CONCEPTS 159.12 12059 PPI CONSULTING 560.00 12060 PROFESSIONAL BUILDING SERVICE, INC. 27,017.95 12061 RDO EQUIPMENT CO.-FARGO 3,247.00 12062 RECORD KEEPERS, LLC. 140.50 12063 SCHUMACHER SE, LTD. 64.70 12064 SECURUS 20,454.25 12065 STREICHER’S 2,593.99 12066 STRUCTURAL MATERIALS, INC. 269.40 12067 TURNKEY CORRECTIONS 811.62 12068 TYLER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 4,817.10 12069 WALLWORK TRUCK CENTER 73.32 329712 FRONT RANGE LEGAL PROCESS SERVICES 44.00 329713 FRONT RANGE LEGAL PROCESS SERVICES 29.00 329714 FRONT RANGE LEGAL PROCESS SERVICES 61.50 329715 JACI BROOKE BARRON 39.00 329716 LISA WILLIAMS 34.00 329717 OLMOS, FABIOLA 36.50 329718 PAULSEN, JOEL 128.76 329719 SMYTH, JENNY 108.81 329720 UNDEM LAW OFFICE 20.50 329721 CASS COUNTY FINANCE 134,333.57 329722 ND ASSOCIATION OF COUNTIES 7,704.18 329723 SERKLAND LAW FIRM 10.00 329724 XCEL ENERGY 3,977.25 329725 AMER M JOK 41.50 329726 ERNST, ANGELA 277.71 329727 FLAAGAN, PATTY 173.77 329728 JOANNA DOUSUAH 44.00 329729 POLAR COMMUNICATIONS 126.18 329730 USSATIS, RITA 193.07 329731 WALN, ZACKERY 194.70 329732 WIENCKOWSKI, DENISE 413.61 329733 ZEBADIAH RONALD FOLLMAN 39.50 329734 BROWN, MAVIS 140.40 329735 CASS COUNTY JAIL 630.00 329736 DAKOTA COUNTY DISTRICT COURT 28.00 329737 ENRIQUEZ, JUAN 182.52 329738 FRONT RANGE LEGAL PROCESS SERVICES 33.00 329739 GRUSSING, RENEE M. 564.16 329740 HARRIS, SUSAN 156.20 329741 HOCHHALTER, EMMA 107.06 329742 INSERRA KELLEY SEWELL 41.50 329743 INTER-COMMUNITY TELEPHONE CO. 150.00 329744 JEFFERSON APARTMENTS 570.00 329745 MICHAEL ELLIS PERCY 39.00 329746 MICHAEL LAROSIER 41.50 329747 NEXUS-PATH, INC. 13,500.00 329748 PARROW, JEREMY 124.61 329749 RAGUSE, ERICA 201.24 329750 ROSE CREEK DEVELOPMENT CORP 495.23 329751 SAM’S CLUB/GEMB 398.02 329752 SCOTT BENNETT ROEHRICH 44.00 329753 SMYTH, JENNY 156.20 329754 XCEL ENERGY 6,602.42 329755 ALL TERRAIN GROUND MAINTENANCE 4.00 329756 BOSSERMAN, MARK 42.00 329757 BUTLER, LAWRENCE OR MAUREEN SUZA 76.18 329758 COLLINS, JEANETTE K 257.50 329759 ERICKSON, JENNIFER L 385.59 329760 FRONT RANGE LEGAL PROCESS SERVICE 69.00 329761 FRONT RANGE LEGAL PROCESS SERVICES 0.00 329762 HANNA & VOLMERT, LLC 40.50 329763 JOE IRBY LAW FIRM 40.50 329764 KIRCHER, ROBERT L OR GAIL L 219.52 329765 REILLY, MADALYN 275.46 329766 BEASECKER, ROBERT 11.50 329767 FRONT RANGE LEGAL PROCESS SERVICE 44.00 329768 KLEFSTAD, MEAGAN JEANANN 39.00 329769 SWEERE, CAROL 34.00 329770 ACCOUNTS MANAGEMENT, INC 19.00 329771 ADJUTANT GENERAL 2,860.19 329772 BNSF RAILWAY COMPANY 300.00 329773 GALLATIN COUNTY ATTORNEY’S OFFICE 44.00 329774 HANSON, BRIAN LEE 39.00 329775 HANSON, BRIAN LEE 24.00 329776 HUMMEL, BRENT M 34.00 329777 SABO, SARA 44.00 329778 TRAYLOR, SHARON 158.00 329779 WISER TOWNSHIP - TAX 2,571.31 329780 BORSHEIM CRANE SERVICE 315.00 329781 CASS COUNTY CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT 28,403.03 329782 CITY OF FARGO 313,061.33 329783 DOOLEY, MARK 143.86 329784 MARK HELLERUD ATTORNEY AT LAW 35.50 329785 RED RIVER CHILD ADVOCACY CENTER 825.00 329786 SMITH, LEE HENRY 39.00 329787 SMITH, LEE HENRY 44.00 329788 OHNSTAD TWICHELL 0.00 329789 ACME ELECTRIC COMPANIES 444.18 329790 ALLSTATE PETERBILT OF FARGO 137.49 329791 AMERMAN, KIMBA 600.00 329792 ANY LAB TEST NOW FARGO 665.00 329793 APCO INTERNATIONAL 210.00 329794 AUTO VALUE 415.39 329795 BALCO UNIFORM COMPANY, INC. 6,122.56 329796 BARKUS LAW FIRM, P.C. 3,148.70 329797 BDS LAUNDRY SYSTEMS 59,347.00 329798 BENSON, JASON 94.40 329799 BERGSTROM ELECTRIC, INC. 13,775.94 329800 BROWNELLS, INC. 2,757.22 329801 BUTLER MACHINERY 1,215.00 329802 CASS COUNTY REPORTER 434.00 329803 CASSELTON HARDWARE HANK 12.51 329804 CHRISTIANSON’S BUS. FURNITURE 6,084.18 329805 CINTAS 12.44 329806 CITI LITES, INC. 75.00 329807 CITY OF BUFFALO 110.21 329808 CITY OF DAVENPORT 59.25 329809 CITY OF FARGO 12.00 329810 CLEANING UNLIMITED, INC. 825.00 329811 CONSOLIDATED COMMUNICATIONS 4,350.01 329812 CONSTRUCTION SUPPLY, INC. 3,732.00 329813 CORWIN CHRYSLER DODGE 884.73 329814 CUSTOM EXPRESS CAR WASH 70.00 329815 CUSTOM TRUCK & AUTO SHINE, INC. 204.00 329816 DACOTAH PAPER CO. 147.20 329817 DAKOTA FLUID POWER, INC. 47.68 329818 DAKOTALAND AUTOGLASS, INC-SF 99.98 329819 DEERY, CHRISTOPHER J 42.99 329820 DENISE M ANDAHL INC. 307.50 329821 DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION 35,323.10 329822 DISTRICT COURT ADMINISTRATOR 56.00 329823 EARL’S REPAIR 777.54 329824 ELECTRIC POWER DOOR 703.86 329825 EMPIRE FUNERAL SUPPLY INC 4,148.52 329826 ES OPCO USA LLC 19,690.00 329827 FARGO CASS PUBLIC HEALTH 132,246.99 329828 FARGO LINOLEUM COMPANY 3,425.00 329829 FARGO TRAILER CENTER 2,795.16 329830 FASTENAL COMPANY 163.06 329831 FIRESIDE OFFICE PRODUCTS 6,216.00 329832 FLEET PRIDE TRUCK AND TRAILER PARTS 1.80 329833 FORUM 1,231.48 329834 FRS INDUSTRIES, INC. 76.95 329835 GORDY’S SERVICE CENTER 64.00 329836 GRAINGER, W.W. 43.76 329837 HAIDER, NAVEED MD 8,200.00 329838 HIGH PLAINS TECHNOLOGY 2,515.28 329839 HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL, INC. 7,689.39 329840 HSO ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS, LLC 12,075.00 329841 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPT. 5,590.35 329842 INSTITUTIONAL EYE CARE 55.50 329843 J & L SPORTS, INC. 686.00 329844 JOHNSON CONTROLS FIRE PROTECTION LP 285.71 329845 KADRMAS, LEE & JACKSON, INC. 7,934.66 329846 KAPITAN, JIM 23.00 329847 KASOWSKI GUBRUD REPAIR 303.50 329848 KIESLER’S POLICE SUPPLY, INC. 2,454.80 329849 KLEIN MCCARTHY ARCHITECTS 10,337.67 329850 KRAMLICH, NICHOLAS 15.00 329851 LANEY’S, INC. 17,569.00 329852 LIBERTY BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC. 6,161.84 329853 LOCUS DIAGNOSTICS, LLC 7,073.02 329854 M.I.G. HOLDINGS 241.02 329855 MARQUART, ANDREW S 243.00 329856 MARSH & MCLENNAN AGENCY LLC 162.00 329857 MATTHEW BENDER & CO., INC. 658.31 329858 MATTHYS, VICKY 52.00 329859 MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL 824.67 329860 MENARDS 274.46 329861 MID-STATES WIRELESS, INC. 7,175.15 329862 MJ DALSIN CO. OF ND, INC. 399.02 329863 MORROW, DENICE 369.21 329864 MOTOROLA 8,578.80 329865 NAPA CENTRAL 94.00 329866 ND ASSOCIATION OF COUNTIES 658.00 329867 ND ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE 17,402.00 329868 ND DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION 12,212.87 329869 ND SECRETARY OF STATE 13,875.00 329870 ND STATE RADIO COMMUNICATIONS 2,972.00 329871 NDSU EXTENSION-CDFS 400.00 329872 NEPSTAD OIL CO. 10,516.83 329873 NEXUS INNOVATIONS INC. 562.50 329874 NORTHERN ENGINE & SUPPLY 197.12 329875 NORTHSTAR SAFETY, INC. 861.42 329876 NORTHWEST TIRE INC 37.61 329877 OFFICE DEPOT 1,362.32 329878 OFFICE DEPOT BUSINESS CREDIT 13.54 329879 OFFICE EXPERTS 6,960.00 329880 OPFERKEW, JODI 50.00 329881 OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY 603.39 329882 PRECISION PRINTING OF MINNESOTA INC 445.00 329883 PREFERENCE EMPLOYMENT SOLUTIONS 2,203.98 329884 PREMIUM WATERS, INC. 20.00 329885 PRINTER SOLUTIONS 199.90 329886 PROCHNOW, RACHAEL C 32.00 329887 PRODUCTIVITY PLUS ACCOUNT 252.50 329888 PROMISE NETWORK INC. 15,000.00 329889 RADISSON HOTEL FARGO 96.00 329890 RAY OF HOPE LLC 758.75 329891 RDO TRUCK CENTER 261.92 329892 REALTOR MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 190.00 329893 SAMEK, MAE 46.80 329894 SANFORD HEALTH 13,170.01 329895 SANFORD OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE 2,533.00 329896 SHERBURNE COUNTY SHERIFF 154.40 329897 SHERIFF, CLAY COUNTY 260.75 329898 SHERIFF, SARGENT COUNTY 50.00 329899 SHORT ELLIOTT HENDRICKSON, INC. 1,076.80 329900 SHOTWELLS FLORAL 90.00 329901 SIMPLIFILE LC 68.25 329902 SMITH, BETSY 200.00 329903 SMYTH, JENNY 57.33 329904 SOUCY, THOMAS 94.40 329905 SOUTHPOINT REPAIR CENTER 2,262.60 329906 STAPLES ADVANTAGE 2,617.01 329907 STRAUS TAILOR SHOP 310.00 329908 SUMMIT COMPANIES 421.50 329909 SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE, LLC 16,948.40 329910 SWANSTON EQUIPMENT CO. 196.15 329911 SYSCO-NORTH DAKOTA, INC. 1,081.26 329912 T F POWERS CONSTRUCTION CO 45,885.00 329913 TELCOLOGIX, LLC 5,297.50 329914 THE LOCKSHOP 177.30 329915 THORESON, JENNIFER 83.66 329916 TK ELEVATOR 1,517.61 329917 TOOL WAREHOUSE, INC. 19.37 329918 TOTAL IMAGING 239.94 329919 TRUE NORTH POLYGRAPH, LLC 250.00 329920 UKG INC 35,365.30 329921 UNION STORAGE & TRANSFER CO 133.00 329922 USA TODAY 250.00 329923 VERITEXT 453.85 329924 VERVE TRAINING CO 6,000.00 329925 VICTORY SUPPLY 3,829.85 329926 VINCO, INC. 81,030.46 329927 WALZ ENTERPRISES 3,120.00 329928 WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF OFFICE 18.50 329929 WIENCKOWSKI, DENISE 700.00 329930 CASS COUNTY JAIL 615.00 329931 FRONT RANGE LEGAL PROCESS SERVICES 64.00 329932 JABLONSKY, TONI 321.17 329933 JOHNSON, ALBERTHA 109.40 329934 KEVORKIAN, KRIS 177.00 329935 OHNSTAD TWICHELL 18,876.97 329936 STAPLES ADVANTAGE 84.94 329937 XCEL ENERGY 64.47 TOTAL 1,404,338.33 (May 4, 2022) 59271