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Regular Meeting of the School Board West

Regular Meeting of the School Board West Fargo Public School District #6 West Fargo, North Dakota 58078 June 13, 2022 – 6:00 PM Leidal Education Center Boardroom A regularly scheduled meeting of the West Fargo School Board, West Fargo Public School District #6, pursuant to due calls and notice, was held at the Leidal Education Center Boardroom on June 13, 2022, at 6:00 PM, with President Jim Jonas presiding. Members present included Vice President Jessica Jackson directors, Patti Stedman, Jon Erickson, Dan Schaeffer, Trisha Page, and Mark Staples. Also present, representing the school district was Superintendent Beth Slette, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction Vincent Williams, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction Rachael Agre, Business Manager Levi Bachmeier, Director of Human Resources Brittnee Nikle, Technology Director Ed Mitchell, and Director of Communications, Safety and Security Heather Leas. Board Secretary Alicia Severson was absent. Ms. Page moved, seconded by Mr. Schaeffer, to adopt the agenda with the addition of one new contract and two resignations. The motion carried unanimously. Horace High School Principal Pam Cronin was present to talk to the board about the opening of Horace High School. Sgt. Hanson was present to give the SRO year-end report, and SRO Pearson was present to talk about the comfort K9 program. Ms. Stedman moved, seconded by Mr. Erickson to find the administration in compliance with board policy OE 10 Learning Environment. The motion carried unanimously. Ms. Page moved, seconded by Mr. Erickson to find the administration in compliance with board policy OE 3 Treatment of Community Stakeholders. The motion carried unanimously. Ms. Page moved, seconded by Mr. Erickson to find the administration in compliance with noted exceptions with board policy OE 9 Communicating with Internal and External Publics, with the exceptions being found on OE 9.1 indicator 3. The motion carried unanimously. There were no committee reports. Ms. Jackson moved, seconded by Mr. Schaeffer, to approve the district’s plan for legal services for the 2022-2023 school year. The motion carried unanimously. Ms. Stedman moved, seconded by Ms. Jackson, to approve the staffing request as presented by administration. The motion carried unanimously. Ms. Stedman moved, seconded by Ms. Jackson to approve a contract for an additional school resource officer. The motion carried unanimously. Mr. Erickson moved, seconded by Mr. Staples, to approve the easement agreement with Cass County Electric as presented by administration. The motion carried unanimously. Ms. Jackson moved, seconded by Mr. Erickson, to approve the consent agenda which consisted of minutes from the regular meeting of the school board held on May 23, 2022; minutes from the special meeting of the school board held on June 6, 2022; 16 new contracts and 7 resigations; a contract with Heflebower, Midco, YHR, and AVID; authorization for administration to solicit bids and purchase school buses, an MOU with Responsive Classroom, a contract for district flooring improvements; contracted services for repairs at the WFSA; and a set of bills (please see the attached bill list). The motion carried unanimously. During the superintendent’s report, Superintendent Slette provided updates and shared information with the school board. During the president’s prerogatives, the school board discussed current issues and future opportunities. The meeting adjourned at 8:04 PM. Respectfully Submitted, Alicia Severson, Board Secretary The list of bills presented to the School Board on June 13, 2022 Arntson Stewart Wegner PC $28,625.00 ; BSN Sports, LLC $804.32 ; Game One $22,826.00 ; M-F Athletic Co, Inc $17,952.00 ; School Specialty, LLC $564.68 ; Stein’s Inc $3,004.00 ; AED Professionals $1,573.90 ; American Engineering Testing, Inc $232.50 ; Game One $1,430.00 ; Gast Construction Company Inc $306,755.00 ; Global Equipment Co., Inc. $577.60 ; Gopher Sport $382.00 ; Grotberg Electric, Inc. $21,090.00 ; Manning Mechanical Inc $1,620.00 ; Moody’s Investors Service $20,000.00 ; NASCO $254.76 ; Public Financial Management $2,500.00 ; Taylor Music Inc $4,510.00 ; UMB Bank, N.A. $1,400.00 ; Bank Of North Dakota $2,191,736.63 ; Block, Cody $118.00 ; Drewett, Sabrena $37.44 ; Graf, Todd $88.00 ; Hanson, Joshua $121.00 ; Hill, Jessica $67.86 ; Kraft, Arthur A $88.00 ; Lien, Michael $143.00 ; Maucort, Bernard $109.00 ; Moore, Shane S $88.00 ; Olson, Darrell $143.00 ; Richie, Craig $132.00 ; Acme Electric Tool Crib $3,132.87 ; A & R Roofing Co Inc $355.00 ; Asl Interpreting Services Inc $128.00 ; Asp Of Moorhead, Inc. $1,954.00 ; Auto Value - Fargo $122.93 ; B & H Photo Video $71.12 ; Bluum Of Minnesota, LLC $139.92 ; Boppa’s Bagels $61.11 ; Border States Electric Supply $305.75 ; BSN Sports, LLC $1,140.63 ; City Of Horace $762.12 ; City Of West Fargo-Secur & Misc $147,348.69 ; City Of Fargo $727.65 ; Clean Cut Lawn Care $20,990.00 ; Cole Papers $203.76 ; Curling Club $588.00 ; Dacotah Paper Company $1,542.56 ; Dakota Supply Group $148.14 ; Deca Finance - North Dakota $25.00 ; Dick Blick Company $29.99 ; Dramatic Publishing Company $638.29 ; Fargo Park District $629.00 ; Fargo Public Schools $150.00 ; Ferguson Enterprises $147.03 ; Ferguson Waterworks #2516 $1,148.90 ; Follett School Solutions, Inc. $2,217.76 ; FRS Works, Inc. $70.95 ; Gast Construction Company Inc $863.75 ; Goin’ Postal Fargo $9.95 ; Graybar Electric Co Inc $156.75 ; Ground Control Stremick Solutions LLC $330.00 ; Heartland Hearing Professionals PLLC $1,600.00 ; High School Meal Money $365.00 ; Home Depot Pro Institutional, The $622.37 ; Innovative Office Solutions, LLC $542.21 ; International Music Camp $600.00 ; JDL Counseling, LLC $4,700.00 ; Johnson Controls Inc $10,625.80 ; Johnstone Supply $393.69 ; Knight Printing $118.30 ; Laquinta Inns & Suites - Bismarck $172.80 ; Lindemann Concrete Const $65.00 ; LRP Publications $5,402.00 ; Mackin Educational Resources $1,038.59 ; Marco’s Pizza $65.92 ; Menards $204.40 ; Metz Company Inc $2,552.81 ; Minnesota Casters $1,825.73 ; Minnkota Recycling $400.00 ; Moog Center For Deaf Education $1,096.20 ; Motion Industries, Inc $143.58 ; National Speech And Debate Assoc $1,170.00 ; NDCEL $275.00 ; Nothing Bundt Cakes $33.75 ; Nova Fire Protection $425.00 ; Panera, LLC $663.88 ; Pioneer Valley Educ Press $13,213.55 ; Play It Again Sports $1,311.00 ; Premium Waters Inc $363.49 ; Premier Const & Remodeling LLC $13,977.50 ; RHI Supply $1,787.67 ; Sam’s Club Discover $4,424.87 ; Sandy’s Donuts & Coffee Shop $156.15 ; Sanford Home Care $1,753.13 ; Scherling Studios $2,793.00 ; Schmitt Music Center Inc $30.58 ; School Health Corporation $104.20 ; School Specialty, LLC $88.77 ; Sheyenne High School Meal Money $140.00 ; Strata Corporation $2,621.00 ; Structural Materials Inc $1,674.58 ; Tessman Seed Company $1,462.50 ; Thiseth, Kristi $2,062.50 ; University Of North Dakota $600.00 ; Vaaler Insurance Inc $21.00 ; Valley City Public School Dist #2 $75.00 ; Verizon Communications, Inc $52.35 ; Vernier Software & Technology $894.63 ; Village Green Golf Course $75.00 ; Village Green Golf Course $75.00 ; West Acres Bowl $144.00 ; West Fargo Park District $330.00 ; West Fargo Bus Company, LLC $150,000.91 ; West Music Company $88.82 ; West Side Steel $34.66 ; Wieser Educational Inc $4,270.39 ; Workforce Safety And Insurance $250.00 ; YMCA $25,000.00 ; Flyleaf Publishing LLC $5,084.14 ; Above All Counseling, PLLC $1,560.06 ; Acme Electric Tool Crib $33.04 ; Act Inc $96.00 ; Agassiz Chemical & Equipment, Inc. $800.00 ; A & R Roofing Co Inc $932.00 ; Auto Value - Fargo $367.32 ; Award Emblem Mfg Co., Inc $169.45 ; Bert’s Truck Equip Of Mhd, Inc. $610.00 ; Best Buy Company $4,504.30 ; BSN Sports, LLC $407.00 ; Cash-Wa Distributing Co Of Fargo LLC $412.72 ; Cass County Electric $117,379.31 ; City Of West Fargo-Secur & Misc $907.50 ; Cole Papers $837.40 ; Community Living Services Inc $4,493.16 ; Cracked Pepper $86.40 ; Crown Trophy $1,419.86 ; Custom Education Solutions, Inc. $580.45 ; Dacotah Paper Company $2,791.75 ; Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch $34,060.60 ; Davtech Window Services $2,233.00 ; Dakota Home Care Inc $6,868.12 ; Dick Blick Company $144.19 ; District Petty Cash $3,935.00 ; Epic Sports Inc $121.18 ; Fargo Public Schools $150.00 ; Fargo Public Schools $150.00 ; School Specialty, LLC $4,747.56 ; Xcel Energy $58,209.00 ; Stein’s Inc $1,249.62 ; Barclay, Robert $143.00 ; Dokara, Amel $110.00 ; Dunn, Connor $121.00 ; Farkas, Justin $251.00 ; Hagen, Jerald $126.25 ; Hanson, Shawn $159.50 ; Hanson, Stan $71.50 ; Hewitt, Shawn $71.50 ; Hughes, Jordan $129.00 ; Klundt, David Joseph $143.00 ; Leier, Wesley $109.00 ; Lien, Michael $71.50 ; Mears, Chad $214.50 ; Olson, Randall L $143.00 ; Pederson, Jordan $115.00 ; Pennick, Koby $71.50 ; Perius, Thomas $265.00 ; Pulczinski, Michael $143.00 ; Richie, Craig $231.00 ; Sabanovic, Kemal $93.00 ; Sandman, Mark $129.00 ; Titus, Delmar $129.00 ; Weber, Justin T $117.50 ; Acme Electric Tool Crib $199.00 ; American Red Cross $369.00 ; Asl Interpreting Services Inc $128.00 ; Asp Of Moorhead, Inc. $1,954.00 ; Barnes And Noble Inc $6,222.50 ; B & H Photo Video $1,263.55 ; Bernatello’s Pizza Inc $567.00 ; CDW Government Inc $217.06 ; Chefs Table Catering LLC $1,512.00 ; Cole Papers $1,521.82 ; Concord Theatricals Corp $75.00 ; Crown Trophy $273.00 ; Custom Education Solutions, Inc. $1,002.60 ; Dacotah Paper Company $1,037.53 ; Doyle’s Yellow Checker Cab Inc $36,651.30 ; Bismarck Public Schools $6,093.82 ; Dramatic Publishing Company $51.88 ; Fargo Public Schools $19,037.44 ; Fargo Public Schools $2,116.75 ; Fargo Public Schools $5,681.51 ; Fargo Public Schools $4,931.58 ; Ferguson Enterprises $91.50 ; Games Galore Party Rental $175.00 ; General Parts LLC $162.40 ; Grand Forks Public School Dist $7,935.64 ; Graybar Electric Co Inc $721.08 ; Heinemann Publishing $5,395.50 ; Howard Wood Dakota Relays $300.00 ; Huber Electric Motor And Pump $4,895.00 ; Italian Moon Inc $160.00 ; Knight Printing $2,067.42 ; Logo 2 Promo $433.05 ; Mac’s Inc $56.94 ; Marco’s Pizza $40.00 ; McKesson Medical Surgical Inc $120.94 ; Mclean, Krystal $25.00 ; Mehl’s Flour Company $120.00 ; Menards $480.92 ; Minn-Dakota Coaches, Inc $2,997.92 ; Minot Public Schools $12,997.85 ; MPS $10,582.75 ; My Turn Playsystems $702.00 ; NASCO $230.18 ; ND Board Of Dietetic Practice $45.00 ; Newman Signs Inc $1,100.00 ; North Dakota Softball All Stars $150.00 ; On Deck Sports $762.78 ; Ottmar, Jasmine $5,503.46 ; Paradiso $157.98 ; Push Pedal Pull $184.99 ; Quality Meats & Seafood $259.84 ; RDO Equipment Company $327.56 ; Red River Refrigeration, Inc. $1,575.00 ; Rough Rider District NFL $8,375.00 ; Sandy’s Donuts & Coffee Shop $207.55 ; Sara Stallman, PLLC $498.00 ; Scherling Studios $110.00 ; Scholastic Inc $576.50 ; School Health Corporation $1,589.94 ; School Nutrition Association $243.75 ; Shanley High School $300.00 ; Sheyenne Valley Sp Ed Unit $54,454.71 ; Sign Pro $180.00 ; Sign Solutions USA $2,990.13 ; Southpaw Enterprises $701.10 ; Strata Corporation $860.00 ; Team Fitz Graphics LLC $55.00 ; Tessman Seed Company $697.00 ; Travel Travel Fargo-Moorhead, Inc $5,569.20 ; Trigon Sports International Inc $1,883.12 ; Village Green Golf Course $75.00 ; Wahpeton Public Schools $75.00 ; West Acres Development, LLP $100.00 ; West Side Steel $35.79 ; YMCA $44,444.45 ; Kuznia, Michelle $112.32 ; Visto’s Trailer Sales $98.97 ; Teacher Synergy LLC $20.92 ; Drewett, Sabrena $37.44 ; Horace High School Meal Money $240.00 ; Acme Electric Tool Crib $839.97 ; Ads On Boards $202.00 ; AED Professionals $17,423.70 ; Auto Value - Fargo $137.09 ; Barnes And Noble Inc $4,134.38 ; Ben Walker Golf LLC $4,167.00 ; BSN Sports, LLC $1,643.22 ; Bytespeed $400.00 ; Cass Rural Water Users District $1,713.79 ; Classic Floral $84.00 ; Courts Plus Fitness Center $799.80 ; Crown Trophy $204.05 ; Custom Education Solutions, Inc. $624.90 ; Demco, Inc $453.13 ; Eckroth Music Company $406.00 ; Fairfield Inn By Marriott $192.00 ; Gopher Sport $502.69 ; Images In Ink $77.00 ; Innovative Office Solutions, LLC $1,070.36 ; Language And Friendship $536.00 ; Maple River Club $50.00 ; Menards $490.21 ; Midwest Special Instruments Corp $920.00 ; NDCEL $275.00 ; North Dakota State University $700.00 ; North Dakota State College Of Science $5,000.00 ; North Central Bus & Equip, Inc. $1,019.75 ; Northwest Tire Inc $118.00 ; Otto’s Welding & Machine Shop $81.71 ; Packer Backers $3,336.00 ; Pearson Assessments $120.00 ; Quality Bus & Truck Parts $950.00 ; The Interp Store $109.05 ; Lang, Charles $550.00 ; A.R. Audit Services Inc $278.82 ; Auto Credit, Inc $103.14 ; Family Support Registry $171.61 ; Internal Revenue Service $500.00 ; Messerli & Kramer Pa $22.42 ; Block, Cody $62.50 ; Christianson, Kent $71.50 ; Drewett, Sabrena $29.95 ; Hartze, Steven $125.00 ; Lien, Michael $71.50 ; Olson, Randall L $143.00 ; Pennick, Koby $143.00 ; Perius, Thomas $71.50 ; Sabanovic, Kemal $99.00 ; Sandman, Mark $143.00 ; Salu, Philip $149.00 ; Wal-Mart-All Locations $4,515.13 ; Anderson, Heather $232.83 ; Asp Of Moorhead, Inc. $1,954.00 ; Becker Public Schools $175.00 ; Bernatello’s Pizza Inc $324.00 ; Carino’s Italian Grill $118.27 ; Carpenter, Callie $36.00 ; Cash-Wa Distributing Co Of Fargo LLC $959.90 ; City Of West Fargo-Secur & Misc $1,465.00 ; Clay-Bodine, Codi $101.09 ; Crown Trophy $1,188.74 ; Dairy Queen $130.44 ; Dakota Home Care Inc $1,020.00 ; Dick Blick Company $398.98 ; Dimas, Anya $132.00 ; Domino’s Pizza $49.30 ; Emergent Learning Academy $150.00 ; Fargo Country Club $75.00 ; Fargo Public Schools $199.67 ; Fargo Apparel $414.00 ; Felber Piano Tuning $105.00 ; Follett School Solutions, Inc. $499.84 ; Gabriel, Vyizigiro $55.00 ; Gopher Sport $133.28 ; Grand Forks Public School Dist $175.00 ; Hassan, Runn $33.00 ; Howies Hockey, Inc $197.71 ; Jostens Incorporated $12.85 ; Maple River Club $3,631.50 ; Marco’s Pizza $126.00 ; Metro Timing (Edwin Clapp III) $749.50 ; Minnesota Clay Company USA $33.43 ; Minnesota State University Moorhead $864.00 ; NASCO $1.66 ; Nat Archery In The Schools Program, Inc $2,813.00 ; Nelson International $159.04 ; Networks 2000 Inc $2,610.00 ; Numotion $5,792.40 ; Omni Group International LLC $260.00 ; Papa John’s Pizza $81.00 ; Pioneer Valley Educ Press $25,150.50 ; Popplers $48.93 ; Quality Inn Bismarck $296.00 ; Really Good Stuff $948.61 ; Really Great Reading Company, LLC $1,832.60 ; Red River Trails Inc $950.00 ; Rehabmart.Com $674.96 ; R & R Specialties Inc $993.00 ; Rural Cass County Multi-Dist $65,443.94 ; RWP, Inc $6,495.00 ; Sandy’s Donuts & Coffee Shop $168.90 ; Scherling Studios $350.00 ; Schneider, Kaia $123.00 ; Scholastic Inc $9,670.24 ; School Specialty, LLC $1,244.20 ; SEEC $1,000.00 ; Shanley High School $75.00 ; Shotwell Floral Company $159.97 ; Sphero Inc $766.80 ; Steele Dynamics, LLC $10,300.00 ; Subways Of Bismarck Walmart Inc $450.00 ; Synk Graphics LLC $5,743.00 ; Teacher’s Discovery $135.11 ; Teacher Synergy LLC $149.78 ; The Ceramic Shop LLC $52.00 ; The Juice Plus Company, LLC $253.00 ; Thunder Road $131.00 ; Training Room Inc $106.86 ; Trans-Mississippi Biol Supply, Inc. $404.77 ; Triangle Coach Service Inc $5,850.00 ; Village Green Golf Course $1,500.00 ; Wallwork Truck Center $1,086.11 ; West Music Company $37.89 ; American Red Cross $250.00 ; A & R Roofing Co Inc $1,847.00 ; Arvig Media $300.00 ; Barnes And Noble Inc $539.55 ; Champion Custom Products $335.16 ; Cole Papers $9,136.78 ; Crown Trophy $38.32 ; Dacotah Paper Company $2,195.09 ; Demco, Inc $82.95 ; EAI Education $877.67 ; Emil, Wayne $132.00 ; Enterprise Rent-A-Car $86.00 ; Flatland Guitar $1,489.00 ; Full Circle Pediatric Solutions $4,813.66 ; Goodin Company $55.59 ; Graybar Electric Co Inc $521.53 ; Hewlett-Packard (Hp Inc) $3,900.00 ; Jostens Incorporated $9.11 ; Knight Printing $1,438.64 ; Lowe’s Home Improvement $125.34 ; Menards $45.58 ; Nardini Fire Equipment $780.00 ; Netcenter Technologies $185.00 ; Newman Signs Inc $1,100.00 ; Nexus - Path Family Healing $30,000.00 ; Office Depot $73.71 ; Ok Tire Store, Inc $174.51 ; Oriental Trading Company $355.90 ; Packer Connection $100.00 ; RWP, Inc $279.00 ; Scholastic Inc $5,221.90 ; Sir Speedy $126.29 ; Spitfire Bar And Grill $152.98 ; Stein’s Inc $2,942.86 ; Tessman Seed Company $420.00 ; West Fargo Bus Company, LLC $152,367.75 ; MATC FBO WFPS 403b Plan $58,268.42 ; Bancorp Bank $81,992.16 ; Commissioner Of Revenue $15,536.13 ; Minnesota Child Support $382.09 ; ND Public Employee Ret System $463,160.78 ; ND State Disbursement Unit $4,078.82 ; Kemps LLC $13,407.86 ; Blue Cross Blue Shield Of ND $347,800.59 ; Delta Dental Minnesota Aso, LLC $20,363.95 ; Delta Dental Minnesota Aso, LLC $8,791.20 ; Kemps LLC $12,864.17 ; Sysco North Dakota, Inc $82,728.27 ; Blue Cross Blue Shield Of ND $364,330.28 ; Sysco North Dakota, Inc $1,293.50 ; Amazon.Com $109,975.20 ; Delta Dental Minnesota Aso, LLC $23,401.18 ; MATC FBO WFPS 403b Plan $58,412.27 ; Commissioner Of Revenue $15,166.81 ; Kemps LLC $12,681.74 ; Minnesota Child Support $382.09 ; Sysco North Dakota, Inc $39,432.51 ; Internal Revenue Service $891,566.60 ; Bancorp Bank $81,982.78 ; Bancorp Bank $399.54 ; ND State Disbursement Unit $4,078.82 ; Blue Cross Blue Shield Of ND $596,539.06 ; Delta Dental Minnesota Aso, LLC $30,987.14 ; Bachmeier, Mackenna $94.36 ; Bents, Tracie $375.93 ; Broeren, Timothy $122.38 ; Chase, Shelby $118.40 ; Evenson, Sandra K $222.00 ; Fox, Andrea $222.00 ; Husen, Travis $222.00 ; Jackson, Bernard $49.90 ; Metcalf, Michael $222.00 ; Nepstad, Jordan $406.22 ; Novacek, Kristi $10.41 ; Odum, Jamie $216.45 ; Page, Trisha $1,978.46 ; Pederson, Rachael $56.86 ; Praus, Jason $153.68 ; Renner, Alexandra $46.74 ; Rheault, Jacqueline $71.25 ; Stewart, Jennifer $222.00 ; Chase, Shelby $166.03 ; DeCann, Jay $74.30 ; Jacobson, Nytrisha $8.42 ; Knudson-Docken, Tina $83.54 ; Lonski, Shauna $102.98 ; Rieth, Dana $79.38 ; Salisbury, Ryan $104.94 ; Soderholm, Kimberly $139.23 ; Thorson, Troy $152.10 ; Walker, Benjamin $102.02 ; Wegscheid, Timothy $328.33 ; Anderson, Richard $372.55 ; Anderson, Tawny $109.95 ; Cameron, Ansley $66.51 ; Chase, Shelby $76.69 ; Clarke, Claire $192.81 ; Cummings, Randall $251.02 ; Czeck, Addison $123.00 ; Daley, Leigh $123.00 ; Dehler, Lisa $129.40 ; Erickson, Andrew $197.88 ; Frappier, Katelyn $38.61 ; Grommesh, Kelsey $166.49 ; Helvik, Janae $4,729.10 ; Henderson, Penny $9.59 ; Hoffman, Shauna $66.34 ; Johnson, Michelle $43.64 ; Meissner, Anna $111.75 ; Miller, Grace $147.19 ; Mueller, Jeffery $442.70 ; Nielsen, Emily $88.45 ; Paulson, Carlene $39.31 ; Price, Tracy $147.01 ; Schacher, Joann $27.38 ; Schanzenbach, Cassandra $36.50 ; Seyfried, Nicole $656.31 ; Sinner, Jennifer $167.54 ; Spoehr, Elizabeth $164.27 ; Thorson, Troy $109.92 ; Toay, Kelli $106.18 ; Vasichek, Lisa $211.24 ; Discovery Benefits, Inc. $38,334.66 ; 92571 - Fargo Hector I $32.00 ; Astronaut B $254.00 ; Athletic.Net $175.00 ; Balfour $66.00 ; Bismarck North Fairfie ($8.21); Bismarck North Fairfie ($8.21); Bismarck North Fairfie ($8.21); Bismarck North Fairfie ($8.21); Championship Productio $374.96 ; Chinese Clay Art Corp $479.50 ; Corporate Translate $322.12 ; DNH*Godaddy.Com $20.17 ; Double Good A Popcorn $338.50 ; Dri*Gallup $199.90 ; Eb 2022 NDASRO Summer $125.00 ; Eb Spring CLSD Showca $52.00 ; Eb Vogel Law Firm Emp $75.00 ; Equity Literacy Instit $567.00 ; Equity Literacy Instit $2.99 ; ETS Par $440.00 ; Facebk *H89lcakf92 $343.02 ; Facebk *H89lcakf92 $58.45 ; Facebk *Nnfama3f92 $134.46 ; Hartman Publishing In $2,166.00 ; Hartman Publishing In $973.97 ; Hilton Hotels $976.89 ; Hilton Hotels $976.89 ; Hilton Hotels $976.89 ; Hilton Hotels $158.50 ; Holiday Inn Express SW $140.60 ; Holiday Inn Express SW $140.60 ; Holiday Inn Express SW $140.60 ; Holiday Inn Express SW $140.60 ; Holiday Inn Express SW $140.60 ; Holiday Inn Express SW $118.60 ; Holiday Inn Express SW $140.60 ; Holiday Inn Express SW $140.60 ; Holiday Inn Express SW $140.60 ; LinkedIn 7726242974 $498.00 ; ND State Electrical Bo $50.00 ; ND State Electrical Bo $50.00 ; NDDOT-Online Drivers L $6.00 ; NDDOT-Online Drivers L $3.00 ; NDDOT-Online Drivers L $3.00 ; NDDOT-Online Drivers L $6.00 ; NDSU-Online Marketplac $145.00 ; NDSU-Online Marketplac $175.00 ; NFHS Learn.Com Course $35.00 ; Parts Town $102.82 ; Peloton* Membership $12.99 ; Penn State Industries $284.25 ; Penn State Industries $45.20 ; Phonic Books $300.30 ; Primary Pond $155.00 ; Pro-Lab Inc $40.00 ; Saxon Uniform Network $238.50 ; Shure Inc $220.00 ; Sp Benchmark Fr $620.94 ; Sp Replica Surfaces $89.00 ; Sporty’s Catalogs $463.68 ; Sporty’s Catalogs $359.98 ; Sq *Dont Give Up Signs $111.75 ; Sq *Pickup And Drop Tr $768.00 ; Stamps.Com $46.27 ; Stamps.Com $29.99 ; Supplyhouse.Com $498.60 ; USPS Stamps Endicia $25.00 ; Www.Makerbot.Com $548.25 ; Www.Makerbot.Com ($38.25); Www.Tablegroup.Com $250.00 ; Coca Cola Bottling Company $7,980.50 ; Consolidated Communications $21,308.59 ; Techcycle Solutions $5,435.00 ; United Parcel Service Inc $59.38 ; Waste Management Of ND-Wahpeton $11,988.13 ; Business Essentials $4,909.51 ; Menards $721.34 ; Stein’s Inc $6,096.86 ; Business Essentials $3,192.78 ; Advanced Business Methods $6,031.67 ; Business Essentials $2,704.09 ; Consolidated Communications $21,292.91 ; Culinex $1,403.38 ; Alpha Lit Fargo, LLC $150.00 ; Apple, Inc $449.00 ; Bee Seen Gear $1,007.55 ; Board And Brush Creative Studio $750.00 ; Breakout, Inc. $1,405.25 ; Check Advantage LLC $926.50 ; Christian Eggert Violins, Ltd $300.00 ; Concordia College $2,393.75 ; Corporate Technologies $54,594.50 ; Culinex $42.56 ; Datafinch Technologies $1,125.72 ; Dynamic Communities, Inc. $800.00 ; Emergent Learning Press $2,400.00 ; Goodbulb LLC $143.50 ; Go Promo, LLC $2,671.00 ; Grainger, W W $3,637.84 ; Inspireyourpeople.Com $315.38 ; J-Tech Mechanical $1,343.00 ; Labor Masters $3,622.50 ; M-F Athletic Co, Inc $2,177.73 ; Midwest Pest Control $1,600.00 ; Pan-O-Gold Baking Company $7,297.03 ; Pixton Comics Inc $99.00 ; Play Versus Inc $640.00 ; Red River Zoological Society $370.00 ; Trane Company, The $7,439.24 ; Tricorne Audio Inc $270.00 ; Uline ProductsThe list of salary obligations to salaried staff during 2021-2022 is as follows: Aakre, Erik M 49999.00;Aarfor, Roberta Jean 56172.00;Ackerman, Douglas A 62374.00;Adams, Janelle Marie 42650.75;Adamson, Mark L 64979.00;Agre, Rachael Gayle 166042.00;Ahl, Alecia Nicole 54828.00;Ahrendt, Tara Marie 43089.00;Aipperspach, Penny L 64979.00;Albertson, Tennille Marie 40247.00;Albrecht, Amy K 53119.00;Aldred, Amy Lynn 40247.00;Alm, Meredith Ann 48513.00;Altepeter, Tennille J 60704.00;Alvarez, Shawn Lea 45950.00;Amberg, Nathan Patrick Revier 48567.00;Amundson, Bradley E 54459.00;Amundson, Tracy L 49999.00;Andeen, Heidi Jo 56172.00;Anderson, Allison N 50841.00;Anderson, Brian J 59263.00;Anderson, Chad W 65469.00;Anderson, Elizabeth Anne 54828.00;Anderson, Emily Marie 46789.00;Anderson, Katie M 46383.00;Anderson, Kelsey Lynn 53119.00;Anderson, Kimberly J 62845.00;Anderson, Leah M 59632.00;Anderson, Lori Jo 75953.00;Anderson, Mary Beth 75953.00;Anderson, Mary J 75953.00;Anderson, Nicole Lyn 56531.11;Anderson, Richard W 65469.00;Anderson, Sarah Marie 72667.00;Anderson, Tawny Lynn 48563.20;Archer, Shannon Lynn 55681.00;Arel, Jean Luke 78052.02;Argall, Kacia Louise 49642.00;Asprey, Jonathan Douglas 49277.78;Attia, Farah Alaa 48216.00;Aune, Lisa A 45118.00;Aus, Jordan Richard 49158.00;Axtman, RaeAnne Marie 53676.00;Aziz, Luma Ali 62342.00;Baarstad, Kallie Ann 49158.00;Bachmeier, Levi Matthew 124554.00;Bachmeier, Mackenna Bea 47375.00;Bachmeier, Rachel K 95648.00;Baer, DeLori 75953.00;Bailey, Julie A 51039.93;Baker, Laura Melinda Jean 44961.00;Bakken-Maynard, Elizabeth M 43089.00;Baltezore, Joan M 75953.00;Balvik, Allison Ann 47728.00;Banister, Courtney 53963.00;Barbee, Megan Nicole 41669.00;Bardal, Darin L 58425.00;Bargabos, Cynthia R 63932.94;Barlow, Laurie Ann 29137.92;Barron, Donald Lloyd 46636.37;Barron, Jaci Brooke 39410.00;Bartnick, Shannon Leann 59632.00;Bauck, Allison Marie 39410.00;Bauley, Kyle J 72030.00;Bauman, Calli Jo 40247.00;Baumgardner, Stephanie Annette 62926.00;Baumgartner, Lindsey N 53963.00;Baxter, Teila Mae 43444.00;Bayman, Danielle Linda 38423.00;Bear, Justin Burke 50533.42;Bearinger, Patricia Denise 48229.00;Beck, Erin Angela 48216.00;Becker Olsen, Susan D 18372.65;Becker, Taylor Melissa 38423.00;Beedy, Cassie Marie 48567.00;Behm, Justin C 53388.00;Beil, Dawn M 73357.00;Belin, Jeffery Daniel 45950.00;Bellmore, Danielle Ellen 48813.00;Beltz, Rosalind J 65469.00;Beneke, Lauren Nicole 49999.00;Benjamin, Kyle P 40247.00;Benson, Andrea Katherine 53963.00;Benson, Christine A 67616.00;Benson, David S 59632.00;Benson, Michael D 50841.00;Bentley, Nicole Dianna 16350.21;Bents, Tracie Jo 66019.00;Berg, Christian William 39410.00;Berg, Danielle Jo 57120.00;Berge, Andrew John 47728.00;Bergerson, Aubrey L 49999.00;Berg-Gramer, Jamie Kay 98755.00;Berkley, Kyle 46789.00;Berntson, Mark K 75953.00;Bertsch, Hilary A 85427.00;Berube, Chrishelle J 50245.00;Best, Michael 56752.00;Beste, Rachel M 57339.00;Bieniek, Brianna L 48567.00;Biewer, Avery Marti 38423.00;Bitz, Brandi N 50586.00;Bjertness, Beverly J 69901.00;Bjone, Kellen Chris 31788.57;Bjorgo, Stephanie Marie 47728.00;Bjur, Leanne Kaye 40247.00;BlackCloud, Teresa M 42021.00;Blaha, Sarah Louise 61775.00;Blake, Mendi Jaine 54828.00;Bliese, Jessica L 38423.00;Blomker, Shannon Lou 32803.25;Bloom, Michelle F 75953.00;Bodell, Alexandria N 45701.00;Bodell, Ryan Leif 53388.00;Bodensteiner, Jennifer Margaret 40247.00;Boe, Molly A 50245.00;Boechler, Christian A 39410.00;Boehm, Darrin F 75953.00;Bohney, Vicki Jane 48567.00;Bolme, Angela Anna 63932.94;Bonn, Ashley K 41669.00;Borders, Gregory Joel 68222.60;Borgmann, Matthew M 60158.30;Bosmoe, Jacob William 57339.00;Bostad Kienzle, Brita Rae 51634.28;Bourke, Sean P 66019.00;Boyd, Lindsay Ross 51084.00;Boyeff, Bradley John 55899.00;Boyer, Ryan N 53119.00;Boyle, Christine M 70661.00;Braasch, Eric Spencer 41184.00;Braddock, Amy Marie 53388.00;Brand, Logan Louise 42606.00;Brandt, Amanda Priscilla 41033.64;Brandt, Katie M 38423.00;Brandt, Timothy J 51682.00;Brantner, Madison 49406.00;Bratsch, Darci Leigh 59632.00;Braun, John E 64329.00;Braun, Katherine Leigh 46789.00;Braunagel, Angela Marie 54828.00;Braunagel, Heidi Jo 45116.00;Breen, Dakota Magdalen Jewel 51682.00;Breitling, Darla Ann 68217.00;Brekke, Karli Jo 38423.00;Brendemuhl, Fiona C 66532.00;Brendle, Lisa Vivien 52524.00;Bresnahan, Melissa Ann 47578.40;Broeren, Timothy K 52275.00;Broton, Megan L 49158.00;Brown, Becky Lola 57744.38;Brown, Jessica A 54431.04;Brown, Steven R 50245.00;Bryant, Kate E 62926.00;Buchholz, Marcy Lee 40247.00;Bucholz, Amy Kay 49158.00;Buckmier, Shannon Marie 27620.80;Budd, Meghan Lee 38423.00;Burckhard, Caitlin M 49406.00;Burington, Cody Douglas 54459.00;Burns, Erin K 46789.00;Burris, Roger J 57446.00;Burtsfield, Jodi L 69901.00;Bush, Nanci Chantel 48544.41;Buttino, Lee Ann N 56268.00;Buttke, Katie Sue 37401.11;Byram, Mindy Lynn 48813.00;Byzewski, Andrew Francis 47728.00;Camacho, Jessica S 66532.00;Cameron, Ansley Kristine 55115.00;Cameron, Jordyn Eve 45950.00;Campagna, McKayla M 39410.00;Campbell, Amy L 69901.00;Cantone, Elizabeth Marie 53388.00;Capouch, Kaila C 51682.00;Cariveau, Nathaniel D 43695.00;Carl, Naomi Joy 54828.00;Carlblom, Logan W 50586.00;Carlson, Elizabeth Mary 38423.00;Carlson, Jason N 48813.00;Carlson, Kjrstin Marina 61318.00;Carlson, Tyler J 47728.00;Caspers, Joseph James 49406.00;Cassidy, Angela Marie 61775.00;Caven, Kara Nicole 48216.00;Cermak, Paige Christine 45950.00;Challey, Thomas D 73632.00;Chaney, Andrea Beth 61775.00;Chase, Shelby N 36316.88;Chitty, Kari L 48216.00;Christensen, Adam L 59632.00;Christie, Cody B 50841.00;Christie, Whitney Nicole 53676.00;Christofferson, Jennifer Lynn 49406.00;Cieslak, Jordan Alexander 47728.00;Clark, Chad A 112431.00;Clark, Corian Jamie 53119.00;Clemenson, Alicia A 62926.00;Clemenson, David Lee 54459.00;Clemenson, Nicole A 48567.00;Colby, Haley Alison 46789.00;Cole, Marisa Leigh 60334.00;Collins, Casey Ann 72667.00;Compton, Christopher Todd 41184.00;Conant, Mary L 75953.00;Condley, Amos 67616.00;Condley, Annie Lynn 67616.00;Conklin, Jerry Dean 45116.00;Cook, Jennifer Mary 41669.00;Cook, Samantha Marie 42454.53;Copeland, Susan Marie 51084.00;Copenhaver, Jacob D. 39410.00;Corbit, Nicholas Anthony 45950.00;Cowman, Michael W 59263.00;Cox, Josi Catherine 38423.00;Craig, Zachary J 48798.00;Crane, Courtney Leigh 50780.68;Cresap, Erica J 59632.00;Cronin, Pamela J 127082.00;Culver, Galit DeWitz 44961.00;Cummings, Kyle Reed 39410.00;Cunningham, Kelly Ann 53963.00;Curry, Kristin Kathleen 40247.00;Cwikla, Stephanie A 51682.00;Czeck, Addison R 48216.00;Czeck, Summer Leigh 48216.00;Dahl, Caitlin R 47092.00;Dahl, Emily Ann 47728.00;Dahl, Joshua Joel 63932.94;Dahl, Madison Marie 40247.00;Dahl, Tarah M 53320.04;Dale, Sarah D 41184.00;Daley, Leigh Kristine L 46789.00;Damewood, Michelle Maureen 56752.00;Danielson, Ross Stanley 43089.00;Danuser, Heidi Jo 52985.00;Dardis, Kelsey Lynn 54828.00;Davis, Cora J 69901.00;DeCann, Jay L 107753.00;DeMaine, Sherry L 68435.33;DeMoe, Tyler Dean 40247.00;Dempster, Emily Danielle 46383.00;Dickey, Jeremy R 50245.00;Diemert, Megan Nicole 79417.00;Dirks, Deanna L 75953.00;Dixon, Courtney Jordan 46789.00;Dobervich, Eric Michael 60005.00;Dockendorf, Karen Marie 46789.00;Dockter, Breanna Marie 16145.84;Dodd, Aaron 67016.00;Dolezal, Riley Cordell 42021.00;Dondoneau, Jonathon L 53963.00;Dosch, Toriana Danielle 40247.00;Dotzenrod, Sarah Jo 45955.00;Downs, Jena Lynn 51880.60;Drayton, Jenna Lee 49642.00;Drechsel, Ina Aurelia 45135.81;Dronen, Scott A 65438.00;Duda, Hollyanne E 46789.00;Due, Kayla Marie 44961.00;Duerr, Rachel L 49999.00;Duffy, Annalise Mary 40470.87;Duffy, Susan C 66532.00;Dullum, Lisa K 66532.00;Durand, Sarah B 43089.00;Dvorak, Aric J 42454.53;Eagleson, Shaina Elizabeth 58561.00;Easter, Kimberly A 48216.00;Eben, Andrew D 53545.31;Eben, Holly Beth 47728.00;Eberle, Noele Breanna 40247.00;Eckart, Sheri Nicole 66532.00;Eddleston, Sadie Ann 43695.00;Edinger, Ashten Marie 46789.00;Edison, Signe A 47728.00;Edmunds, Jordana J 58561.00;Edwards, Kara Leigh 40247.00;Edwardson, Olivia N 44532.00;Egge, Debora L 64979.00;Ehlert, Ethan J 111299.00;Eklund, Rachelle Elizabeth 48567.00;Ekren, Teresa 40134.63;Elletson, Ralph Anthony 47092.00;Emmons-Kirkwood, Shalon D 48813.00;Engdahl, Kyle S 53545.31;Engel, Sarah Lynn 38423.00;Engelhart, Melissa J 52673.17;Engelstad, Kristin N 65079.73;Erickson, Andrew K 40247.00;Erickson, Beth M 40126.50;Erickson, Emily Abigail 41669.00;Erickson, Gwyn M 32788.82;Erickson, Hannah Rose Steinberge 15737.08;Erickson, Holly Hermine 57339.00;Erwin, Jayne Kathleen 25883.28;Espinoza, Eric Rodolfo 57824.00;Evans, Karmen Lynn 51923.00;Evenson, Dara Jayne 42021.00;Evenson, Sandra K M 75953.00;Evenstad, Chelsea N 24267.75;Faller, Elizabeth M 46789.00;Farkas, Brooke Kay 43444.00;Farstad, Ali Renae 51682.00;Fason, Mikaela Anne 49158.00;Fauske, Amanda L 44532.00;Fehl, Kelsey Ann 49642.00;Feickert, Amy J 58425.00;Feir, Julianne Elizabeth 40247.00;Ferguson, Keith L 45116.00;Ferguson, Mikia May 39410.00;Fiechtner, Cassandra A 49999.00;Finn, Charlotte Margery 46789.00;Fischer, Kaye Marie 77489.00;Fischer, Sonya Ann 45116.00;Fisher, Stephanie Rae 56752.00;Fisk, Ashley Michelle 46789.00;Fitterer, Kiley Ann 42858.00;Fitzpatrick, Gregory M 65286.23;Flanery, Shannon Caroline 40247.00;Flemmer, Ashley Mae 52235.00;Flicker, Lindsey Jean 47201.60;Fode, Kylee S 38423.00;Forkenbrock, Sommer Lynne 40247.00;Fosher, Erin P 52524.00;Foss, Alexis Jo 46789.00;Foss, Brittany Gale 50586.00;Foss, Garrett Daniel 42021.00;Foulkes, Lisa A 68655.00;Fowler, Benjamin Lee 46789.00;Fox, Andrea J 60704.00;Fracassi, Susan Marie 36209.44;Francis, Brenda Nicole 44229.53;Francis, Trista Evelyn 39410.00;Franck, Brandi Jo 39410.00;Frappier, Katelyn Rose 47896.00;Freborg, Kelsey Ann 40247.00;Fredricks, Sarah Marie 50245.00;Fregin, Michael Roger 38423.00;Freidig, Seina Elise 47804.00;Frey, Krystal Leila 50841.00;Friedrich, Holly Christine 58192.00;Frisco, Hannah Elizabeth 39410.00;Frisk, Allison Joy 46789.00;Fritchman, Melissa Sarah 48216.00;Froeber, Kevin M 75953.00;Frosaker, Leslie Joy Erickson 54459.00;Frueh, Joshua B 48567.00;Fulsebakke, Erin Amanda 57120.00;Gale, Peyton J 47804.00;Garaas, Stephen J 41184.00;Garbe, Lori K 68655.00;Gauld, Brook Amber 43089.00;Gauld, George 47728.00;Gaylord, Jessica Ann 44532.00;Gehrke, Shari L 68655.00;Geiszler, Jennifer A 37832.90;Genereux, Christopher E 48216.00;Genereux, Katie A 59263.00;Genereux, Kelsey A 49359.17;Gennick, Nicholas Andrew 40247.00;George, David P 95017.00;Germolus, Beth Michele 49178.70;Gienger, Kimberly A 46789.00;Gieser, Heidi E 65469.00;Giesinger, Madison Mackayl 41669.00;Gilbertson, Sarah Ann 46789.00;Gillan, Laura Michelle 48567.00;Glass, Catherine Rose 38423.00;Gleason, Alexandra Marie 44961.00;Gleisberg, Samantha Ileene 41184.00;Glende, Matthew David 44281.00;Glienke, Jill Marie 59632.00;Goddard, Suzanne Marie 56752.00;Goebel, Jeffrey D 113591.00;Goetz, Margaret Rose 53388.00;Gonzales, Richard A 40247.00;Goodall, John Leigh 40247.00;Gossett, Autumn Leigh 44961.00;Graham, Elane Amalia 56752.00;Gratz, Jacqueline K 65438.00;Gravdahl, David W 69901.00;Gravel, Thomas M 111848.00;Graves, Laurie Jean 40247.00;Green, Leah K 73315.00;Greening, Julianne R 53963.00;Grensteiner, Christy Ann Louise 68655.00;Griffin, Grace Belle 38423.00;Grina, Ashley Marie 53676.00;Grohs, Lori Anne 60334.00;Grommesh, Kelsey A 52524.00;Gruchow, Thomas Lee 77713.00;Grund, Jennifer Leigh 57339.00;Gulmon, Christina Marie 57339.00;Gunderson, Tammy Kaye 32656.42;Gust, Stephanie 56268.00;Gustafson, Carlene J 79993.05;Haaland, Cameron L 46789.00;Haarsager, Drue 75953.00;Haasser, Susan A 67514.00;Hack, KaLee J 38423.00;Hagen Arce, Kirsten Jeanne 61488.00;Hagen, Ellen Rose 49642.00;Hajek, Melissa D 69901.00;Halvorson, Melissa Renae 68655.00;Hamann, Maren Ann 15123.95;Hamm, Katrina J 61775.00;Haney, Katie Barbara 53388.00;Hansen, Brenda M 75953.00;Hansen, Ty Jamison 38423.00;Hanson, Amber R 18773.95;Hanson, Emily Ann 41669.00;Hanson, Jessica R 55681.00;Hanson, Karissa Marie 46789.00;Hanstad, Brittany Ann 53119.00;Harbott, Christine C 75953.00;Harrison, Emily V 49999.00;Hassan, Niveen Nasrat 38423.00;Hassel, Kaia L 52275.00;Hatton, Greta R 50245.00;Haugan, Grace Renee 49406.00;Haugen, Krystal A 50841.00;Hausauer, Kate Maire 43444.00;Hay, Steven M 53545.31;Hayes, Andree Jo 103850.00;Healy, Dennis P 54047.00;Hedin, Jonathan M 45950.00;Heid, Hannah M 38423.00;Heinen, Brenda K 48813.00;Heinen, Deion D 29634.76;Heinze, Rachel Beth 41184.00;Heitkamp, Mindy Jo Marie 59632.00;Helander, Jodi L 53676.00;Helmer, Sarah Joy 55115.00;Helvik, Janae E 61052.96;Hendricks, Chelsea Kay 55899.00;Hengel, Kelsey Lynn 46073.91;Hennessy, Bobbi Caitlin 38423.00;Henrickson, Bryce Parker 45116.00;Herder, Anthony Joel 45118.00;Herrmann, Cory 97342.00;Herrmann, Lori Camille 48513.00;Hertsgaard, Kelli Rae 49406.00;Hesse, Abbigail Jo 38423.00;Hetland, Tonya Leigh 48216.00;Hettwer, Wanda D 51283.20;Heupel, Kristi Jo 64329.00;Higgins, Tara L 95451.00;Hilker, Kelsey Marie 46789.00;Hill, Beatrice Jane 51431.00;Hill, Christopher Hansen 38423.00;Hill, Robin L 42425.00;Hillebrand, Danielle L 64329.00;Hillman, Nicole M 55907.38;Hilscher, Jamie L 42021.00;Hins, Bridget Naomi 54941.00;Hintz, Brent A 55109.00;Hoaby, Erika Paulson 16743.38;Hofer, Jill Ketman 49158.00;Hofmann, Elicia M 80302.00;Hogan, Emily Jean 40247.00;Hogan, Katelyn Dayle 38423.00;Hohertz, Robyn R 49406.00;Hoime, Jennifer Renee 42606.00;Holaday, Kelly M 69901.00;Holder, Daniel G 105737.00;Holland, Jane R 77973.02;Holmes, Kimberly J 60704.00;Holt, Evan M 45950.00;Homuth, Megan Joyce 49642.00;Honzay, Amy S 64979.00;Hoornaert, Daniel S 68655.00;Hoppe, Christine M 34378.94;Hopper, Jescia JH 51682.00;Horne, Haley Rae 41669.00;Horning, Kaila Nicole 50245.00;Horst, Kerry M 66909.00;Hoss, Vikki Jean 67616.00;Houdek, Joan M 75953.00;Howe, Emilie Jo 6690.04;Hughes, Victoria Nichole 40247.00;Hulderman, Krista Lee 56268.00;Hunt, Kelly Ann 50841.00;Huseby, Anita M 75953.00;Husen, Betsy Lynn 52275.00;Husen, Travis C 52524.00;Huston, Shelby Marie 38423.00;Hutchinson, Derek A 47728.00;Hutchinson, Tara L 54459.00;Ibarra, Johanna R 55055.59;Idso, Kelly D 65469.00;Irey, Quinn P 40247.00;Isane, Samantha Lyn 41669.00;Iverson, April Nicole 53676.00;Iverson, Joshua W 41184.00;Ivesdal, Heidi C 42967.80;Jablonsky, Kaylee M 43089.00;Jacobsen, Kimberly Rae 69901.00;Jacobson, Adam John 44961.00;Jacobson, Nytrisha Jo 37828.59;Jahner, Elizabeth A 60350.00;Jahner, Laure M 65438.00;Janke, Lindsey R 38423.00;Jason, Melissa A 45116.00;Jastram, Clara KT 40247.00;Jensen, Jennifer Lynn 31623.80;Jensen, Todd A 58561.00;Jenson, Kassandra Ann 52524.00;Jirele, Andrea Marie 41033.64;Johnson, Alexa Lacie 39410.00;Johnson, Amy J 58895.00;Johnson, Ashley Morgan 38423.00;Johnson, Erica Lynn 59263.00;Johnson, Frances Elizabeth 39410.00;Johnson, Jeffry Scott 126197.00;Johnson, Jennifer Marie 55899.00;Johnson, Kaitlyn Marie 22583.73;Johnson, Kelsey Michele 53963.00;Johnson, Kira Ries 39410.00;Johnson, Lukas Delano 45950.00;Johnson, Margo Lynn 54941.00;Johnson, Michelle K 49999.00;Johnson, Patrick R 65469.00;Johnson, Rose E 38423.00;Johnson, Samantha Nicole 40247.00;Johnson, Spencer S 41184.00;Jonas, Denise D 128467.00;Jones, Connor B 30186.38;Jones, Maria DiAnn 53203.00;Jorda, Marcy Jo 53119.00;Jordahl, Susan Marie 75953.00;Jorgensen, Tammy Jo 53676.00;Jorgenson, Shannon M 65469.00;Jost, Gretchen Alissa 54828.00;Joyce, Ruth L 75953.00;Joyce, Tabatha Lynn 121034.00;Jung, Alison J 53676.00;Kack-Johnson, Robin D 65469.00;Kaine, Dustlynn Seowah 41669.00;Kaiser, Seth David 44501.34;Kalash, Dwight J 63911.00;Kalash, Lori A 61775.00;Kalsow, Christopher David 102099.00;Karch, Joshua Paul 56227.79;Karnik, Bethany J 70854.00;Karppinen, Jennifer Marie 61775.00;Kasprick, Jessica A 57339.00;Kath, Preston R 29666.30;Kaufhold, Courtney Jo 43444.00;Kava, Amy M 57824.00;Kava, Jennifer Jill 60388.95;Kays, Carla Pauline 67922.68;Kehrberg, Alexandria Anna Marie 43865.98;Kellas, Alyssa Lynn 93457.00;Keller, Anne Michelle 64329.00;Keller, Gwendolyn R 60334.00;Keller, Matthew R 44961.00;Kensok, Amy L 75953.00;Kensok, Tiffanie Lynn 38423.00;Keogan, Michael Cotter 39410.00;Keys, Jessica L 47578.40;Kiefert, Erin M 55681.00;Kienzle, Jacob L 50841.00;Kilen Ibach, Raquel Rose 29775.93;King, Alicia Kay 54941.00;King, Sheena Audrey 56268.00;King, Stacey L 54941.00;Kingsley, Brittney J 22140.50;Kinzel, Desiree Jasmine 44501.34;Kirchoffner, Thomas Peter 48222.25;Kirsch, Meaghan M 58561.00;Kjonaas, Rachel 115709.00;Klaman, Matthew B 64979.00;Kleffman Moen, Keelie Jo Williams 38423.00;Klein, Krista Ruth 64329.00;Klemetson, Sarah C 50841.00;Kliniske, Sabrina N 39410.00;Klundt, Heather R 54047.00;Klusman, Emily B 39410.00;Knapp, McKinzie L 53676.00;Knaust, Bryce D 49406.00;Knodel, Aaron N 67750.76;Knott, Kristie Lynn 66532.00;Knudsen, Heidi Jo 69901.00;Knudsen, Joel T 40247.00;Knudsen, Nathan A 64979.00;Knudson, Emily Renae 39410.00;Knudson-Docken, Tina Marie 34731.80;Koerber, Kirsten Del 50586.00;Kopp, Kelly Jean 59260.98;Kosak, Kaleb John 44281.00;Kotzbacher, Nicole Jo 56172.00;Kowalski, Kelsey Jolene 46789.00;Krabbenhoft, Nichole Katherine 53676.00;Kragnes, Kari L 65469.00;Kranda, Darcy L 62926.00;Kranz, Hannah J 45135.81;Kranz, Nicholas A 47728.00;Kratcha, Megan Rae 55681.00;Krebsbach, Adam Daniel 57339.00;Kreft, Annette Marie 48813.00;Kreklau, Tara A 51084.00;Kremer, Amy M 47728.00;Kremer, Melissa Jo 58046.65;Kreps, Sydni Elise 30642.30;Krieg, Elisabeth P 40247.00;Krieg, Selina Chirtine 38423.00;Krishna Shankar, Lekha 50586.00;Krogen, Paula K 67616.00;Krogstad, Marit M 66532.00;Kruckenberg, Erin Gail 43444.00;Kruger, Jennifer Ellen 51084.00;Kruse, Abby M 40247.00;Kubista, Sarah Beth 43470.38;Kubitz, Kayleigh Nicole 39410.00;Kuhn, Candida Marie 90050.00;Kuntz, Kaitlyn N 39410.00;Kurtti, Nathan William 45135.81;Kuznia, Michelle L 50245.00;Kyser, Jenna F 53963.00;LaChance, Amanda Joan 47728.00;Lacher, Melissa Kay 46789.00;Lachowitzer, Seth J 95271.00;Laliberte, Marilyn Jean 43444.00;Landman, James R 47375.00;Landry, Lindsay N 58192.00;Laney, Kristin Joy 40247.00;Lang, Charles Richard 55681.00;Larson, Dawnelle R 45118.00;Larson, Jeffery Collin 60005.00;Larson, Katie J 55115.00;Larson, Mariah Ann 41184.00;Larson, Sarah A 62926.00;Larson, Suzanne E 60005.00;Lassig, Shanara Lynn 39410.00;Laudal, Jeena Marie 54459.00;Laux, Jane Elizabeth 56580.82;Laverdure, Cindy Rae 67616.00;Leary, Erica LaVonne 45950.00;Leas, Heather M 96284.00;Lee, Kayla Adrianna Brown 49158.00;Leeman, Kelli V 23864.00;Leguizamon, Amy K 45116.00;Lehmann, Nicole Rae 48216.00;Lehr, Rebecca Jean 41669.00;Leier, Jill Dionis 87679.00;Leitheiser, Trenton C 60005.00;Leiviska, Renne L 57446.00;Lembke, Nicole Jean 57339.00;Lemer, Mark P 50506.00;Lennon, Donita J 75953.00;Lesmeister, LeAnna Dawn 46789.00;Leverson, Kristi 61775.00;Lewis, Emily Jo 46789.00;Liebl, Lori A 77973.02;Lietz, Karen A 75953.00;Lill, Rebecca A 50245.00;Limke, Brenda Jolene 73357.00;Limke, Greg P 73257.00;Lind, Rebecca Lee 41669.00;Lindbo, Annelisa Rose 62803.92;Lindell, Lindsey Ann 50245.00;Lindell, Lucas Joseph 39410.00;Lindeman, Shana Marie 55115.00;Lindemann, Kristina Marie 60704.00;Lindemann, Randi Jo 57824.00;Lindgren, Carmen Michelle 39410.00;Lindmeier, Christina Leah 46789.00;Lindstrom, Janelle Jean 28461.63;Link, Anna Corinne 40247.00;Livingood, Emily E 49999.00;Lonski, Shauna L 56619.20;Loree, Suzanne C 60334.00;Loveless, Cory C 51682.00;Lower, Shanna Leigh 51084.00;Ludwig, Kara Lynn 40247.00;Lugsch-Tehle, Adam Paul 45950.00;Lugsch-Tehle, Lindsey M 48798.00;Lund, Cheri Lynn 56268.00;Lund, Sydney J 39410.00;Lundberg, Danielle Nicole 46789.00;Lundberg, Emelia Maye 53203.00;Lunde, Heidi Marie 47728.00;Lunde, Kristin A 46789.00;Lura, Tressa Elizabeth 57339.00;Lureen, Jovanae Francis 40247.00;Luthi, Brenda A 75953.00;Lutovsky, Jordan Kimball 42858.00;Luttschwager, Alyssa M 17780.86;Lyson, Ryan Paul 66273.13;Maahs, Karla E 49158.00;MacFarlane, Megan Lee 38423.00;Mackner, Brianna Marie 38423.00;Mackowick, Bradley David 57339.00;Mackowick, Elizabeth L 81291.00;Maenza, Kayla Ann 41669.00;Mallinger, Courtney P 47804.00;Mark, Brittany Jean 40247.00;Markell, Veronica Ann 54828.00;Markusen, Jason C 116356.00;Mars, David V 19211.50;Mart, Michelle Lee 52524.00;Mathiesen, Michaela Elizabeth 41669.00;Mathison, Paige Elizabeth 38423.00;Mattison, Sarah Jo 47804.00;Mayer, Ryan A 51682.00;Mayo, Audra Marie 73357.00;McCartney, Melinda Jean 57824.00;McClaflin, Jessica Jean 59632.00;Mccleary, Cynthia B 68655.00;McGuire, Cynthia J 60704.00;Mcilonie, Melissa M 47728.00;McKinnon, Darin J 65469.00;Mckinnon, Jessica Lee 62845.00;McMahon, Harvey Everett 45950.00;McVicar, Kim Collette 65469.00;Mears, Brooke Taylor 39410.00;Mears, Ryan E 61775.00;Meier, Amy Elizabeth 58561.00;Meissner, Anna Lee 33323.50;Melby, Nora Claire 50841.00;Melchior, Andrea Nicole 49999.00;Melicher, Ceara Lynn 58561.00;Melland, Jennifer Ann 54047.00;Melling, Andrea Sue 52985.00;Menge, BriAnna Alys 45950.00;Mercil, Lisa J 67593.68;Merickel, Madison Rose 39410.00;Messner, Brittany Marie 38423.00;Metcalf, Michael E 55681.00;Metz, Lindsey Jean 53963.00;Meyer, Rebecca Kristine 40247.00;Mickelson, Thomas James 39410.00;Mickelson, Tina M 67616.00;Midthun, Chelsea Brooke 51150.35;Midthun, Logan Marshall 53801.23;Milbrath, Morgan A 40247.00;Miler-Arnold, Adam 39410.00;Miller, Clarissa A 39410.00;Miller, Dawn E P 87158.00;Miller, Jenny R 70661.00;Miller, Mathew Kyle 61194.00;Miller, Sadie Cailin 38423.00;Miller, Staci L 3629.63;Miller-Wollan, Jessica A 40247.00;Minar, Anna Marie 59002.00;Minion, Stacey N 40832.00;Misheski, Courtenay Lynn 38861.21;Mitchell, Edward M 128056.00;Mock, Abbigail Judith 43089.00;Moe, Trisha M 54828.00;Moen, Debra J 53487.10;Moen, Lori A 58561.00;Moen, Madison Lee 38423.00;Mogga, Jael Anyango 67750.76;Mogga, Oliver Kenyi Abraham 50586.00;Molivigny, Jeannette Christine 38423.00;Moltzan, Ellie S 43865.98;Momberg, Yulia A 46789.00;Monilaws, Kent L 89731.00;Montgomery, Stacie Marie 66338.13;Montonye, Matthew D 55899.00;Moore, Jennifer Noelle 44281.00;Moore, John Evan 39410.00;Morris, Danielle C 69901.00;Morrison, Amy L 52524.00;Morrow, Kara Melissa 44961.00;Mouta, Stephanie Michelle 66532.00;Mueller, Jeffery Lowell 75953.00;Mullen, Danielle 51923.00;Mulvaney, Lisa Anne 59263.00;Murphy, Joseph P 68655.00;Murphy, Rachel Vada 39410.00;Murphy, Tabitha Breanne 45118.00;Myers, Taylor Teresa 40247.00;Myles, Louanna B 50841.00;Nack, Andrew Frank 49158.00;Narlock, Dara Dawn 40247.00;Navarathne, Callie Jo 48216.00;Nein, Robin K 62926.00;Neitzke, Samantha Marie 50245.00;Nelson, Danielle Lynn 38423.00;Nelson, Megan M 50245.00;Nelson, Meghan Christine 50841.00;Nelson, Nicole Rae 69426.00;Nelson, Toni Camille 68301.47;Nelson, Whitnee Lynn 39410.00;Nepstad, Jordan P 48216.00;Nerby, Amber E 60704.00;Nesius, Annette L 52235.00;Nettleton, Ashley Elaine 40247.00;Neubauer, Emili Ann 44961.00;Newton, Jeremy J 61488.00;Newton, Leah Anne 60334.00;Nickerson, Cindy Jo 68655.00;Nielsen, Emily Mae 48798.00;Niemi, Melissa Lynn 32354.10;Nikle, Brittnee Pamela 119852.00;Nill, Katie Lynn 53963.00;Nistler, Sonia Grace 61675.95;Nogowski, Twila R 66532.00;Nold, Jeffrey W 56752.00;Noonan, Tanner Mac 42858.00;Nordby, Amanda J 50841.00;Nordeng, Christianna Synieve 38423.00;Norton, Jennifer E 60388.95;Nostrum, Cari-Ann 65438.00;Oanes, Amanda Leah 43089.00;O’Berg, Michelle Mauriello 56172.00;Odden Heide, Chasity Lynn 55115.00;Odegard, Abigail Lee 51084.00;Odegard, Brock G 45116.00;Odegard, Kelsey A 49158.00;Odum, Jamie L 41184.00;Oien, Beth M 48813.00;Oistad, Jana Marie 95648.00;Ojanen, Emily Joyce 46789.00;Olerud, Alexis Ann 46789.00;Olsen, Janette Diane 48567.00;Olson, Brian Scott 40247.00;Olson, Brianne McMullen 47728.00;Olson, Carol M 75953.00;Olson, Darcy K 60350.00;Olson, Erin Jane 46789.00;Olson, Paige Emily 47728.00;Olson, Sabrina Marie 40247.00;Olson, Samantha Faye 48567.00;Olson, Tanya Lane 60350.00;Omonuwa, Carin E 52524.00;Opp, Lindsay Elizabeth 40247.00;Orr, Allison Dawn 49642.00;Ostby, Nathan Paul 51084.00;Ott, Kelsey G 49642.00;Ott, Rose E 52524.00;Otteson, Shana J 53963.00;Owens, James Gordon 46789.00;Pagan, Marcia Jean 48216.00;Page, Zachary Thomas 46789.00;Palczewski, Adam Jerry 45116.00;Palm, Emery Christine 40247.00;Paradeis, Kathryn E 62926.00;Parker, Nichole Elizabeth 49642.00;Parries, Sara Jean 41033.64;Patzner, Brenda Joan 58895.00;Paulson, Carlene Marie 71613.00;Pearson, Jacquelyn Kay 40247.00;Peck, Kimberly Rae 55115.00;Pederson, Dawn Marie 70661.00;Pederson, Rachael Ranae 38861.21;Pegg, Maria B 75953.00;Penberthy, Coltyn John 33349.61;Petersen, Amy T 77713.00;Petersen, Erin L 68918.75;Peterson, Alyssa Jo 49406.00;Peterson, Anthony J 50245.00;Peterson, Baylie Jo 46789.00;Peterson, Brett M 61488.00;Peterson, Brian P 106637.00;Peterson, Elsie K 53119.00;Peterson, Hallie Patricia 38423.00;Peterson, Jordan M 38423.00;Peterson, Marnie Marie 48216.00;Peterson, Matthew D 42858.00;Peterson, Michelene Ann 50586.00;Peterson, Miranda Jean 41033.64;Peterson, Ryan Jacob 64329.00;Peterson, Sierra M 40247.00;Pfeifer, Jodi Ann 60501.64;Pfeifer, Matthew V 49406.00;Pfeifle, Elizabeth Ellen 45135.81;Phan, Sara Lethanh 38423.00;Pickett, Mallory K 41184.00;Piekutowski, Lindsay Dianne 49999.00;Pieper, Deborah Esther 40247.00;Pierson, Paula Jean 65469.00;Pillen, Cassandra Lee 41669.00;Plankers, Courtney Leigh 45135.81;Poehler, Haley Jo 39410.00;Poehler, Karli Jane 49642.00;Poehls, Jenny L 47728.00;Poffenberger, Mae Ellyn 40247.00;Pokornowski, Isaac Benjamin 31882.91;Poliak, Elizabeth Ann 54828.00;Pollert, Erica Lindsey 52524.00;Potter, Jana M 48798.00;Potter, Michelle Gunderson 46789.00;Pranke, Abby Lorraine 46789.00;Preston, Laura Nicole 62845.00;Preston, Michael D 67616.00;Pribula, Katie Joell 53388.00;Price, Tracy A 40126.50;Puetz, Hanna Nicole Meyer 56268.00;Purrier, Jacob Lee 41184.00;Qualley-Landor, Courtney Anne 47092.00;Quist, Courtney Anne 46383.00;Quittschreiber, Megan E 40247.00;Radel, Madison R 39410.00;Radle, Stephanie Marie 46789.00;Raile, Jessica J 58192.00;Rakoczy, Thomas J 62845.00;Ramberg, Taylor Kristian 46789.00;Rants, Madison Kae 39410.00;Ratz, Emily Mae 38423.00;Ray, Daniel L 66532.00;Ray, Valerie D 69901.00;Rebischke, Rachel Mae 32197.60;Rebischke, Sean Daniel 43695.00;Rector, Meranda Kae 38423.00;Redfield, Jerene E 64329.00;Redmond, Bradley A 109424.00;Reed, Bryan 66019.00;Reed, Jodie M 61318.00;Reeson, Katie Lynn 45950.00;Regner, Jamie L 66532.00;Reinke, Hunter Justin 89228.00;Renfrew, Sara Maria 47553.00;Retka, Annie Marie 46789.00;Retterath, Joy K 13379.24;Rheault, Jordan T 40247.00;Rheault, Morgan Jo 40247.00;Rice, Tyler Jon 41033.64;Richard, Emily Frances 41669.00;Richards, Andrea Grace 75895.00;Richardson, Celestine B 52275.00;Richardson, Katie Anne Marie 49406.00;Rieckman, Samantha Jo 40247.00;Ries, Katlyn Elizabeth 48567.00;Rieth, Dana 102862.00;Ritter, Adeline Jane 38423.00;Rivard, Landon Gary 38423.00;Roehrich, Shawn Michelle 59397.00;Rogness, Elizabeth Nicole 56268.00;Rogness, Emily Ann 62926.00;Rolle, Kaitlin Elizabeth 49158.00;Rolph Sistad, Tera Elizabeth 98816.00;Rosendahl, Dana Lee 46789.00;Rosenfeldt, Larae M 59632.00;Rossow, Jennifer Ellen 44281.00;Rossow, Jeremy J 69901.00;Rott, Andrew Michael 49999.00;Rott, Jessica Louise 45950.00;Rowe, Cody Alan 40247.00;Rude, Lindsay Nicole 46789.00;Rude, Nicole M 7911.34;Rudebusch, Aaron R 45701.00;Rudolph, Amber L 118702.00;Rudolph, Tami Jo 75953.00;Rued, Katina L 75953.00;Ruliffson, Rachel Lyn 40247.00;Ryan, Alexis G 38423.00;Ryba, Brittany L 40247.00;Rydell, Heath K 54459.00;Sackman, Cassie Rose 55115.00;Sagedahl, Kali Lynn 60005.00;Sailer, Brooke Kaylin 38423.00;Salentine, Emily Rose 38423.00;Salgado, Kazandra 39410.00;Salisbury, Ryan D 117466.00;Salisbury, Tara M 61775.00;Salmon, Danielle M 52275.00;Salvatore, Emily M 52275.00;Samson, Andrea Kaye 75953.00;Samson, Tessa Lee 48567.00;Samson, Wayne R 108638.00;Sand, Heather Lynn 113451.00;Sand, Jolene K 75953.00;Sanderson, Amber Elizabeth 49277.78;Sandoval, Brooke Steffany 47728.00;Sandvig, Drew M 38423.00;Saunders, Megan R 43444.00;Saville, Rachel Leigh 39410.00;Schacher, Joann Mavis 40126.50;Schaefer, Seth Oliver 38423.00;Schaefer, Terese M 75953.00;Schaeffer, BreAnne Michele 49999.00;Schanzenbach, Cassandra E 67514.00;Schempp, Amber Lee 60704.00;Schick, Amber Frances 47728.00;Schiele, McKenzie Lynn 42454.53;Schleicher, Nathan R 101004.00;Schmelka, Margit Anne Pavek 53203.00;Schmidt, Christine Anne 46789.00;Schmidt, Hallie Ann 40196.64;Schmidt, Jackie Wanita 57339.00;Schmidt, Jessica Anne 21206.23;Schmidt, Leslie W 41616.19;Schmitz, Skyler L 20642.14;Schneck, David R 101916.00;Schnell, Amy J 38423.00;Schnell, Erin M 53963.00;Schons, Laura J 58561.00;Schroeder, Jill Kaye 45701.00;Schroeder-Schock, Alicia Kay 50586.00;Schuldheisz, Marissa Lynn 39410.00;Schultz, Kristi Lynn 66532.00;Schulz, Nicole Grace 10598.24;Schwartz Miiller, Lindsay Rachel 51084.00;Seehusen, Kristina Aleksandrovna 40247.00;Seibold, Ashley J 50245.00;Selisker, Blake A 50791.17;Sellden, Brandy Lynn 55899.00;Selvig, Tamara L 56268.00;Seyfried, Nicole Marie 79322.00;Shannon, Ashley Ann 55899.00;Sharp, Jessica Anne 44961.00;Shaw, Hannalee A 39410.00;Shaw, Kelsey Lee 9706.23;Shaw, Tamara R 73357.00;Shea, Michael P 123197.00;Shea, Stephanie J 66019.00;Shearer, Jennifer E 58046.65;Shemon, Devyn Jade 38423.00;Shroyer, Megan Rae 38423.00;Shupe, Erika Etheridge 57824.00;Sickler, Jessica Ann 48567.00;Simanski, Courtney Ann 49406.00;Simenson, Lindsey Jo 41669.00;Simmons, Jennifer Lynn 62926.00;Simon, Tessa M 50841.00;Simonson, Lyndsey Rae 50586.00;Sinner, Jennifer L 37456.80;Sitzmann, Hannah Jean 41184.00;Sjolin Nelson, Jody Marie 106865.00;Skarphol, Maia Kim 48567.00;Slattery, Madelyn Rose 38423.00;Slette, Beth M 193155.00;Slocomb, Matthew C 61775.00;Sluke, Andrea L 44961.00;Smalley, Ashley 50841.00;Smette, Mitchell Myron 48567.00;Smith, Allison Marie 44961.00;Smith, Brittany Marie 41669.00;Smith, Katie Renee 50245.00;Smith, Wendy Jean 57824.00;Snow-Dolezal, Jordan Cecilia 49406.00;Snyder, Jacob Quinn 44501.34;Soderholm, Kimberly K 57290.40;Solberg, Kathryn V 77648.00;Soupir-Fremstad, Jennifer S 132383.00;Spanier, Becky Lynn 75953.00;Spanier, Lindsay Sarah 57339.00;Spieker, Kristina K 58561.00;Spies, Erin M 120834.00;Spilde, Rhonda Marie 40247.00;Spoehr, Elizabeth Rose 40247.00;Stadther, Kristin 45701.00;Standifer, Jerry D 113931.00;Stangeland, Kathryn L 70854.00;Stecher, Michael Adam 90406.00;Steckler, Douglas G 20123.50;Steenstrup, Amber Lynn 44961.00;Steffen, Hadley Jo 46789.00;Steffen, Kayla Jo 50841.00;Steiner, Cindy Lee 64329.00;Steiner, Jessica Maureen 58192.00;Stephenson, Olivia Anne 47375.00;Sterk, David Matthew 70886.00;Stevenson, Aaron E 60350.00;Stewart, Eileen M 55317.83;Stewart, Jennifer Jane 64329.00;Stewart, Matthew Ray 20798.40;Still, Kimberly Pamela 47375.00;Stoltman, Rachel Elizabeth 49406.00;Stone, Matthew Tyler 38423.00;Storm, Bradley J 52235.00;Stormon, Kara J 48813.00;Strand, Aimee Ruth 60704.00;Strand, Dana Elizabeth 58192.00;Strand, Michelle A 69901.00;Strand-Rysgaard, Holly Renae 61675.95;Strom, Nicholas B 41184.00;Strube, Gabriel 50245.00;Stuber, Kelsey C G 42606.00;Suckow, Lydia Michelle 48216.00;Sufficool, Grace Marie 40247.00;Sundeen, Jessica Dawn 26838.00;Sundet, Briana R 34948.58;Svor, Jami J 73315.00;Svor, Joshua S 54828.00;Swanson, Shirley Jean 70070.94;Swanson, Stephanie Lee 61775.00;Swedberg, Leah Barae 57339.00;Swedberg, Rollin B 64329.00;Swegarden, Mason J 43089.00;Swenson, Amber Rose 54828.00;Swenson, Jennifer L 45116.00;Sylstad, Brittany May 46789.00;Symington, Ashlee Ann 46789.00;Tackling, Jennifer M 49642.00;Tarnasky, Traci Lynn 53676.00;Ternes, Allison Marie 46789.00;Terry, Luci A 52275.00;Thibert, Cole Hunter 40247.00;Thibert, Suzanne M 75953.00;Thielges, Aaron M 60334.00;Thielges, Jennifer Rae 44961.00;Thomas, Mark 60005.00;Thomes, Allison Marie 48216.00;Thompson, Kari Lynn 57120.00;Thompson, Lori K 45116.00;Thomte, Cassandra Lynn 45950.00;Thoreson, Melanie S 48519.07;Thornton, Jordyn M. 43089.00;Thorson, Karley Jo 42606.00;Thorson, Troy M 60334.00;Thorstad, Amber Leigh 62926.00;Thorton, Ellie Marie 48798.00;Tibbetts, Kelly Elizabeth 60158.30;Tibor, Jessica Kelly 67750.76;Tiedeman, Heather L 57339.00;Tieman, Aletta Rose 51923.00;Tieman, Dustin Michael 57824.00;Tietz, Deborah Lynn 75953.00;Toepke-Peterson, Melisa Joy 60704.00;Tollefson, David Jon 60334.00;Tompkins, Kia A 48798.00;Tompkins, Rosemary E 64329.00;Tostenson, Amber Rae 46789.00;Toy, Karlie Lynn 39410.00;Toy, Kristi Lynn 116408.00;Tran, Kathryn Ann 39410.00;Trosen, Elisabeth Paige 44281.00;Trowbridge, Danielle Lynn 48216.00;Trusty, Melanie T 39410.00;Tucholke, Matthew A 49158.00;Tykwinski, Anna Catherine 45290.74;Ulness, Jessica L 66019.00;Urlacher, Keith A 67616.00;Urness, Ericka Freed 52917.61;Van Den Eykel, Brandon M 42606.00;Van Veen, Jessica M 48567.00;VanHatten, Jane Elizabeth 27018.18;Vannett, Joel David 51084.00;Vanyo, Mary Kathryn 45950.00;Vargo, Rene C 78125.00;Vasichek, Lisa Beth 52041.27;Veit, Matthew James 38423.00;Vetsch, Leigh M 61775.00;Visina, Amber Lee 49642.00;Voegele, Jorgia Do Bartley 64329.00;Voeller, Courtney Danielle 40247.00;Vogel, Samuel C 40247.00;Volk, Aimee M 76365.00;Von Pinnon, Jennifer E 70854.00;Vos, Stephanie A 53676.00;Wahlstrom, Quinn Dana 39410.00;Walker, Benjamin J 57339.00;Walker, Christina G 63911.00;Walker, Holly Jo 49999.00;Walker, Megan E 50711.00;Waln, Madison Elizabeth 39410.00;Walski, Stephanie Marie 45102.90;Walter, Kaitlyn Rose 41669.00;Walters, Veronique Ferre 53963.00;Ward, Jill M 58561.00;Warner, Travis Benjamin 45116.00;Waters, Rachelle R 41669.00;Watson, Jaime Michelle 53963.00;Watzke, Erin E 60704.00;Wavrin, Christina P 45950.00;Weber, Jeffrey C 75953.00;Weber, Michelle 128512.00;Weeda, Nancy Suzanne 64329.00;Wegscheid, Timothy R 45116.00;Weiler, Twana L 67016.00;Weiser, Lori Lynn 52524.00;Weiss, Mariah Lynn 38423.00;Weisz, Breah Le 38423.00;Welk, Gretchen Lynn 67616.00;Wellen, Joseph Travis 38423.00;Wellnitz, Stephanie Jill 40247.00;Wendel, Allison Elise 60158.30;Wentz, Jenaya Jade 44501.34;Wentz, Nancy Ann 61775.00;Werness, Daniel Jerome 49999.00;Wester, Kristi M 58192.00;Westphal, Molly M 67616.00;Westra, Meghan P 40247.00;Whaley, Thomas C 75953.00;White, Dakota Carole Kvaale 46538.00;White, Laine A 53676.00;Wickham, Lindsay M 57120.00;Wicklund, Diane M 66532.00;Wiemann, Lillian Marie 39410.00;Wienbar, Gwen Marie 40247.00;Wigglesworth, Jessica Lynn 55899.00;Wild, Taylor Ann 38423.00;Willgohs, Jordan R 52275.00;Williams, Jennifer Ranee 39410.00;Williams, Sarah A 53963.00;Williams, Vincent Levell 143000.00;Williamson, Riley R 40247.00;Wilson, Alyssa Lynn 42021.00;Wilson, Molly Marie 47728.00;Wilson, Richard Gene 60388.95;Wimer, Renae M 60704.00;Wing Schmidt, Shawn L 35764.42;Wingenbach, Kenyon Daniel 49649.00;Winkels, Anna Marie 46789.00;Winning, Shaina E 55115.00;Winters, Erin Nicole 39410.00;Wisnewski, Brittany Mae 49158.00;Witt-Mahar, Allison Jean 66532.00;Wixo, Hailey F 40247.00;Wohl, Cheryl L 68655.00;Wold, Brittany Jewel 45955.00;Wold, Jill K 73357.00;Wolden, Jennifer Lynn 55899.00;Wolf, Daniel Lee 70854.00;Wolf, Heidi 70854.00;Wolf, Kurt T 29180.24;Woodbury, Katie M 43089.00;Woodbury, Lisa C 68655.00;Woodbury, Mark J 62374.00;Woodford, Shaylie Michelle 38423.00;Wosick, Hope M 50841.00;Wright, Maren Marie 55899.00;Wyse, Caden Tom 19211.50;Yaeger, Jaime M 15539.20;Yanish, Lindsey Sue Marie 51084.00;Young, Nathan Allan 29634.76;Young, Terri A 75953.00;Zander, Janelle 51004.25;Zent, Carol S 123197.00;Zepeda, Manix 123197.00;Zilmer, Gabrielle Anne 39410.00;Zinke, Hilary 47375.00;Zuel, Jamie E 49406.00 The list of salary obligations to hourly staff during 2021-2022 is as follows: Aamot, Ellen K 19.69;Adams, Glenda D 19.69;Adams, Jenny A 19.34;Adhikari, Kamala Maya 16.04;Adkins, Gina Lynn 15.44;Agic, Monika 18.97;Agrawal, Shilpi 15.44;Ahmed, Asma Farah 14.86;Albin, Brandee J 16.34;Albrecht, Benita Marie 14.86;Alderman, Tracy Lynn 15.44;Alhamadah, Layla S 15.44;Allen, Marjorie Gene 14.86;Almen, Stephanie Lynn 15.16;Almer, Sara K 18.69;Altepeter, Sarah Ann 15.44;Ames-Ohnstad, Terisa M 18.69;Amundson, Alice Ann 15.29;Amundson, Brady J 15.44;Amundson, Karen E 22.23;Andersen, Michelle Marie 15.44;Anderson, Audra Leigh 18.99;Anderson, Brittany Marie 16.6;Anderson, Cheryl K 15.44;Anderson, Tara Ann 16.6;Anderson, Travis William 15.44;Andrist, Melissa Grace 15.44;Anna, Barekebavuge 15.16;Arellano, Caroline Ann 15.89;Arndt, Nicole Jane 15.44;Asleson, Richard A 24.78;Aubourg Sympreux, Marie RoseLine 15.16;Audace, Niyuhire 17.81;Ault, Christine Kay 19.69;Babcock, Kay Lynne 17.08;Bach, Wade Conrad 24.77;Backen, Theresa Ann 14.86;Backer, Jessaline Charlene 16.6;Backes, Janice Marie 14.86;Backman, Shareen Sue 15.16;Bahr, Sherry 19.69;Bailly, Kelly K 17.81;Balvik, Danika Joy 15.44;Bangert, Cecilia Anne 16.6;Barcon, Jonah Gbayah 16.48;Barnard, Norma Jean 17.69;Barnhardt, Marinda Joy 16.6;Barnick, Rhonda Rae 20;Barta, Mary Gail 16.6;Bartsch, Linda M 22.23;Bates, Eugene Howard 25.45;Bauer, Kimberly J 19.69;Bauer, Rhonda Ann 17.69;Baumgartner, Kim Arlene 15.29;Bauske, Raymond James 15.89;Bautista, Melissa Ann 15.16;Bearinger, Jocelyn Renae 16.6;Beauchamp, Terri Lynn 14.86;Beaupre, Arianna Cynthia 17.08;Behl, Morganne 16.03;Benson, Jenessa Jill 15.16;Berg, Alyssa Marie 15.16;Berg, Maris A 16.6;Bergseid, Rebecca Lynn 16.48;Betti, Stacie E 15.44;Bleick, Rachel A 17.81;Blotsky, David G 15.16;Boese, Hannah C 15.44;Bohanna, Cassandra A 15.89;Boles, Barbara Marie 15.89;Bolme, Meghan Joyce 15.44;Bourassa, Stacy Rae 19.34;Bowman, Joshua Lee 15.44;Brakken, LuAnn Bernice 16.79;Brandt, Heidi J 14.86;Brandt, Judy A 14.86;Braun, Barb J 17.69;Breidenbach, Paula Marie 22.23;Breitbach, Mark Daniel 16.34;Breitling, Elizabeth Connor 15.16;Brendefur, Neelie Jo 16.48;Bretherton, Julie Ann 16.04;Brewer, Rachel Iona 17.08;Bricker, Patricia Kjersem 14.86;Brickman, Kelly M 19.69;Brorby, Chad Richard 20.87;Brown, Paula J 21.16;Bukuru, Mahangaiko 15.16;Bullis, Erica Lynn 17.97;Buretta, Susie Rhnea 15.44;Burns, Allison Marie 15.44;Burrell, LeAnn J 17.03;Bush, Makenna Whitney 16.6;Bushiri, Amoros 16.48;Campbell, Carli Marie 16.6;Carbone, Teresa Ann 15.44;Carey, Haleigh Mackenzie 15.44;Carlson, Donna Jean 15.44;Carr, Dawn K 19.77;Carter, Susan Kay 14.86;Cassezza, Marsha Mae 16.48;Caswell, Sharon K 14.86;Chalupnik, James A 18.69;Chamberlin, Sarah Aileen 15.44;Chapin, Kelsea Marie 16.6;Chesser, Alison M 20;Chhetri, Mina 14.86;Christl, Donna C 19.04;Claeys, Trisha Marie 30.6;Claflin, John Edward 17.56;Clapper, Krisdeanna 15.44;Clarey, Christie Leigh 16.48;Clarey, Patrick Jerome 17.81;Clark, Ivory P 15.16;Clarke, Claire Marie 18.6;Clemenson, Renaye J 19.69;Cockayne, Lea J 21.16;Cole-Johnson, Lacey Louise 15.89;Coleman, Colleen Jo 17.08;Collins, Troy D 20.63;Colvin, Samantha Kay 16.34;Cooper, Angela Kay 17.08;Cossette, Curt A 17.08;Cossette, Raquel 18.14;Cota, Michael Lee 17.81;Cox, Catherine Elaine 16.34;Crompton, Ethan Victor 15.16;Cross, Breann Y 16.6;Cuda, Erin Rose 15.16;Cullison, Megan Kristine 15.44;Cummings, Debra Kay 19.69;Cummings, Greg P 26.25;Cummings, Randall Edward 25.69;Curfman, Sherry Nevada 15.29;Dahl, Deann R 16.04;Dahlin, Betty J 19.69;Daignault, Erin J 15.44;Daly, Rylee Kaleo Okalani 15.16;Damm, Lanis Lee 15.6;Davison, Laura J 15.44;Degenstein, Alane Frances 19.34;Dehler, Lisa Jo 19.68;DePauw, Michelle L 15.44;DeWitt, Cynthia Kay 14.86;Diamond, Alaya Marie 15.44;Dick, Barbara Mary 15.44;Diede, James A 15.44;Dimmer, Victoria A 17.81;Dirks, Sarah Beth 15.16;Dittmer, Tara Leigh 15.44;Dobler, Bridget Louise 15.44;Dodd, Nancy Jean 19.04;Dohman, Courtney M 16.6;Donahue, Stacy Ann 17.08;Doran, Kara Ann 16.93;Dorbor, Sande 15.16;Dort, Carline 15.16;Dorval, Tricia M 18.14;Draeger, Carolyn L 21.02;Drewry, Sandra Lee 15.89;Dunham, Jay Elwood 21.18;Dunham, Mary K 22.23;Dunn, Tamara l 17.08;Dunwell, David James 15.16;Durbin, Jennifer Lynn 15.44;Ebens, Jennifer Grace 15.16;Efterfield, Ashley Anne 14.86;Egge, Corinna J 18.25;Eidenschink, Kinsi Ann 16.34;Ellingson, Bethany Monique 15.44;Ellingson, Michelle G 18.14;Ellingson, Monica B 22.23;Elliott, Alison Rae 17.24;Ellison, Ashley Rachel 15.16;Elser, Madison Marie 15.44;Elstad, Nancy M 19.69;Endres, Mollie R 18.69;Erb, Carolyn L 15.44;Erickson, Anna Francis Marie 15.44;Erickson, Audrey Joy 19.34;Erickson, Betty J 19.69;Erickson, Kraig O 14.86;Erickson, Lisa A 22.23;Erikson, Shannon Rovine 18.04;Ertelt, Kristine 21.16;Espeland, Jeffery T 15.16;Espeland, Jeffery W 28.97;Evenson, Elizabeth Janeen 16.93;Faircloth, Julie D 19.69;Faltersack, Alexis N 15.44;Faltersack, Tracey Lynn 22.58;Farahmand, Kayla 17.08;Farkas, Coralie E 22.23;Fatic, Adisa 16.04;Faulkner, Ashlee Mae 17.08;Feigert, Jordan R 21.77;Ferber, Christan M 18.48;Fetting, Loel M 18.8;Fiedler, Victoria Lea 16.6;Finn, Amber L 18.59;Fischer, Deborah Ann 17.08;Fischer, Gordon J 19.34;Fisher-Stolpman, Megan Nicole 17.24;Fleury, Nadine Noel 15.16;Floding, Sara Kae 16.5;Flom-Johnson, Kristin A 19.69;Ford, Lori Jean 15.89;Fosmark, Kayli Hope 15.44;Foss, Mary Angelita 18.48;Fowler, Jacob Robert 15.44;Fowler, Jared Nash 15.44;Francis, Charles Ellis 20.92;Freih, Wanda L 22.62;Freitas, Kayla Marie 17.08;Friederichs, Anne Therese 15.16;Frisch, Meredith D 19.69;Fritz, Alison Ann 17.08;Furos, Roxy Ann 19.34;Gaalswyk, Kimberly Joy 17.56;Gabbert, Amber Lorise 19.5;Gadberry, DeAnna M 18.48;Gade, Bethany L 14.86;Gade, Nathan Howard 16.93;Gaffney, Jason M 22.62;Galindo, Alexia Mae 16.6;Garcia, Samuel A 15.16;Gardner, Nicole R 17.56;Geisen, Megan E 17.24;Gertz, Pamela Jean 17.56;Ghalley, Reeta M 15.16;Gibson, Nicole Ann 18.04;Gienger, James Jacob 18.54;Gilbertson, Beth E 15.29;Gilbertson, Dennis C 15.6;Glanz, Heather L 16.6;Gleason, Michelle R 22.23;Goetz, Rachel R 15.44;Goldade, Callie Jo 15.89;Gomes, Beatriz Gadelha 15.44;Gomez, Cindy Linn 14.86;Gomez, Fredrico A 15.29;Gossen, Crystal C 19.5;Gothberg, Carol R 17.46;Gott, Shane Michael 16.04;Graham, Sean Patrick 16.34;Grant, David Lowell 17.56;Grant, Kathy Jo 18.48;Grausgruber, Holly M 17.56;Grenz, Ryan James 27.14;Grindahl, Michele Christine 15.44;Gronbeck, DeAnn M 19.69;Grove, Donald Archie 19.69;Grudem, Maidie F 17.89;Guerrero, Allison Maria 15.44;Gurung, Bhim B 15.16;Gust, Margaret Mary 14.86;Hagen, Christa Lynn 16.6;Hagen, Hope Lynn 15.44;Hahn, Lindsay Nichole 15.44;Hakanson, Stephanie L 15.72;Halvorson, Kelly Ernest 27.43;Halvorson, Nancy R 18.97;Ham, Erik Paul 17.24;Hammer, Odilia Zavala 18.69;Hanlon, Anna C 21.53;Hanneman, Grace Rae 15.44;Hansen, Stephanie Alice 28.48;Hansen, Wendy Ellen 25.14;Hanson, Kenneth G 15.16;Hanson, Kimberly K 14.86;Haring-O’Donnell, Heather L 15.44;Harris, Sandra 19.69;Hartje, Rachael Marie 15.29;Hartman, Jordyn Rose 15.44;Hartze, Raelene Marie 18.54;Hasanovic, Envera 15.16;Hasse, Alexis Riley 15.16;Hauge, Kayla May 16.04;Haugen, Mark Wayne 15.44;Haugrud, Melissa G 16.93;Hawk, Elle Marie 15.16;Hawkins, Heidi R 15.16;Hearn, Donald Lee 28.97;Hegle, Jody Lynn 20;Hegseth, Candice Lynn 18.14;Heiden, Kevin Lynn 21.16;Heiden, Pamela S 23.33;Heier, Sandra 19.69;Heinen, Julia Lynn 20;Heise, Nika M 19.98;Hektner-Chase, Lois Marie 15.6;Henderson, Penny Lynn 22.23;Hendrickson, Beth Marie 17.24;Hendrickson, Darlene L 19.69;Hendrickson, Mariah Shae 15.16;Hendrickson, Shannon Lee 28.97;Henning, Robyn Kari 18.54;Henrichs, Carleen Kay 17.97;Henrikson, Erica Lynne 16.93;Herman, Lauren Angela 15.89;Hermanson, Leslie J 14.86;Hertel, Denise M 19.34;Hess, Kylie B 17.97;Heytens-Nielsen, Jamie Lynn 15.16;Hiebert, Heather A 15.44;Hiemenz, Kaylee Jo 15.16;Hilber, Taryn K 17.56;Hill, Gina Marie 18.04;Hoard, Lisa Marie 19.49;Hochstetler, Abigail Kate 15.44;Hodzic, Hatidza K 19.34;Hodzic, Safet 19.34;Hoefs, Lisa L 19.34;Hoeft, Hannah Louise 18.54;Hoffart, Lisa M 14.86;Hoffman, Melinda K 16.6;Hoffman, Shauna Marie 23.8;Hoffmann, Brianna Lee 17.08;Hoffner, Sarah M 15.6;Hoflen, Allison Bernice 15.29;Hogenson, Janelle M 20;Holland, Ellen Louise 17.37;Holmberg, Rebecca Lou 27.59;Holo, Sarah Jean 17.08;Honer, Eve Barbra 17.08;Hoos, Kathy Anne 16.6;Hornbaker, Andrew Ryan 15.16;Horner, Jacqueline K 19.34;Hovland, Kelly Ann 17.24;Huelsman, Paul H 26.25;Huesman, Emily Ann 15.16;Hughes, Cassandra Lynn 15.16;Hui, Kele 14.86;Hull, Kristen Marie 18.99;Hulm, Jesse Robert 16.48;Hultin, Kylie Kay 15.16;Huotari, Abby Lynn 17.24;Huseby, Ashlea A 16.15;Huseby, Bryce Verdeen 16.79;Huso, Diane K 19.69;Ibrahim, Rashid M 16.93;Isa, Mwaidi 15.16;Isaac, Muhirwa Kineza 15.16;Isaac, Shirley 15.16;Isaak, Katie Marie 21.16;Jackson, Bernard Taylor 18.06;Jacob, Kaylie Sue 15.44;Jacobsen, Kelly Gene 18.8;Jacobson, Carla M 17.56;Janaka, Beatrice Foni 15.16;Janisch, Sierra Morgan 15.6;Janousek, Alexandria Beth 15.89;Jantzi, Shannon L 21.02;Jasarevic, Fatima 15.72;Javori, Gentiana 15.44;Jaycox, Timothy James 18.8;Jendro, Justin M 15.16;Jensen, Kristina Mary 15.44;Johnson Gjestvang, Shyla J 19.04;Johnson, Amy C 16.48;Johnson, Amy Lucinda 19.34;Johnson, Autumn M 18.48;Johnson, Carrie A 16.79;Johnson, Joshua B 15.16;Johnson, Jozie Nicole 22.42;Johnson, Kathleen Wallner 16.15;Johnson, Kathy Lynn 15.44;Johnson, Kylie Elaine 15.16;Johnson, Larisa Renae 19.5;Johnson, Loretta Gaye 19.02;Johnson, Melissa M 15.44;Johnson, Molly Elizabeth 23.22;Johnson, Robert L 18.54;Johnson, Sharlotte L 15.16;Johnson, Wendy Kaye 15.89;Jonckowski, Samuel James 19.18;Jones, Angela R 18.99;Jones, Ashlyn E 15.44;Jones, Ian Michael 15.44;Jordahl, Nicole Marie 15.44;Jordan, Kaitlyn Marie 15.16;Jorgenson, Mindy Renee 17.56;Journey, Amy Jo 17.69;Juntunen, Jaimee Rae 15.16;Kallhoff, Kim K 17.46;Kamins, Rebecca L 16.15;Kane, Kristina Marie 15.16;Kangara, Rizo 16.93;Kantarevic, Bahra 19.34;Kappes, Charlotte Noel 23.8;Kauffman, Galen Keith 15.44;Kauffman, Heather Sue 15.44;Kaufman, Lisa A 17.37;Kaufmann, Richard A 19.83;Kautz, Andrea E 15.29;Keller, Angela 22.23;Kelly, Tara Jo 16.79;Kelm, Natasha M 16.34;Kempel, McKenzie Renee 15.44;Kemper, Cory Robert 19.32;Kidder, Ivy Estrella 15.89;Kidder, Mollie A 17.81;Kilen, Jodi Marie 26.25;King, Tammy Grace 16.6;Kirkeby, Micah M 15.16;Kist, Shannon M 16.79;Klatt, Cheryl Lee 16.6;Klein, Mikayla Marie 16.79;Klein, Thomas G 14.86;Kliem, Jessica A 19.04;Kloos, Pamela G 19.34;Knutson, Brian Carl 16.5;Koehnen, Steven 27.14;Kolesar, Corissa Suzanne 21.02;Komrosky, Leah Mae 15.16;Koronka, Gregory James 15.6;Kovacevic, Enver 17.81;Kovacevic, Hanisa 17.81;Koval, Benjamin Lee Christopher 15.6;Koval, Vernes Hope 17.24;Kovash, Joanne L 19.98;Kraft, Karen A 19.69;Kraft, Natasha Lee 15.44;Kraft, Rodney David 22.62;Krauth, Cory Allen 17.81;Krei, Kim Marie 15.72;Krick, Lori B 19.69;Krier, Pamela L 15.44;Krone, Steven L 19.34;Krueger, Lynda K 19.34;Kruger, Allison Rae 15.44;Kueber, Amanda Christine 15.6;Kuhn, Denyse M 22.23;Kunz, Mary Catherine 20;Kurtti, Sheryl Jean 14.86;Kylstad, Amber Dawn 15.89;Lafta, Awatif I 19.69;Lage, Mary A 15.44;Lang, Kathy Ann 15.44;Langerud, Tammy Lynn 27.56;Langowski, Janeen A 21.02;Langton, Jan L 15.89;Larson, Tracie S 17.69;Latteef, Sinan Mohsin 15.89;Latterner, Jeremy James 27.84;Laudato, Julita Romero 15.6;Lavalier-Brophy, Lauren P 15.29;Lavelle, Paula Jean 16.93;Lavitschke, Kimberly D 18.97;Law, Andrew Michael 24.45;Lee, Allison Anne 16.6;Lee, Penny Bernice 18.97;Lee, Sheena Rae 17.97;Lemke, Sandra K 19.34;Lende, Donna P 18.59;Lende, Savannah Joy 16.6;Leshovsky, Ann Marie 20.51;Levin, Nancy Kay 19.69;Lewis, Delbert Leigh 16.6;Lewis, Rebecca J 16.6;Lind, Karla L 19.34;Lindquist, Patricia Ann 22.23;Lisburg, Teresa Lynn 16.6;Livermont, Christa L 17.81;Lobdell, Amber Nicole 16.6;Long Feather, Trevan J 15.6;Long Voelkner, Megann Lurene 21.02;Loomis, Iana Dee 14.86;Lord, Kristen Anne 16.04;Lubbers, Paul George 16.6;Ludwig, Patricia M 14.86;Luna, Rosary A 15.6;Lund, Darrel Allen 19.83;Maarouf, Katherine 15.16;MacDonald, Alisha A 16.79;Madcke, Gwendolyn Ann 19.49;Magnell, Amber R 28.51;Majetic, Hatidza Tidza 17.37;Malano, Ruth 16.04;Mangar Subba, Munchi M 15.16;Manning, Alyssa L 17.08;Manock, Stephanie J 21.02;Manzella, Erica Lynn 19.49;Marthe, Deborah L 19.69;Martin, Cindy Marie 15.16;Martinson, Alicia Anne 17.08;Martinson, Lois Jeanette 15.16;Martinson, Samantha Jean 16.03;Maruba, Bosco Leonard 15.16;Mattson, Elaine D 19.34;Mattson, Jennifer Nicole 15.89;Matzke, Ricky A 15.16;May, Ashley Elizabeth 16.6;McAleer, Eileen Marie 15.6;McCann, Francis E 21.16;McCann, Kayla Candace 14.86;McCartney, Raymond W 15.44;McClain, Alaina K 16.6;McCracken, Patty Lynn 16.48;Mcdonald, Elaine J 19.69;McDonald, Raeann Marie 16.6;McFarland, Shawn 16.93;McGillivray, Katelyn Marie 16.6;McGovern, Ashten Rae 15.44;McGuire, Kristofer TN 15.16;McGurk, Katelyn Elisabeth 16.6;Mckinney, Ted I 16.6;McLaughlin, Brittany Carol 15.16;Mctiver, Suzanne Elise 19.69;Mears, Alissa Rae 17.97;Mehanovic, Mirsada 16.04;Meier, Lynn Ann 15.29;Meis, Crystal Leigh 18.6;Mendis, Sarah M 15.44;Menschel, Tiffany R 21.16;Mensing, Wendy K 18.54;Merkens, Chaun L 21.16;Mertes, Haley J 15.44;Meyer Grindahl, Janie L 22.23;Meyer, Robert J 19.34;Michaelson Conrad, Sandra Lynn 19.02;Middendorp, Jerry M 16.6;Miesen, Asher James 16.6;Migler, Bonnie L 18.97;Milbrath, Karen E 23.83;Milbrett, Shoshanah Marie 16.6;Miller, Grace Ruth 19.68;Miller, Jill R 15.44;Miller, JoAnn M 17.97;Miller, Wanda L 25.14;Milz, Jessica Marie 15.16;Miranda, Rebecca Lynn 15.16;Miranowski, Lori A 19.34;Mischke, Lynette O 15.44;Moe, Susan Marie 17.81;Moen, Kalyn E 17.56;Moffitt, Amanda J 15.16;Mohamed, Khadijo A 14.86;Morgan, Amanda Ruth 18.48;Morgan, Jenifer Cartina 15.89;Morris, Hannah J 15.16;Morris, Jacqueline C 17.56;Morrison, Joni M 15.44;Morse, Merralee J 16.6;Morton, Joyce L 21.39;Moser, Kimberly D 17.37;Mosolf, Makya LeAnn 16.6;Mueller, Kelly Ann 16.6;Mulfinger, Cara Lynn 17.81;Mund, Kylie Marie 15.89;Munsch, Chloe E 15.16;Murrah, Julie Marie 15.29;Muscha, Amanda Lynn 15.6;Myers, Jerrilyn M 18.32;Nagle, Robin M 14.86;Nankundwa, Beatrice Namahoro 15.16;Naseth, Janell Sue 15.16;Nathan, Amy Lou 14.86;Ndayikunda, Francoise 18.25;Ndikumana, Callixte Nizeyimana 17.81;Nebiu, Jasmina 15.72;Necastro, Lisa Michelle 16.04;Neisen, Anne R 15.44;Neisen, Shelly R 22.23;Nell, Miranda Marie 16.6;Nelson, Arvella S 21.39;Nelson, Britney J M 16.6;Nelson, Jessica DeeAnn 19.49;Nelson, Samantha Jo 14.86;Nelson, Stephany Lynn 16.03;Nelson, Terri Ann 15.44;Neva, Jody L 22.23;Newenhouse, Lisa Reese 15.89;Newgren, Timothy Joseph 16.6;Newman, Connie Jean 16.6;Ngo, Hang N 17.89;Nhial, Alakiir M 15.16;Nielsen, Megan Lynn 16.6;Niewind, Emmy E 19.49;Nilson, Ellen L 19.69;Nino, Emiliano 21.5;Nishimwe, Evelyne Sangwa 14.86;Nissen, Faith M 17.24;Noble, Brittany Rae 19.5;Noble, Mitchell F 15.44;Nobles, Nathan W 15.16;Nordland, Aimee M 15.44;Nordland, Roberta Rae 18.14;Novacek, Elizabeth A 18.59;Novacek, Kristi A 19.34;Noyes, Julie M 19.49;Ntahompagaze, Caliton 18.25;Nudell, Joni K 16.79;Nystrom, Damion Mark 15.89;Nysveen, Irina Borisovna 16.34;Obembe, Olubunmi M 15.16;Odegard, JoDee L 15.16;Ohman, Shaylee Andreya 15.16;Olsby, Jennifer L 15.16;Olsen, Kathryn Ann 22.23;Olson, Barbara A 17.24;Olson, Carley Ann 16.03;Olson, Corinnea J 17.24;Olson, Cory Lynn 16.93;Olson, Doraine 18.97;Olson, Doreen A 17.46;Olson, Sarah June 15.44;Olson, Sarah Marie 17.69;Onsum, Cindy J 17.24;Opp, Elizabeth J 18.99;Orta Ordaz, Maria S 15.6;Ortiz, Oliveros 15.6;Orvik, Tracy J 16.6;Palmer, Christiane Amanda 16.6;Palmer, Robert A 16.6;Papenfuss, Judy K 15.44;Pauly, Jill Elizabeth 15.44;Payer, Taryn M 16.6;Payne, Mary Beth 22.23;Pearson, Tammie Rae 17.56;Peasley, Alexandra Pearl 15.16;Pedersen, Kris Matthew 17.37;Pederson, Sasha Marie 15.44;Peihl, Gloria Marie 15.29;Peppenger-Reardon, Kathy Renee 16.48;Perrelet, Richard J 22.64;Peters, Kelly Ray 19.34;Petersen, Dawn Lee 19.32;Petersen, Morgen Leigh 15.44;Peterson, Ashley J 16.5;Peterson, Cynthia Jane 14.86;Peterson, Erika Anita 17.97;Peterson, Jamie D 19.32;Peterson, Karrie Lynn 17.69;Peterson, Maria A 25.14;Peterson, Richard Kent 26.11;Peterson, Tiana Rea 15.6;Petroski, Karie Ann 14.86;Petz, Delores Josephine 16.34;Phillips, Darci D 17.81;Phung, Brenda Trang 16.6;Pilch, Dallan Harvey 15.16;Pilch, Esther E 19.34;Pilch, Jon E 19.34;Pirillis, Isaak A 15.44;Pitliya, Deepika 15.16;Ponik, Sharon Marie 20.46;Pople, Janet Lynn 15.89;Porter, Alicia Lynn 16.6;Potucek, Abbey Kim 15.89;Praus, Jason Jon 25.14;Privette, Tosha Ann 15.44;Prudlick, Kristi A 19.69;Pryde, David Roger 16.34;Pyle, Faye Arlene 22.62;Quist, Ethan Thomas 15.16;Rademacher, Kristen Nicole 17.08;Rai, Bali R 16.04;Rai, Harka B 17.81;Rai, Lila K 19.83;Ramsdell, Samantha Raeanne 15.6;Ramsey, Tanya Rae 16.6;Ramstad, Tegan R 16.6;Randash, Jane L 20;Randklev II, Gary Paul 18.8;Ray, Sarah Jolene 17.69;Redmond, Stephanie R 22.23;Reisenauer, Jeffrey Lee 16.48;Renner, Alexandra N 15.16;Renwick, Teresa Maye 20.51;Reopelle, Mariana Marie 17.08;Reynolds, Julia Rose 15.44;Rheault, Jacqueline Rae 19.5;Rheaume, Nicole Anne 19.34;Richard, Kristen R 19.34;Richter, Gabrielle J 17.56;Richter, Todd James 16.04;Ricker, Megan J 15.44;Riedhammer, Dave M 19.34;Riely, Nathan M 16.6;Riemer, Karen Anne 17.08;Rinkenberger, Courtney Marie 15.44;Rios Millan, Wendy 16.04;Ritter, Collette A 15.44;Roark, Holly Beth 16.48;Roberts, Kelley Lynne 16.6;Robinson Jelinek, Christy Lynn 16.04;Robinson, Jodi Marie 19.69;Robleh, Awo Abdi 14.86;Rod, Maria Jessica Asuncion 18.97;Rodenbiker, Raina Don 16.6;Rodriguez Guerra, Vickey Lynn 15.44;Roesler, Kelsey Jo 16.04;Roettger, Robert Jason 15.16;Rognlin, Leo Anthony 16.6;Rohrich, Amanda R 16.6;Rohrich, Gina C 15.44;Rohrich, JoEllen 18.14;Ronning, Krysta BreAnne 17.56;Rosdahl, Rodney Lee 15.16;Rosendahl, Makayla M 15.44;Rosendahl, Terri L 20.46;Ross, Kymberlynn Fay 15.16;Rossow, Hannah Ruby 17.56;Russ, Courtney Austin 15.16;Ruud, Jason J 22.62;Ruud, Robert Brian 16.6;Ryan, James Norris 16.95;Sahli, Spencer Steven 22.58;Said, Mona A 15.29;Sailors, Tina M 20.35;Sandvig, Tammy Jo M 19.69;Sannes, Debra Ann 14.86;Sasdas, Kajeeporn 14.86;Schacher, Melanie L 18.25;Schacher, Tori Lynn 15.44;Schafnitz, Hope Elizabeth 15.16;Schatz, Carolyn A 19.69;Schelske, Michael J 15.6;Schemel, Lori Joan 17.69;Scherling, Brenda J 19.69;Schiernbeck, David J 21.16;Schieve, Carrie Ann 15.6;Schillinger, Jaclyn N 15.44;Schirado, Laura Gail 15.44;Schlosser, Susan Rebecca 22.23;Schmaltz, Natalie R 19.69;Schmidt, Alison R 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