RESOLUTION DECLARING NEW PAVING CONSTRUCTION NECESSARY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. PN-22-M BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF CITY COMMISSIONERS OF THE CITY OF FARGO: That it be and is hereby declared necessary to construct New Paving Construction, Improvement District No. PN-22-M in the City of Fargo, North Dakota, according to the Engineer’s Report for this district and the Plans and Specifications approved by the Board of City Commissioners of the City of Fargo, North Dakota, filed in the Office of the City Auditor, and open for public inspection. A map of the district is attached hereto and incorporated as if fully set forth herein. That the entire cost of said improvement be specially assessed against the benefited property in said improvement district in amounts proportionate to and not exceeding the benefits to be derived by them respectively from said improvement. Protests against the proposed New Paving and Construction must be in writing and must be filed with the City Auditor’s Office within 30 days after First publication of this Resolution. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the City Auditor’s Office is hereby instructed to publish this Resolution, as required by law. CERTIFICATE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA COUNTY OF CASS I, Steven Sprague, the duly appointed, qualified and acting City Auditor of the City of Fargo, North Dakota do hereby certify that the foregoing is a full, true, and correct copy of a Resolution adopted by the Board of City Commissioners of the City of Fargo at the Regular Meeting of the Board held on Monday, June 13, 2022. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of the City of Fargo, North Dakota, this 13 day of June 2022. 40-22-15 40-22-17 ________________________ Steven Sprague City Auditor (SEAL) (June 22 & 29, 2022) 75051