The meeting was called to order by Mayor

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Wick in the absence of John Buskness. The minutes and treasure’s report were given and were accepted as read. Candyce was in contact with Abby at the lawyer’s office about a building ordinance. Nothing was confirmed at this time. The trees at the dump ground were burned this morning. It was discussed to dig a hole and bury what didn’t burn. The sign for the dump ground has been received and will be put in place this summer. The board reviewed the picture from the county where the street is on second avenue and where the yield sign will be placed. Because of all the snow at that corner, it cannot be completed until the snow melts. The ARPA was reviewed and again and since the government has made it easier to apply, the city will apply for the $7379.39 available. The board thought it should be earmarked for the lagoon. The city will have to get a DUN’s # first. A motion was made by Kuruc and seconded by Martin to proceed. A resident of Woodworth does not want to pay the rural water access fee. A letter will be sent outlining that there are no passes on this bill and if the water is shut off, he will be billed a turn on fee, a penalty and delinquent payments. Korff dropped off his bill for services done at the concession stand and the city will just apply it to his bill. Daven Dockter presented a bill for the Christmas bulbs he purchased for $35. Daven and help will continue fixing city decorations for this coming winter. Bills were read and motioned for approval by Martin and seconded by Kuruc. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned Linda Clark, Auditor From the Mayor’s Desk: Thank you to Daven Docktor and Trevor Wick for working on the old Christmas lights by replacing the bulbs and putting them up. If you see them, say “Thank You!” (Jan. 19, 2022) 24144